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warning over huge \'zombie killer\' knives used as status symbols by london gangs

by:Kenwei      2019-08-30
Police warned today that gangs are arming themselves with mass battles and \"zombie killers\" knives in London, a terrible new trend.
A senior gang unit official said gunmen in their teens brandished weapons from YouTube videos with a knife \"almost a symbol of identity \".
Det p Dan Brown of the crime headquarters of the Trident Gang said that among the gangs carrying long swords, there is a \"new culture\" such as fighting and other --called Zombie-killer knives.
He said: \"I have never seen these big battle knives before and most of them are released from the Internet.
They are easy to buy and cheap.
The official said the gang brandished weapons on YouTube videos to incite opponents.
A few days ago, police found a 2 feet-long \"zombie killer\" knife hidden in the Scottish yard of Hackney Alley, announcing new measures to combat knife-holding crimes to take effect with the blade.
Police are deploying a mobile rapid response team to deal with gang incidents, such as the shooting of an innocent bystander in Woodgreen last Friday.
Over the past three weeks, the two teams have arrested 79 people, recovered 13 knives and seized at least 10 guns.
Officials also conducted a private visit to the residence of 281 young people in London --
70 of them are known gang members.
Convicted of knife crimes in the past three years.
They will be warned that under the new legislation, if they are arrested again, they will face imprisonment for at least six months and imprisonment for up to four years.
Police also installed \"surrender\" knife boxes in 16 districts of London and deployed the airport-
The style metal detector arch checks the person carrying the cutter.
Surrender box-
Sponsored by weapons charity-
Prisons have been set up in areas where knife crimes have risen most recently.
According to the latest data, the number of crimes involving knives in London is rising by 18 percentage points.
Although senior officials pointed out that this came up five years after the crime figures fell.
However, statistics show that the rise in knife-wielding crime is 650 higher than the national average, and nearly in 2014/15 years.
Labor\'s London Parliament police spokesman Joanne McCartney said: \"More than half of the knife victims in London are now under 25 years old. The mayor must do everything in the last year to stop this deeply disturbing trend.
\"Dean Haydn, head of the Trident Gang Division, chief superintendent, said:\" We welcome this new legislation and we want to stop people, mainly young people, with knives on the streets of London
Our main goal is to protect people\'s safety and remove the knives from circulation.
He said police are also investigating people ordering \"zombie\" knives on the Internet.
\"We are investigating who ordered these weapons and whether they are habitual knife holders,\" he said . \".
Yvonne Lawson, 17year-
In 2010, the old son Godwin was stabbed to death at Stamford Hill, saying: \"I think the new legislation is a step in the right direction, but it\'s not the whole solution.
Education must be primary and young people need to be educated at risk before entering middle school.
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