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u.s. plane attacker \"sneaked\" into nigeria - govt

by:Kenwei      2019-08-28
LAGOS (Reuters)-
A Nigerian man trying to blow up an American soldierS.
The Nigerian government said on Sunday that the passenger plane had been living outside the West African country for some time and did not return until the eve of the setback attack.
Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, 23, is accused of Saturday\'s attempt to blow up Northwest Airlines Flight 253, which is about to usher in nearly 300 people in Detroit from Amsterdam on Christmas Day.
The London-
Educated Nigerians, the son of a respected former banker, began his journey in the business center of Lagos, Nigeria, Detroit, where he boarded the Netherlands to Amsterdam
\"The man has been living abroad for a while.
He sneaked into Nigeria on December 24 and left that day . \" Nigerian news minister Dora aknili told reporters in the commercial capital Lagos.
Akunyili said: \"Father Alhaji Umar Mutallab is a responsible and respected Nigerian who has a true Nigerian spirit and he spoke to the relevant US authorities earlierThe U. S.
The government last month created a record of Umar Farouk Abdulmutalab in the intelligence community\'s central information base on known and suspected international terrorists, but there was not enough negative data to get him into \"No. fly” list, a U. S.
Officials have said.
Akunyili said Alhaji Umar Mutallab, who met with Nigerian intelligence officials on Saturday, expressed \"deep shock and regret\" over his son\'s actions \".
He also met with the president of the United States. S.
A family friend told Reuters on Sunday that security officials in Abuja were invited by them.
After the defeat of the attack, the United States demanded increased security from airports and airlines around the world, which raised some problems, even though there has been higher security around the world since, how Abdul Mutalab was able to deliver the explosive materials to the plane.
2001 hijacked airline attacks
Abdul Mutalab began his journey in Lagos and conducted several security checks. entry U. S.
A senior Nigerian aviation official said the visa was issued in London.
\"The passenger did not check any luggage but found a backpack.
He had a normal check.
Harold de Mulun, director of the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority, told reporters on Saturday: \"It is in progress . \".
Demuren Abdulmutallab said U. S.
The visa was issued in London on June 16, 2008 and will expire on June 2010.
He said that it was scanned without a passenger information system (APIS)
Any objection.
\"Since then, he has passed the aviation security department, including walking --
X-through metal detectors and luggage-
X-ray machine.
He went to the gate and received a second screening confirmed by the KLM officials . \"
According to the British Sunday Times, on May 2009, when he tried to apply for a course at a false university, he was denied a visa to enter the UK.
University of London College said earlier that it had a record of students who started studying in 2005. 2008.
The incident raised airport security issues in Nigeria, but akonelli said Nigeria recently passed an audit by the International Civil Aviation Organization. ICAO)
Traffic safety audit of the United States (ATSA)
Just last month.
\"We want to assure everyone that our airport is very safe. . .
However, given the new developments, we have strengthened the security system at all airports, \"she said.
Abdul Mutalab was accused of trying to ignite an explosive device attached to him to blow up the plane.
A preliminary FBI analysis found that the unit contained PETN, also known as pentecol, was one of the explosives carried by \"shoe bomber\" Richard Reid while trying to blow up an American soldier. S.
Just before Christmas on 2001, a few months after the festival. 11 attacks.
This device consists of sixinch (15-cm)
According to media reports, a pack of powder and a syringe containing liquid were sewn into the suspect\'s underwear.
De Mulun said Abdul Mutalab bought Lagos, which is worth $2,831-
On December, the return flight from Amsterdam to Detroit was at the KLM office in Accra, Ghana. 16 with a Jan.
2010 return date. (
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A supplementary report by Rosalba O\'Brien in London;
Editor Philip Fletcher)
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