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ww1 machine gun found in man\'s garage

by:Kenwei      2019-08-27
Most people use a garage to store brooms, lawn mowers, and maybe some rusty paint cans, but Alan tisington doesn\'t.
On the contrary, 46-year-
An old fireman.
Military arsenal of scale, including bombs, bullets, grenades and World War II machine guns.
World War II machine guns found in the garage (INS)
For more than 40 years, Mr. Tissington spent hours scanning muddy fields with his metal detectors, thus accumulating his vast collection affectionately.
But yesterday, fatherof-
Two people from Saint Albans were arrested on suspicion of digging weapons without permission, and his beloved museum was taken to a farmer\'s field and blown up.
After the BBC found a \"suspicious package\" in the shed, the bomb team called to pay for the bomb threat to dismantle the shrapnel and attacked the onlookers police with a search warrant.
Yesterday at eight o\'clock A. M. in the afternoon, the independent House of St. Albans Windmill Avenue, after receiving the report.
In the garage, officers found heavy artillery shells, gas masks, rifles, bullets, military uniforms, the British flag and Vex machine guns.
When the army\'s bomb disposal officer was summoned to inspect the collection, nearby houses were evacuated.
Yesterday afternoon, all the artifacts were taken to a nearby farmer\'s field where they were destroyed.
Mr. Tissington was arrested on suspicion of stealing some weapons from land belonging to British cultural heritage, including a war camp six miles from his home.
Military historian Andrew Robertshaw claims that enthusiasts with metal detectors are searching for explosives without permission, putting themselves and others at risk.
\"It\'s clear that this is someone who doesn\'t know what they\'re dealing with,\" he said . \".
\"A year ago, two people were killed while playing with such shells.
\"After the war, the army just buried the weapons underground.
Easy to find, these guys show up and dig it out of the ground and take it away. It’s lunacy.
Mr Tissington and a group of his friends, who claim to be the world war history group, went over the weekend to the British and European battlefields to find weapons hidden in the soil.
On his Facebook page, he proudly shows the heavy artillery shells, guns and bullets he detected and dug out. (INS)
One of his friends, who did not want to be named, denied that Mr. Tissington\'s collection was unsafe and said the authorities had \"swept away \".
He said: \"Allen\'s collection is worth thousands of pounds, and now they have destroyed all their collections in a bloody field. It’s ludicrous.
What good is it just rot underground?
\"I \'ve been out with Alan all the time and we\'re almost always on a website where we get permission.
The friend claimed that Mr Tissington was \"shopping\" by other collectors who were jealous of the size of his museum to the police station.
\"I think Allen\'s collection is the best in Europe and people don\'t like it,\" he said . \".
\"On his Facebook page, people posted photos that tried to deactivate live ammunition, so he banned them.
Will be one of the alarm people.
I have heard about this before.
A spokesman for the British heritage claimed that Mr. thysdon\'s collection had been blown up, sending a \"clear message\" to others\"
It\'s an illegal metal detector.
But Helen Tissington, the wife of Helen Tissington, 48, claimed that the authorities were \"far above the top \".
\"It\'s just his hobby and he\'s not hurting anyone,\" she said.
He has been collecting since he was 10 years old.
\"Alan has his children and pets at home.
He will not risk his life for his hobby.
\"Personally, I have no interest in it at all.
He came in and showed me something shiny and I said \"Dear\" and went back to see the EastEnders.
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