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vending machines for fertilizers too! | vadodara news - times of india

by:Kenwei      2019-09-15
Vadodara: farmers across the country will be able to buy a small amount of fertilizer in places close to their villages in the coming months.
Gujarat Chemical Fertilizer Co. , Ltd (GSFC)
All of this will launch vending machines to retail the amount of fertilizer to farmers.
The PSU will install the first vending machine in the city next month, followed by plans to replicate the model nationwide.
\"The idea is to make the supply of fertilizer easier, faster, and less quantity.
Until now, only 50 kg bags have been sold in fertilizer bags.
So for some farmers, 50 kg is more than they need, and for others, that\'s less.
We want to change the way they buy fertilizer, \"said A. M. Tiwari, general manager of GSFC.
\"The vending machines we will install will put fertilizer in a smaller quantity.
The buyer must carry a bag and ask for the quantity he or she needs.
They can even buy from 1 kg to whatever quantity they want.
The person who operates the machine will accept the payment and distribute the fertilizer to the machine within a few minutes, \"Tiwari told TOI.
The buyer can use urea and ammonium phosphate (AS)
Ammonium phosphate (APS)
From the machine
\"As a pilot study, we are installing vending machines at Vadodara\'s premises and then retaining 10 other machines in remote areas of Anand and Kheda.
After all the models have been developed, we plan to install these machines nationwide.
\"The Ministry of Agriculture is excited about the project,\" he added . \".
The GSFC has obtained permission to install these machines in Gujarat, Maharashtra and central states.
About 8 rupees per machine.
\"The idea is to make it more affordable and easier for customers who travel a lot to buy fertilizer.
After studying the sale of the vending machine, we will also increase its capacity.
Even people in urban areas with gardens at home can buy fertilizer from these machines, \"Tiwari said.
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