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tunisia flaunts seaside security year after beach massacre

by:Kenwei      2019-08-24
Hammamet (Tunisia)(AFP)-
In Tunisia, police on horseback strolled through the entrance of the hotel while sunbathing and new metal detectors, as the North African country tried to bring tourists back a year after the seaside massacre.
Authorities and hotel managers hope that increased security will help regain the confidence of holidaymakers on the first anniversary of the jihadist attacks. The jihadist attack killed 38 tourists at a beach resort.
\"We used to sell sunshine and beaches.
\"Today, we are selling sunshine, beaches and security facilities,\" said Anis Souissi, who manages the seaside hotel in southern Tunisia.
Before the 2011 revolution, Tunisia attracted nearly 7 million tourists a year, with tourism accounting for 7% of GDP.
The beach massacre was the second of two deadly jihadist attacks last year, which hit key industries hard after four years of political instability.
On June 26, a Tunisian gunman pulled out a Kalashnikov rifle from an angry beach umbrella, shooting wildly outside the crowd under five, and tourists fled in horror.
Star hotels near the city of SUS.
Just a few months ago, 21 tourists and a police officer were killed in another jihadist attack at the Bardo national museum in Tunisia.
A year later, China\'s tourism industry is still reeling.
Revenue fell 51 in the first quarter of this year.
According to the central bank, it grew by 7% compared with last year.
The number of European tourists has fallen by 65 in 2015.
Compared with 2010, it was 8%. -
Anyone suspicious.
With the coming peak season in Tunisia, authorities and tourism companies want to boost confidence and encourage bookings by strengthening security checks.
The Interior Ministry says 70 mobile police stations have been set up on the beach and about 1,500 police officers have been deployed this year to protect tourists ---
In addition to the 1,000 security personnel deployed last year. In Yasmine-
Hamamit, about 70 kilometers (45 miles)
In the southeast of Tunisia, police walk, ride a quad bike and ride a horse on the beach.
On the beach by the water, two uniformed police officers chatted under a red Terrace, carefully remembering the \"police \".
If someone looks suspicious-
Even vacationers--
\"We asked them for their ID card,\" a plainclothes policeman told AFP . \".
After all, he said, the Suthi attackers hid their weapons in umbrellas.
After the killing at the seaside, Prime Minister Habib esheed admitted that the police had reacted too slowly.
Tunisian minister of tourism may later told AFP that the government has made security a priority, \"because there is no security, there will be no recovery in tourism \".
Selma Elloumi Rekik said the authorities had instructed the airport and the hotel to \"comply with international safety norms and standards \".
But Anis Chemli, who manages a hotel on JEBA island in the south-east of the country, said the new security measures were \"an additional financial burden \". -
The police trick
After last year\'s beach attack, the Iberostar Hotel in Djerba invested in 8 additional security guards, 4 new sniffing dogs and 48 new surveillance cameras. -
The price of each is 2,000 dinars (
$900, over € 800)---
There is also a metal detector that costs 9,000 dinars, he said.
\"We are still waiting for the delivery of the bag scanner,\" he said . \" He added that the machine invested 26,600 euros.
According to Chemli, Djerba-
The Zarzis area even joined forces to buy eight quad bikes for the security forces in order for them to better patrol the beach.
Managing Souissi at Le Royal in Yassin
Hammamet said the hotel\'s third new investment last year was for better safety.
However, Radhouane Ben Salah, head of the Tunisian hospitality federation, said that strengthening security should only be a \"part of the message\" to promote Tunisia to become an overseas holiday destination \".
Focusing promotional material on safety, rather than the landscape or cultural experience provided by the state may be \"-
\"Efficient,\" he said \".
A year after the killing of 30 Britons in the Sousse attack, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been advising on all necessary trips to Tunisia.
But Abdellatif Hamam, head of Tunisia\'s National Tourism Administration, is optimistic.
\"Our efforts have begun to pay off,\" he said . \"
60 of the 100 hotels closed after the Sousse attack reopened.
\"We invite journalists, tour operators and travel agents to visit in person.
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