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what to see and what to skip in florida’s gulf coast

by:Kenwei      2019-08-23
The attraction of Florida\'s Gulf Coast is no secret.
When TripAdvisor selected the top beaches in the country, there were three in the top four-Shimizu Beach, Siesta Island and St.
Pete is on the west coast of Sunshine State.
There are a variety of cultural and recreational options here, and it\'s easy to see why people are gathered here --round.
The new year may give tourists more incentive to visit.
Beautiful coastline-about 200-
A mile between Clearwater and Naples-not less than nine new hotels opened in 2016.
Additional inventory, and increased competition between Tampa International Airport and St. Airport AirlinesPetersburg—
Clearwater is creating travel value that we have never seen in years.
That\'s why Florida\'s Gulf Coast is one of the six hot spots on Travelzoo\'s 2017 Wow Destinations destination list.
Take a look at some of the unique experiences of the area.
Skip the concert and dance to the DrumsA couple at the salatota County Beach, already known for their weekly drum rings-energetic, pulsating, rhythmic activities happen spontaneously on the beach.
Nokomis Beach drum ring is a legend in Casey key and can attract dozens or thousands of dancers and hula based on the weather --Hoopers. This free-
\"Spiritual activities\" will be held on Wednesday and Saturday, starting an hour before sunset, and the light that lasts until the day is almost completely gone.
Bring your own Bongo on board.
Every Sunday evening, community drum ring activities will also be held on the nap beach.
Forget the street lights, remember the parking sign, which is called \"Island Life \".
Don\'t bother looking for traffic lights when you visit pine, Sanibel and Captiva.
Traffic is never in a hurry, and only occasional parking signs plus healthy public courtesy can drive traffic.
Skip the souvenir shop and look for TeethPeople to visit Venice in Sarasota County not for gondola rides but to comb the teeth.
Finding shark tooth fossils is one of the most popular recreational activities here, especially Venice Beach and Casperson beach, which host Shark Tooth Festival every year.
The teeth of Sharks keep falling off, and thousands of sharks can be produced in their lifetime;
All kinds of sizes are found here (
Some up to 3 inch)and colors (
Mostly black and some brown).
After the Hunt, head to the palm trees-
In the heart of Venice, you can buy a variety of boutiques, admire the building, and visit the farmers\' market on Saturday morning.
Skip the metal detector and check the shell with the metal detector to the beach? Forget it.
Along the coast of the Financial Times
Miles and Sonny Bell, screened in the sand with the naked eye or with your fingers, find the treasure easily.
It turns out that the east of the area
The West terrain makes it an ideal final resting place for an amazing variety of shells-a total of 400 varieties, with thousands of shells rolling on land every day.
Horse cone, Jingle shell, huge chicken crown, calico scallops, you choose.
Junonia is a local favorite.
The North Captiva and Cayo Costa provide good shelling.
Skip the nap and the advice at Anna Mariota is just to remind you, although good
The famous beach attractions here are always worth a visit, and there are many other coastal paradise worth a visit.
Popular nap Beach-
Named after its laying
Atmosphere and quartz behind
Crystal Beach and a humble village nearby where killer cocktails flow freely.
My colleague Cat Jordan, a PR manager at Travelzoo\'s New York City office, loves Anna Maria Island, \"where you can still find the old --
Because \"this is not a tourist trap\" at the southern mouth of Tampa Bay, this 7-
White sand beaches in miles, walking-
The pier is worth visiting and the seafood is great.
The list of awesome beach discoveries continues . . . . . . Skip the restaurant and grab your own MealSarasota Bay, which is fed by three fresh water sources and becomes a natural estuary that creates a
Several locals who have been fishing in these waters for decades are also guides who offer charter trips and can even help novice fishermen fish offshore like trout and salmon, or like grouper and Amber Jack
At wolfmouth charter, captain Wayne Genner, who has been fishing in Sarasota Bay for more than 30 years, rides 28-during the day or at night-
Commercial catamaran.
Also, check out the Tightlines charter.
When you go out for dinner . . . . . . The locals, as well as the concierge of your favorite hotel, will provide you with great dining options, especially for seafood lovers.
There are some things you have to try when you are here, such as stone spots.
You will find that this fresh fish has a lot of ways to supply along the Gulf Coast, but whether it\'s grilled fish, smoked fish or fried fish, the stone spot sandwich is the most popular.
Don\'t forget the shrimp!
What was purchased from these shores was very good, and some people ate it up and their red gave them a proper name: pink gold.
My colleague, Andrea Sedlay, business development manager at Travelzoo Chicago office, visited her south most of the winterlaws.
\"I stay there as much as I can,\" she told me . \".
She recommended the landmark to her family.
The Columbia Restaurant is located at Clearwater Beach with its \"amazing food and gorgeous environment \". ” The Spanish-
Theme restaurant, huh
It is known for its seafood and seafood, as well as its Gulf Coast restaurants and cafes at Tampa International Airport.
For that sweet tooth, Sedley was raving about key lime biscuits on JJ Gandy pie in Palm Harbor north of Tampa Bay.
\"So far, I have brought back dozens for those who placed orders with me before I went to visit,\" she said . \".
Many wildlife destinations here will interest and entertain children of all ages.
Sarasota Jungle Garden is a 10-
The tropical landscape of the acres, as well as the home of 150 exotic animals, including the macaws, primates, alligators, iguanas and pink flamingos.
Be sure to check out the daily bird and reptile shows.
Saving our seabirds is a non-profit conservation organization focused on bird rehabilitation, its three
There are many on-site exhibitions in acre wild bird learning center;
It is located next to the Mote Aquarium and your aquarium
Mote\'s day tickets cut your ticket price here by half.
The big cat habitat is a sanctuary for lions and tigers, where you can see training (
Except in the hot summer months)
And take a private tour.
You can also see bears, turtles and lemurs while you are here.
Visit J. On Sanibel Island. N.
The Ding Darling National Wildlife Sanctuary has seen more than 200 species of birds. The 5000-
The acre complex is considered one of the best bird watching spots in the country, so bring your telescope and camera.
It is open every day every year except Friday;
$5 per car.
Skip snorkeling and dive into the USS Mohawk aircraft carrier as a former US marine. S.
During World War II, Coast Guard knives were involved in more than a dozen attacks on Nazi submarines.
It sank on Sanibel Island in July 2012 and is now an artificial reef.
A little more than 25 miles offshore, 90 feet down, this is undoubtedly a paradise for more experienced divers.
Contact bylaws such as El Gavilan and perfect holidays.
Skip the ocean, kayak blue first-
Time kayaks and experienced paddlers all come to the great Calusa Blueway to communicate with water and wildlifeclose. This 190-
The Mile trail includes three different areas of the Gulf of Mexico;
Stroll through the coastal waters and inland tributaries while catching glimpses of Osprey, Sea cattle, dolphins, and shellfish.
Skip the Gym, run active visitors, and the best way to enjoy as much of the area as possible may be to go on the sidewalk.
In fact, Sarasota County is considered one of the most jogging counties in the country
The friendly community and several hotels here have designed routes from the revolving door suitable for a variety of abilities.
Hyatt Regency Sarasota features 3 restaurants
Miles run the loop and take guests over the ring forest bridge while the nap key hotel offers guests five-
Run a mile along the coast and nearby streets.
Ask for a map at the concierge desk.
If you want to run with the kids, during the summer months, see the theme family run on Tuesday night at Siesta Beach and on Wednesday at brauhad beach in Venice.
After the beach, Get CulturalSarasota is considered the circus capital of the world for good reason: the famous Ringling circus manager John Ringling established his winter here in 1927 to make the circus an integral part of Sarasota\'s society and economy. Today, his 66-
Acre Manor is a cultural center with a rotating exhibition of popular art and photography and a prize for screening.
Award-winning films and stage performances.
Visit the Circus Museum and marvel at classic posters, sparkling costumes and 44,000
Brother Howard. Circus Model. In St.
The Dali museum pays tribute to the surrealist painter Salvador Dali, which is the center of the thriving art community here.
The waterfront museum has 2,000 works of Dali, the largest collection outside Europe.
Gabe Saglie is a senior editor at Travelzoo, which offers exclusive Tips and deals along the Florida Gulf Coast. com.
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