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us rushes to ban plastic guns

by:Kenwei      2019-08-24
Congress is accelerating the 25-year-
The old ban bans metal detectors and X-ray machines.
The ban will expire next Monday night. With 3-
Many Democrats and gun control advocates say there is a growing capacity for printers to produce plastic weapons and restrictions must be strengthened. The Republican-
Led House is expected to approve 10-
The ban was extended for a year on Tuesday.
Democrats think this is the best thing they can get, and expect them to support it strongly, although they are more willing to ask for permanent metal parts to make it easier for plastic guns to be detected. The Democratic-
Two people in the Senate
Thanksgiving break next week.
Democrats say they will seek a quick vote on extending the ban and tightening restrictions.
But many people think they will eventually settle for the 10-year extension.
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