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unmanned aerial vehicle may have been found on white house grounds - white house locked down for several hours

by:Kenwei      2019-09-16
A device, possibly a drone, was found on the White House floor in the middle of the night. S.
Reports say President Obama and first lady are in India.
A White House spokesman said the device did not pose a threat.
Here\'s the rest of the article: it\'s not clear if their daughters Sasha and Maria were at home in an accident with their grandmother Marianne Robinson, who also lives in the White House.
Prior to the president\'s visit, the White House said the daughters would stay in Washington to avoid missing the school.
The Secret Service did not immediately comment on the findings.
Speaking in New Delhi, Obama\'s press secretary, Josh Earnest, did not deny that the object found at the White House was a drone.
The drones are available in all sizes, some very small, from surveillance to casual toys.
Asked if a drone was found, Ernest said: \"There is a device that has been recovered by the secret department of the White House . \".
\"Early indications suggest that it will not pose any ongoing threat to anyone in the White House.
\"Before dawn, police, fire and other emergency rescue vehicles flocked around the White House, and several people gathered near the southeast entrance of the mansion.
The White House was dark until around 5 in the morning and the entire perimeter was blocked. m.
, When those who work in the complex are allowed to enter.
After dawn, more than a dozen Secret Service officials began searching on the White House lawn and snow began to fall.
They looked down on the grass and used a flashlight through the big bushes in the driveway of the building.
On Monday, Obama and his wife, Michelle, became prime guests in a march to celebrate Republic of India Day.
They plan to stop in Saudi Arabia on Tuesday before returning to Washington.
While the specifics of the incident are unclear, previous security violations at the White House have led to questions about the effectiveness of the Secret Service. Four high-
Executives were redistributed this month and former Director Julia Pearson was forced to resign last year after a knife-wielding Texas man crossed the White House fence in September and went deep into the executive building before being subdued.
An independent team investigated the agency\'s leadership and practices following the incident of September and disclosed security violations not reported prior to that month, which recommended hiring a from outside the agency
The report is the second rigorous review of the body responsible for protecting the president.
On November, the Department of Homeland Security, which oversees the Secret Service, issued an internal investigation report on the fence --
Discover scaling incidents where training, staff, and a series of errors lead to violations.
Among other things, Homeland Security investigators found uniformed agents patrolling the White House there on Tuesday night.
Mistakenly think that the dense bushes near the front door of the building will stop the invaders.
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