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what to expect at the airport this weekend

by:Kenwei      2019-08-23
John F. \'S first advanced imaging technology unit has a logo in front of it.
On October 22, 2010, the passenger security checkpoint at Terminal 8 of Kennedy International Airport, Queens, New York. The new X-ray full-
The body scanner is optional and can see through the clothes and do a metal and non-metallic screen scan for passengers
Metal threats including explosives
Getty image 1.
According to AAA, 62 million people are expected to climb the sky over Thanksgiving weekend.
For many, this will be their first flight experience since the traffic safety authority established controversial new scanning and enhanced filming procedures.
So how ugly will it become? It depends.
A group opposed to the new security process organized a \"national choice --
Wednesday\'s \"out-of-town Day\" encourages people to choose not to use new advanced imaging technology scanners.
Those who do this will be one of the groups that must be enhanced by pat
Got off the plane.
If there are quite a few people taking opt-out day -
This is described to some extent as \"the day when ordinary citizens defend their rights, defend their freedoms, protest against the desire of the federal government to actually deprive us of nudity \"--
This can lead to a serious slowdown in the security checkpoint.
Popular news Dayton striker Barr reacts to the death of Epstein to interview the outbreak of the deadly Legion with Tulsi Gabbard, however, this option seems unlikely
There will eventually be major chaos.
Most Americans say they support making the most of it.
Body Scanner;
Many people who oppose using them may bite their teeth to endure the experience rather than complicate their flight efforts. (
So far, less than 1% of passengers have chosen not to use the new scanner, TSA said. )
S. Transportation Security Administration says government leaders can skip security and protest against plans at the National AirportS.
The \"Constitution of the Yin and Yang devil\" at the airport has a good chance that many Americans will not see the full set
Body Scanner: according to TSA, there are currently 400 scanners operating at 69 airports.
There are about 450 airports in the United States.
TSA lists which airports use scanners.
You will notice that many of the larger airports in the United States have new scanners, which increases the possibility that Americans will pass the scanner.
However, it is not one of the new scanners in every lane of every checkpoint in 69 airports --
Some people at these airports will still pass standard metal detectors.
Ultimately, most Americans will simply go through many of the steps they have gone through in the past: taking off their shoes, laptops, and making sure they don\'t have more than 3 liquid containers.
Carry 4 ounces with youon bags.
They may find themselves going through a scanner instead of a metal detector, but most will follow the rules and move on. }
For those who pass through the scanner, it is important to empty the pockets of everything they have, because any foreign objects will appear on the scan
And increased the possibility of being photographed later.
When the machine works, those who enter the scanner will be expected to lift their arms. (
Look at the video on the left. )
Their images were sent to a screened person in a closed room who reviewed the scan and used the radio to pass any issues to the TSA agent at the security checkpoint.
As CBS News reporter Bob Orr reported on the left, the screen reporter saw a black man --and-white x-
Images in Ray style
Detailed enough to make some people uncomfortable (
What critics call \"virtual zone Search \")
But it doesn\'t seem to be detailed enough to identify an individual.
The images were not stored, TSA said.
There are actually two types of scanners.
One of them, \"reverse scattering\" emits a small amount of radiation.
Although the Food and Drug Administration and other agencies consider these machines to be safe, pilots and a number of other agencies say repeated exposure may pose a risk to health.
If the passenger chooses from the scan, or the TSA agent decides that, despite having passed the scan or metal detector, they still need to check a person, he or she will be hit harder.
It will be rare, according to TSA.
Less than 3% of tourists passed the process, the report said.
TSA also said that children aged 12 and under will be \"modified\"
Probably less invasive than adults.
A tsa official screened an airline passenger at Terminal C at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, Texas.
Getty image \"only passengers who report to the police through a metal detector or AIT machine or opt out of AIT will receive pat-
Down, search.
\"For this reason, its design is thorough in order to identify any potential threats and to maintain public safety in tourism. Pat-
Downs by the same-
Gender officers and all passengers have the right to conduct private screening with their traveling companions at any time.
TSA released \"Holiday Travel Tips\", which include suggestions for passengers to use the crowd --
Purchase the \"MyTSA\" app to measure the waiting time and familiar Travel tips before the new program is implemented. (
Make sure these liquids are transparent.
Sealed bags! )
The prompt page also states that the gift may need to be opened
Keep this in mind during your trip in December
And restrictions on food that can be carried on the plane. (
What you may not know is that snowballs are not allowed. )
9/11 TSA agents advocate strict racial analysis on TSA\'s desk?
TSA: protests will only delay travel and look for alternative solutions for TSA screens. In the end, everyone\'s experience at the airport will be different, whether you are facing a short security check or a Chang \'an inspection --
Or late or on-time flight -
Much depends on luck.
If your experience on the safe line doesn\'t match TSA\'s commitment, don\'t worry: They say this is (mostly)on purpose.
\"You may notice that your screening experience at one airport does not match the experience at another,\" TSA said . \".
\"We are aware that this has happened, and some of them are deliberate.
While this may be a bit confusing for our passengers, it also makes things unpredictable for those who may want to hurt us.
Our officers can also use their discretion in different scenarios, which allows them to use common sense instead of following a list mentality that can be used by those who want to hurt us
Airport scanners and 12 must-have
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