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x-rays scan foods for the secret ingredient that could break a tooth

by:Kenwei      2019-08-26
I don\'t know about you, but when I walked into the store
I bought ice cream or bit into a hot dog and I don\'t think it\'s an adventure, an activity that allows me to sit in a dentist\'s chair with a broken tooth.
But it turns out it did happen.
Even Costco, a large warehouse retailer, says this is true.
Not long ago, Costco had a big problem with the bones in the hot dog.
Craig Wilson, vice president of quality assurance and food safety at Costco, told salt: \"We have 15 to 20 broken teeth a month . \".
\"I \'ve finally had enough to say, \'We need to put this in X-
You have to take care of these bones and cartilage.
Once they put it under X.
Ray, the teeth are no longer broken. None. Zero.
\"In fact, manufacturers are increasingly passing through X-
Look for metals or other contaminants that may cause dangerous accidents.
If they find anything, they will make sure that the batch does not reach the consumer.
Costco is pushing manufacturers to adopt X-rays for scary-
It sounds like \"foreign object control,\" the company said \".
\"What is in the food is the biggest problem,\" Wilson said . \".
For decades, food processors have used metal detectors to scan metal fragments in food that may fall off the assemblyline machinery.
But metal detectors can\'t find plastic, bones, or rocks, and they are terrible when scanning wet, salty products like cheese. (
The frozen pizza really won\'t be used by metal detectors. )
Nor can they scan food in metal containers like pies or canned drinks.
Every foreign object at the gate of the manufacturing plant can cause headaches, including customer complaints, recalls and lawsuits.
So the requirement from Costco and other retailers has not been this difficult yet, despite an X-
The price of the X-ray machine is close to $50,000. Food X-
X-ray machine is similar in concept to X-ray machine
Scan the light of the suitcase at the airport, but more complicated.
They can scan multiple items in a second and use the software to determine if the product is adulterated instead of a troubled TSA agent.
\"You pass a good product through it and it will learn its signature,\" said Bob Reese, chief product manager of food X-manufacturer Thermo Fisher Scientificray machines.
\"It learned to ignore the product.
\"Then, the coach carries them through known contaminants to make sure the machine finds them.
Nice to know I don\'t have to worry about the metal crumbs in the ice cream but X-
Is Ray scanning safe?
Radiation used in food scanning is much less than medical X-rays
The light, too, is much less than the amount of exposure to food to kill microorganisms.
Ries said there was no change at the other end of the food except that the food was unlikely to contain unpleasant garbage.
We first heard about the technology and would like to thank Steve Alexander, the reporter for The Minni aporius star, who wrote an article about how local bakeries use X-
Make sure there is nothing but fruit in the pie.
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