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[Weightlessness scale] The working principle of the weightlessness scale, the manufacturer of the weightlessness scale is better

by:Kenwei      2021-07-16
The weightlessness scale is a kind of weighing equipment with intermittent feeding and continuous discharging. Because the loss control is carried out in the hopper, it can achieve higher control accuracy and the structure is easy to seal. Therefore, the screw scale is used for powder control. Compared to that is a big improvement. It has facilitated the production of products. Now more and more companies are beginning to use weightlessness scales. Then the working principle of weightlessness scales, which is good for the weightless scale manufacturer, let's take a look now! ! ! ●Working principle of weightlessness scale The structure of weightlessness scale is composed of weighing hopper, frame, agitator, feed gate, discharge device, weighing sensor and measurement control device, etc. The principle of controlling weight loss during work realizes measurement. Firstly, the discharging device and weighing hopper are weighed. According to the weight loss per unit time, the actual feeding rate is compared with the set feeding rate, so as to control the discharging device so that the actual feeding rate always accurately conforms to the setting. Fixed value, in the short-time feeding process, the discharging device uses gravity to make the control signal stored during the working period work according to the volumetric principle. During the weighing process, the weight of the material in the weighing hopper is converted into an electric signal by the load cell and sent to the weighing instrument. The weighing instrument compares and judges the calculated material weight with the preset upper and lower weight limits. The feed gate is controlled by PLC to feed the weighing hopper intermittently. At the same time, the weighing instrument compares the calculated actual feeding rate (discharge flow rate) with the preset feeding rate, and uses PID adjustment to control the discharging device so that the actual feeding rate accurately tracks the set value . When the feed gate is opened to feed the weighing hopper, the control signal locks the feed rate and performs volumetric discharge. The weighing instrument displays the actual feed rate and the cumulative weight of the discharged material. ●Weightlessness scale manufacturer, Guangdong kenweigh, relying on deep technical precipitation and extensive market demand, uses scientific and rigorous design, management, and manufacturing technology to provide customers with stable, practical, convenient, beautiful, and cost-effective weighing products and perfection Of weighing solutions. It has multiple weight-loss scale products, tailored for each company’s products belonging to the company. The products are sold to major regions in China and exported to Europe, the United States, Asia, and Africa. They are well received and trusted by users! The company has solved the thorny problems in product production and packaging, improved product quality assurance, and enhanced the company's brand image. If companies purchase weightlessness scales, they can choose Guangdong kenweigh.
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