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undetectable guns: congress ready to renew the ban

by:Kenwei      2019-08-23
By the midnight deadline, Congress is ready to extend the ban on expired plastic guns that can escape airport detection machines.
But lawmakers will certainly refuse to tighten those restrictions.
Latest failed gun
In the year since the elementary school massacre in Newtown, Connecticut, control forces.
The Senate plans to go to 10-on Monday night-
No guns from metal detectors and X-ray machines. The quarter-century-
The old ban has been extended twice and will expire on Tuesday without action.
But first, the senators will beat D-N. Y.
The ban is strengthened by requiring that such weapons contain non-removable metal components.
Some plastic guns comply with the provisions of the current law and metal parts can be removed, which makes it possible for them to be ignored by security guards at schools, airports and elsewhere.
\"Who in the name of God wants the plastic gun to go through the metal detector at the airport or stadium?
Schumer said in an interview on Monday.
The National Rifle Association, which played an important role in preventing gun restrictions, did not object to updating the law.
But the gun lobby said it would oppose any expanded demands, including Schumer\'s, \"which would violate our Second Amendment\'s right to carry weapons \".
More stringent restrictions are expected to be rejected, highlighting repeated setbacks in guns --
Control has been advocated in Congress since last December. 14.
That day, a gunman shot 20 people first.
Students at Sandy Hook Elementary School and six staff members committed suicide before. Despite that —
And other recent mass shootings, including the Washington Naval base just a few blocks from the Capitol.
Supporters of expanding gun control are nearing the end of the year, and they are unable to push any new gun restrictions in Congress.
\"We are decades behind NRA,\" Sen said . \".
D-Chris MurphyConn.
\"It was a long game and it took us some time to build up the resources needed to compete.
\"Republicans in Congress refuse to tighten restrictions on guns that cannot be detected, but those lawmakers --
And NRA-
There is no objection to the extension of the current ban.
The House approved 10-
It was extended for a year last week.
When President Reagan and Congress first imposed a ban on non-detectable guns, plastic guns were in their infancy.
But this weapon has become an increasing threat and can now be made by 3-
D printers that are getting better and more affordable. Sen.
Charles Grassley of Iowa, a senior Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, said that as the law is about to expire, Congress should extend the law for ten years and study Schumer\'s more
Later restrictive plans
Supporters of tightening rules say 10-
As gun lobbying has reduced the ability of Democrats to re-examine the issue, this year\'s update has helped gun lobbying.
The Sandy Hook murder prompted President Obama and Democrats to make gun control a top priority for the country this year.
But it\'s useless in Congress.
Their most painful loss occurred in April, when the Senate rejected efforts to expand the federal background check.
Become a buyer of guns and strive to prevent criminals and mentally ill patients from acquiring weapons.
This measure requires an inspection of all goods sold online at firearms exhibitions --
Expand the system currently required to sell only through licensed gun dealers.
In addition, the proposal to ban offensive and large weapons was rejected.
Ammunition magazine.
Judging from the opposition of the Republican Party and the influence of the NRA, these proposals have never even been voted in the Republican Party --majority House.
But with Saturday\'s New Town anniversary approaching, the representative. Tim Murphy, R-Pa.
Psychologists plan to announce a legislation Thursday aimed at promoting federal mental health programs, including treatment, research and training for workers in emergency situations.
Lack of movement in democratic countries --
The Senate has left the gun.
The control team divided their 2014 targets.
Some are willing to put aside efforts to expand background checks for the time being and be content with more modest changes.
These measures may include strengthening mental health programs and allowing states to provide additional records to the federal background check system.
What supports this approach is some of the new town families and the American group of former delegates in charge of the solution.
Member Gifford D-Ariz.
She was seriously injured with her husband, former astronaut Mark Kelly.
\"Anything we can do, anything Congress can do can save a life, a life, they should do,\" said Piia Carusone, executive director of the GIF Fords group . \".
Others want to continue to put pressure on lawmakers to support strong background checks, who oppose the goal of reducing background checks.
The groups include Mayors Against Illegal Guns, led by outgoing New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who has been spending money against guns
The rights of candidates and members of Congress.
The groups fear Republicans will use their votes to support weaker efforts, arguing that they support major steps against guns.
\"The interest we give (
Republican Senator of New Hampshire)
Mark Glaze said: \"Kelly Ayotte voted on the Mental Health Act, which will be a good bill, but no measures have actually been taken to address the issue of gun violence in the country, the executive director of the mayoral panel.
Ayotte voted against the expansion of background checks in April and was criticized by guns
The control group thereafter.
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