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we must do what is best for png

by:Kenwei      2019-08-26
The assistance of Papua New Guinea is very strong.
But it must be sensitive to people\'s needs.
Anyone who has been to Papua New Guinea in the past few years will tell you that something has to be done.
On my last visit, I was held in front of a barricade by a group of teenage raskols and checked by the police for car registration to extort bribes.
The primary school I visited in remote areas has been in school for three weeks because the teachers didn\'t show up, probably because they haven\'t been paid for months.
The previous year, the Anglican High School in Aiome closed early every semester because of the lack of funds to buy food and basic necessities to sustain the lives of students and teachers.
Not long ago, a foreign employee of mine was pointed at by gun in Port Moresby.
During the day, I was robbed by a young man who reached out from the passing car. Many PNG-
Observers believe it is not far from social and political disintegration.
In the context of global terrorism, I have experienced non-terrorism more than once
PNG has matured a versatile metal detector machine that can be developed.
Given that the Howard administration is clearly short
In the Solomon Islands, although the scale and scope of the project are large, the intervention in PNG is not surprising.
Many aspects of this package are welcome.
Maintaining street safety is an important prerequisite for investment and economic activities.
Corruption, governance and poor management of services mean that the resources available are not being used wisely.
It seems wise to provide police, senior officials and managers.
The importance of such intervention cannot be underestimated.
This is the largest and most critical aid project in the country\'s history.
It is easy to describe the package as a new formcolonialism.
No one is trying to soften this approach by providing \"consultants\" and technical support.
This is the direct administration of the affairs of another country.
Despite the lips-
Service, people want to know how happy the PNG government is for this \"help.
Based on Australia\'s experience in Papua New Guinea over the past 30 years, it is doubtful whether this package will really work.
If I were a senior official in the new BA tax department, my salary was paid only once in a while, and the salary of an Australian expat was 20 times higher than the salary of my sitting in the next office, will there be motivation to work hard?
Am I interested in developing my skills to \"take over\" The government now or ever before with my own rights?
Australia\'s efforts to strengthen institutions and capacity-building in the developing world have been unsuccessful.
Our Western approach to decision-making, leadership and policy-making is culturally binding and politically subtle.
This package has the potential to provide a good short-
Fixed regularly but created long term
The long-term deprivation of rights to PNG Civil servants weakens the capacity of government agencies.
The package also missed another key point.
The government has nothing to do with the lives of most Papua New Guinea people.
Many of their activities are in the informal sector and government statistics have never been counted.
Many people are self-sufficient farmers.
Many people live in remote areas without services.
Loyal to their tribal leaders, Chiefs and tribes, little is known about the democratic process.
Who is this aid package?
There is no doubt that it is in Australia\'s national interest and interests. consciously so.
But is it also possible to better customize it to meet the needs of the people of Papua New Guinea?
Many people doubt the viability of many Pacific countries.
However, I believe that it is possible to make a meaningful contribution to the sustainable development of Papua New Guinea.
Studies conducted by three churches
The headquarters agencies have pointed out the direction this year. Long-
Term relationships, learning from mistakes, listening to the community, using local leadership and building trust --
All of this creates conditions for communities to be responsible at the local level for solving their own problems.
The Australian international development agency has supported hundreds of local groups in their activities at the village and community levels and has achieved great success.
In the health sector, partnerships between private sector companies, PNG and aid Australia have made significant progress in services --
Delivery capability and expansion.
It\'s not that we don\'t know what works in the long run, it\'s that we don\'t commit and provide resources.
If the past 30 years of development assistance to PNG have taught Australia anything, it is that it is complex, difficult and challenging, and what is useful to us is for them.
It is crucial to strike a balance between short bears.
Long-term needs and long-termterm goals.
Paul Nichols, an independent development consultant, has been a frequent visitor to Papua New Guinea since 1989.
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