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with tomatoes for rs 100 and puree for rs 40: noidawallahs opt for cheaper, | noida news - times of india

by:Kenwei      2019-09-18
When they can get tomato sauce at Rs 40, who would want to get tomatoes at Rs 100, ask the housewife Noida, who found a cheaper and more convenient option for going to sabziwalas and haggling
10 rupees, then prepare the dishes from scratch.
These products are not just costs. effective.
It turns out that customers also find it a more convenient and hygienic alternative to fresh fruits and vegetables.
The owners and customers around the city gave us the reason to switch.
Rising vegetable prices raise demand for ready-made vegetablesto-
Rising vegetable prices have led middle-income households to shift to ready-made --to-
Eat frozen food and vegetables.
Kumari practice family housewife of settlements months said \"this is simple of mathematical cost of fresh apple of Rs 150, Rs 200 1 kg.
Fresh fruit is too expensive, so I bought the packaged juice for between Rs 20 and RS 120 and the best part is that people can pour drinks at any time.
Why should I buy fruit to prepare the juice?
Rita Panigrahi, another customer who lives in District 11, said, \"packaged fruits and vegetables are a relief.
At my house everyone likes vegetable curry and can\'t prepare curry or gravy without onions and gingergarlic paste.
But over the past year, the prices of these kitchen staples have exceeded £ 60 per kilogram.
When readyto-use ginger-
The price of garlic sauce is no more than 30 rupees
40, can be used in 10-10 time15 days.
The owner also said demand for vegetables due to rising vegetable pricesto-
Use version surge.
\"Recently, we had to increase our inventory of ginger --
Garlic and tomato sauce.
These items are sold too fast, \"said Harinder Singh, who owns a grocery store in District 56.
\"We have observed an increase in ginger sales --
40-garlic paste
50% in the past year.
The sudden rise in tomato prices has also doubled the demand for ketchup.
Last month, just a week, I had to order the stock of ketchup three times from the wholesale market.
Now, I also order these items in bulk.
\"Since the price of vegetables doesn\'t seem to drop very quickly, it will still be the hottest selling item,\" Harinder said . \".
\"Peas, broccoli, corn and even meat are at the top of frozen food.
When the price of a vegetable rises, demand for its frozen products increases.
It is clear that people want to reduce costs.
Another reason is time.
Since no one buys vegetables every day, they are unable to get fresh vegetables, and a large shopping every week often results in a waste of fresh vegetables.
That\'s why there is a growing demand for frozen vegetables, especially in double-income families, \"said Karan Mehta, owner of the grocery store in area 44.
We can be sure that the demand for packaging has increased as various companies offer dairy products and frozen foods.
\"Demand for frozen vegetables and fruits has increased because convenience has become a big driver for people,\" said Gunjan Kumar, who works at a Mother\'s dairy store.
The way consumers in Noida buy frozen food has been thawed.
\"As prices rise, the offer of \'Frozen food home\' attracts customers.
Frozen peas, corn, and little corn are so common that people forget that these things are also being sold.
In fact, we found consumer preferences for frozen foods.
Vegetarian programs are also increasing due to hygiene issues, \"said Prerna Tripathi *, a waiter at the GIP food fair.
Pankaj Mittal, a content writer who lives in Jalvayu Vihar, told us, \"frozen vegetables make life easier.
I live with my three roommates and since it is not possible to eat outside every day, we have to cook.
None of us know if the quality of the potatoes is better, whether the vegetable vendors are fooling us, whether the vegetables rot from the inside, etc.
When we got back from the office, none of us had the energy to argue for the two --three rupees.
At least for frozen vegetables, we are sure of the quality of it, and it costs less and takes less cooking time.
Anuradha Sarin, head of human resources, said, \"people like me who can\'t eat outside every day, don\'t know how to cook, survive on these ready-made foods --to-cook meals.
From biryani to parathas, I eat whatever I want.
If I buy a pack of biryani, I can eat three meals, but the price of the ingredients will not be less than Rs 200 if I want to prepare it myself.
Yeh option sasta bhi hai aur is convenient for bhi.
Even peas or bread are cheaper than what we buy in the open market.
\"Customers buy processed food because the packaging is attractive enough for them to drive them to buy the product.
\"Although their taste or texture is not commensurate with the fresh vegetables, it is only because it is easy to prepare and takes less time, but people are buying it,\" Kumar Vinod said . \" Manager of a Safal branch near ganga complex.
A wide variety of products attracted people of all ages, and Malik Kumar, who owns a grocery store in District 12, said, \"I \'ve seen an increase in ready-made sales over the past few monthsto-
Eat more products such as Arlo Mahi, Parak Parnell, Navara Corma.
Only young customers asked for these products before, and now housewives buy them in large quantities.
There are also some customers who may not buy packaged aloo paratas, but they prefer the ready-made-to-
Eat meatloaf, tikkis, etc.
The price of these goods is suitable for the middle population.
Class pockets and companies offer offers like buy one get one free.
Shyamali Bajpayee, a District 12 resident, said, \"My children don\'t eat side dishes like cheese chunks or chips.
Also, it is cheaper.
If I make these frozen fries at home, it\'s cheaper than buying them from McDonald\'s or KFC, and it saves me the trouble of making them at home.
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