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woman went to court as a guest - until police say they found gun clip in her purse

by:Kenwei      2019-09-06
Noelle Boynton came to the Monmouth County Court on Wednesday as an accompanying guest.
But she never caught the elevator.
On the contrary, 35-year-old Boynton was arrested after the Monmouth County sheriff found a policeman loaded with drugs.
According to a statement from the Sheriff\'s Department, she has a magazine of capacity in her wallet.
Every person who enters the court must go through the metal detector and pass through the X-ray machine.
Authorities say after officials found the magazine, they searched the vehicle in boeaton and found 10 bags of heroin and unspecified quantities of oscomin, a very addictive
However, the authorities said the officers did not find a gun in the car.
Boynton of Neptune was arrested and taken to Monmouth County prison.
She was accused of owning a senior.
Magazine of capacity and possession of drugs.
Authorities say she has received a number of outstanding arrest warrants from various cities and from the prosecutor\'s office in the Midlands county.
Authorities say an investigation into the magazine\'s guns is underway.
\"The measures taken to provide maximum security for tourists and people working in the Monmouth County Court are top notch,\" Sheriff Shaun Golden said in a statement . \".
\"Arrests like this help to keep dangerous weapons and drugs out of the workplace and our communities.
I commend the hard work and excellent police work of all relevant personnel.
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