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two brothers caught with €3.5m worth of cannabis jailed for ten years

by:Kenwei      2019-08-18
Two Polish brothers were caught for nearly three euros.
5 million of cannabis and cannabis resin have been sentenced to ten years\' imprisonment.
Judge Martin Nolan said37)and Marcin (29)
Syzmala actually rented a house in Meath as a \"storage and storage center\" for drugs \".
He said the men were arrested after a \"good garda operation\" and there was evidence that they had packed up \"a lot of drugs\" for distribution.
He admitted that, as Polish nationals, they would encounter \"additional difficulties\" while serving their sentences in prison \".
Tyrellstown square Santry and Slawomir at Marcin Park both acknowledged three charges of selling or supplying drugs in two different locations on April 17, 2014 at the Dublin Circuit Criminal Court.
A total of 3,489,000 euros worth of drugs were found.
Marcin was not convicted before.
Slawomir served two years in Poland for burglary and was convicted by the Naas District court of public order.
Detective Garda Darragh O\' toole told Cathleen Noctor BL that a surveillance operation led police officers to a farmhouse in Castletown, Meath County, where a large number of drugs were found.
The house was rented by a pseudonym from the owner.
Det Gda O\'Toole said that after Garda reported it, the garda National Drug Department initially set up a monitoring operation in a commercial park in fergara. At 10.
At fifteen o\'clock A. M. the officers saw the brothers arrive at a particular unit.
They stayed there for about 25 minutes before they left again and then drove to castlestown.
They stayed there for about two hours, then left again and drove to the leffey Valley Mall.
The brothers met a man there who was parked next to them on a manned transport ship.
Marcin entered the back of the van where he arrived and distributed a large bag of toilet paper and a shopping bag to Slawomir, who placed them behind people\'s airlines.
The car was later stopped and searched by gardaí and nearly nine kilograms of marijuana were found.
The drugs were vacuum packed at a value of just over 179,000 euros.
Syzmalas was subsequently followed to an apartment building in brancarstown, where garda moved in and arrested them.
Neither of them was admitted to the interview.
The van they were driving was searched and although a fake panel was installed at the rear of the vehicle, no drugs were found.
Found the key to the second car, a Mercedes-Benz van, which was later found parked at the knock-on house.
Det Gda O\'Toole said the keys to the house were found in the Mercedes van.
In a follow-up search of the Gardaí building, more than 1 euro of buildings were found.
There is 6 million worth of cannabis resin in the storage room.
The drugs were found in shopping bags packed in boxes. A further €1.
Found 62 million worth of marijuana in another room behind the lobby.
The drugs piled up on the floor, covered with a sheet.
Det Gda O\' toole said,
The list, weighing scale and vacuum packaging machine were also found in the house.
The DNA found on the gloves linked the two brothers to the house.
Patrick Marrinan SC, who defended Marcin Syzmala, said his clients had been in Ireland for ten years.
He initially worked as a chef at a hotel in Dublin, but later set up his own event management company.
He is heavily in debt and is also involved in the \"drug subculture\" that lawyers say led to his crime \".
Damien Colgan SC, who defended Slawomir Syzmala, said his client had a daughter with a former partner who lives in Poland.
He said that he has been doing well since he was on remand and has submitted some certificates from the courses completed by his clients.
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