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where anna hazare gets it wrong

by:Kenwei      2019-08-20
Today\'s column begins with a fashion update: A rib silk green dress from Vivienne Westwood Spring/Summer 2010 series was selected as the dress for the Fashion Museum of the year.
Double-sex has become a fashion trend.
In India, the Times of India, which should know, told us that \"yellow has already appeared.
\"Oh, have you ever heard of Anna Hazar?
He is the best candidate for this month.
Yes, that\'s right. I\'m a cynical Anna hazard.
I know, like Yuvraj Singh, he\'s in the box right now.
I know he represents the fight against corruption, which is one of the most serious problems in India.
But I am happy that most of those who support him have not yet read and understood the draft Lokpal bill of January that Hazare has been fighting.
I am shocked that they do not understand that this bill has no effect on the root causes of the fight against corruption, but it may increase the problem.
Yes, I would be surprised if they cared about this bill or this man in two weeks, then the fashion would change, the yellow would disappear, the purple would be like, so come in.
Corruption is one of the biggest problems facing India.
But when it\'s really a symptom, we think it\'s a disease.
Corruption stems from power.
When people have power over our lives, they abuse it: it is an inherent human nature.
When you need 165 permits to open a hotel in India, including \"special permits for kitchen vegetable weighing scales and special permits for each bathroom weighing scale placed in the guest room \", the secret of corruption is there.
When every government employee you meet while doing some daily work, from the driver to the Perang, may delay you or let you cheat, corruption is inevitable.
Corruption is inevitable in India because the government has too much power.
If the hotel does not require 165 licenses-
He needs no reason--
Pay 165 less bribes. (
I\'m really optimistic that I\'m going to bribe every license once. )If our mai-
Baap sarkars has no control over many elements of our lives and the space for firewood will be smallerpaani.
In fact, there is government intervention or supervision in every area of our lives, whether public or secret.
Repeat the old saying again, because it is simple and true, and power will corrupt.
This is human nature.
So what is the solution to corruption?
Because the problem is power, you need to solve it first.
First of all, you need to question the many ways in which the government controls our lives.
Demolition permit completely-and-
Inspector Raj is a way.
The elimination of each ministry that has no reason to exist at the Central and national levels will be another ministry. (
We have only three or four left. )
In order to enforce the law and order, protect our rights and provide basic services, the government should exist ---nothing else.
The more we move towards this ideal, the closer we are to eradicate corruption.
Obviously, these specific goalshanging fruit.
Those in power will never be willing to give up any part of it.
But the same problem is that our default attitude is that our government exists to rule us, not to serve us.
This must change.
Again, we seem to think that the solution to the bad government is more government.
This is contrary to the fact that, in a broad sense, this is the mistake that Anna Hazar is making.
The Lokpal Act does not address any root causes of corruption.
On the contrary, as platapur Banu Mehta said in his wonderful comments, the act amounts to \"unparalleled concentration of power in one body, which is actually able to bring together any body, direct police, judicial and investigative powers of any type.
\"In other words, in the case that the problem is power, we created an entity with more power, and more importantly, we appointed officials, not elected officials.
As Shuddhabrata Sengupta wrote, this is not \"deepening, \". . .
Profound erosion of democracy.
\"I\'m not as skeptical about Hazar as my friend, Manu Joseph ---
I think Gaurav Sabnis is more balanced.
I\'m sure that person is good.
Great achievements have been made in the past.
But he\'s fighting for the wrong thing.
You can\'t cure a diabetic by giving him candy;
Again, you can\'t eradicate our corruption by building more power centers.
I must admit, though, that Vivienne Westwood has made some funky clothes.
* I am always happy to see how a valuable career is like Red Bull to our chatteratti.
From the feeling of no meaning
Candlelight vigil after 26/11, countless self
Justice online petition on this and that to support Anna Hazar, the new middle classclass icon. (
Who would think so? )
Why, I even heard about a campaign on Twitter that is trying to get everyone to fast for a day in solidarity with Hazare. One day!
How far have we gone: from \"near death\" to \"near midnight \".
\"India, this is progress.
* Speaking of the double-sex in fashion, what impressed me was that when most foreigners heard his name, they would definitely consider Anna Hazar a woman.
I would love to see a replica of desi Lady Gaga on MTV soon, who claims to be Anna hazard.
Of course, she must be very thin, because she is not only so fashionable, but also fast all the time.
I already have the title \"Do you want to be my lokpal, baybeh? \" for her first single ? \"?
\"I can see her in my head and let me tell you that it\'s corrupting me.
Amit Varma, winner of 2007 Bastian journalism awards, is the author of the best-selling book my friend Sancho.
He wrote a popular blog \"India is not cut\".
You can follow him on Twitter.
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