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by:Kenwei      2019-08-24
On Thursday, there was a marked increase in vigilance at parliament entry points --
A day ago, a police officer faced disciplinary action after parliamentary officials committed suicide in the legislature.
On September 14, Lennox Garland, manager of the parliamentary international relations and concierge policy section, shot himself in the office.
After that, he was asked how he got the gun to the house.
On Wednesday, police said at a joint meeting of the police and public works portfolio committee that when Garland entered the 90 Plein Street building where his office was located, he showed his permit to the police static protector stationed at the entrance.
However, he did not put the bag in x-ray machine.
Police said at the same meeting that security measures in Parliament will increase by October 1.
Lawmakers warned Parliament of \"militarizing\" and Police Minister Bheki Cele agreed that \"sledgehammer should not be used to hit flies \".
Police waved their hands Thursday morning.
A hand-held metal detector appeared at the entrance to Lelie Street near Plein Street and instructed the person entering the jurisdiction to first put the luggage in x-
At the entrance of the 100 Plein Street building, pass the metal detector.
Read more: Police take disciplinary measures against police officers after the suicide of members at the entrance of 100 Plein Street, which houses the office of media delegates from Parliament, and the use of metal detectors is more than before.
However, they are not as serious as the national address.
The portfolio committee provides 14 days for the police and public works department to address the security challenges faced by the national legislature.
Francois Beckman, chairman of the police portfolio committee, said there was an urgent need for a temporary solution to address the immediate challenges of metal detector scanners and security cameras that were no longer present in the parliamentary constituency.
The committee encourages Parliament to conduct benchmarking on safety and security to study parliaments in other countries.
Beukman said they also called on all members of parliament and senior staff to comply with security regulations and called on Parliament to take the lead in setting up a stakeholder committee to meet regularly to discuss security issues.
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