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x-ray devices, door frames hardly used | kolkata news - times of india

by:Kenwei      2019-08-27
Kolkata: of the city\'s 24 subway stations, only 9 are scanning luggage, a key security agreement for the detection of weapons and explosives.
A subway official admitted that several machines had not been put into use.
After the London subway bombings in July 2005, security at subway stations around the world was strengthened.
In the second year, a series of explosions occurred in Mumbai\'s suburban railway network, a threat that is becoming more and more serious.
Earlier this month, a crude oil bomb blew up a compartment near the city\'s suburb of titagar.
On the subway along the northern part of the city --
South Corridor, no X at the station of Noapara-ray machine.
The rest have machines, but only one out of every three is running and the underground rail service is very fragile.
This week, TOI checked X-
Every radio station had a fax machine and found them lying on the ground wrapped in silver.
Color pages at several stations.
Even at the station visible to the machine, there is no display to screen the contents of the luggage.
According to subway officials, the repair contract has expired due to the unavailability of parts and many machines have failed. The X-
About five years ago, every 16 rupees machine was installed.
\"The supplier is unable to arrange the parts to repair the machine.
So we have to replace them.
We are purchasing new machines, \"said r n Mahapatra, spokesman for the Metro Railway.
Despite his claim
Hand-held metal detectors are used to check luggage and anyone commuting by subway knows that safety measures are sloppy at best.
When passengers enter unimpeded, most of the security guards posted at the entry point are idle, holding metal detectors in their hands.
The checks that do occur are random and arbitrary.
Although some male passengers were searched, women walked into the station without inspection despite the presence of female security guards.
Metal detector door frame (DFMD)
Installed at all entry points, but people who commute to and from work avoid them during peak hours, and they also have no deterrent effect.
Even in times like the afternoon, security guards saw commuters hanging out without restrictions.
Radhey Shyam, general manager of Metro rail, admitted that some X-
The ray machine failed and said it was impossible to manually search for every passenger.
\"The checks performed may look random, but the RPF personnel posted at the station know who to check and who to let go,\" he said . \".
Mustafa haridevara, a student at the Bhawanipore Gujarat Education Association, said
In the past four months, the shooting machine of radio Chaney joke has been out of operation.
\"Even if I carry my bag, the security guard won\'t let me cross the DFMD.
\"The subway is my only way to commute, and I feel this lack of safety is very dangerous,\" he said . \".
The list of items to be carried with you and prohibited items is also not clear, unlike airports that clearly mention embargoed items.
Unlike subways in other cities such as Delhi, Mumbai and Bangladesh, Kolkata prohibits passengers from carrying luggage.
Jessica bowmede, a French resident who worked in Kolkata for seven months, was stopped at the Kalighat subway station because she was just a foreigner and she was unable to punch in.
\"In my country, we just have to pass the metal detector door frame attached to the control room.
Our luggage was never a problem.
The Metro official argued that the service in Kolkata was only for passengers to commute, not for luggage.
Since there is no clear guide on how much bags are allowed, it is usually at the discretion of the guards at the entrance to a particular station.
The Delhi Metro, which connects the airport to the New Delhi railway station, allows luggage.
Asked if luggage was allowed after the subway connected to the airport, the official said no decision had been made.
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