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u.s. scrambles to apologize after tsa forced a canadian politician to remove his turban

by:Kenwei      2019-09-07
Canada\'s Minister for Innovation, Science and Economic Development Navdeep Bains made it difficult to get through airport security during his visit to the United States in April 2017S. —
Because of his headscarf.
Sikh Canadian diplomat told his story in an interview with the online Canadian newspaper La Presse, which was published in French.
According to his description, Bains is on his way back to Toronto from both
He met with Republican Governor Rick Snyder of Michigan.
Bains passed the metal detector, but was asked for additional safety checks because he was wearing a headscarf. The U. S.
On 2007, the traffic safety authority passed a regulation allowing Sikh men to keep their headscarves unblocked at the airport.
Other safety measures, however, may include a cotton swab test.
\"But the agent had a problem running the machine.
All of a sudden, the machine made a warning, which was caused by unknown elements.
The official then said he needed additional searches.
Then he asked me to remove the headscarf.
\"I asked him why I had to remove the headscarf when the metal detector gantry was working properly,\" Bains told La Presse . \".
\"I told him that the machine was not working well.
I asked him to repeat the sampling test again.
If there is a problem, we can consider other options because I think it is a violation of my personal life.
I will never be asked to undress.
It\'s the same.
\"This is a piece of linen,\" he added . \".
At this time, Burns has not disclosed his diplomatic passport.
\"But I have never told them who I am because I want to know what will happen to people who are not ministers or legislators,\" he explained . \".
Unfortunately, the situation has only escalated from there.
When he arrived at the gate, a security guard approached him at the gate and told him that he had to return to the security check.
\"A security guard came to pick me up and said I had to go back for a security check.
I asked him what happened.
He told me there was no compliance with the security agreement.
He said to me, you must take off your headscarf.
I replied politely that I did not represent a security threat and that I had passed all the security checks.
Then he asked me my name and identity.
\"I reluctantly handed over my diplomatic passport to him,\" Bains explained in an interview released on Friday . \".
According to the interview, once the agent realized his identity, they called him and finally gave him permission to leave.
In a statement to CNN, Bains explained: \"wearing a headscarf is considered to be one of the most conscientious acts for a person of faith.
\"I am proud to represent my community,\" he added . \".
\"Unfortunately, these types of events do happen to minorities from time to time.
But it should never be the norm.
I will continue to promote diversity and inclusiveness across the country, as my government has done since taking office.
\"Since the report, TSA has apologized to Bains.
TSA spokesman Michael McCarthy said in a statement to CNN that they were \"Sorry about the screening experience.
\"We regret that the screening experience did not meet Mr.
\"Class,\" said McCarthy.
Review after the airport is closed-
Circuit video, we determined that the officer who performed the screening did not follow the standard operating procedures and therefore received additional training.
\"All persons with Hood can undergo additional security checks, including an officer --
Conduct or self-conducted pat-He added.
\"TSA does this to ensure that prohibited items or weapons are not hidden under any type of clothing and are taken to the plane.
This policy covers all headwear and is not intended for any particular project or group.
\"Some lawmakers are taking action to propose solutions to the racial profiling problem in the United States. Sen.
Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N. Y.
, This week introduced a bill that requires border patrols and immigration law enforcement officers to record every situation when they intercept, search or interrogate people on buses and trains.
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