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woodbridge pub damaged by tall vehicle

by:Kenwei      2019-08-17
An oversized truck drove into the bar, closing a road in the city center, and a historic bar weighing machine was badly damaged.
A car hit level 1.
The listing structure of Ye Olde Bell & Steelyard in Woodbridge is located on the New Street.
The landlord at the bar said the truck passed the height limit sign before hitting the old weighbridge.
Suffolk Police said they would interview the truck driver.
The collision occurred around 07: 10 at BST.
Hugh Thomas, the tenant of the bar, said: \"This is the landmark of the wooden bridge, and of course the landmark of the bar.
The Woodbridge Museum said that since there is only one of the two museums left in the country, the registered monument that used to load trucks will have to be rebuilt.
The term Yard yard is the old name of the weighing scale.
Bob Merritt from the Woodbridge Museum said that this machine, operated by levers, pulleys and metal heavy objects, would be weighed before and after the trolley loaded the goods --usually corn -
Was taken to the river to continue transportation.
\"I am really disgusted because a part of this town that has such a long history has been destroyed,\" he said . \".
Mr. Merret said that the weighing machine was considered part of the building since the 1600 s and, with the advent of the railway, it was possible to cease use in the 1800 s.
In the 1970 s, a carriage was weighed to show the public how the machine was used.
Thomas said that officials from the bar owner, Greene King, insurance companies and listed construction companies, all received notices of damage.
The New Street is one of the main roads in the city center and it is forbidden by the police.
A spokesman for Green King said a structural engineer was sent to the building and an assessment was under way.
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