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tsa stops passenger with loaded 3d-printed gun

by:Kenwei      2019-08-31
Copy the gun completely by 3-
D printer, Transportation Safety Authority (TSA)
Security officials said.
When it \"couldn\'t operate\", the gun was loaded with five. 22-
Caliber live ammunition
Passengers told Renault-
Security at Tahoe International Airport \"forgot\" the gun in his bag and he was willing to leave it for boarding.
Federal regulations require passengers flying with guns to unload their weapons and lock them in hard places.
The side container is passed as checked baggage.
Passengers can pay a fine of up to $11,000 for prohibited items.
\"When packed, ammunition can be transported in checked baggage, but the ammunition carried with you is not allowed --
TSA wrote on its blog.
\"You can travel with a gun in your checked baggage, but you must declare it to the airline first.
Airport security agents confiscated 68 guns they carried with them, TSA reported.
Luggage for the period from July 29-8 to 4.
In this figure, 59 people were loaded and 21 had a bullet in the chamber.
\"Just because we find prohibited items in a person does not mean that they have bad intentions;
It\'s up to law enforcement, \"the agency wrote.
\"In many cases, people just forget that they have these items.
\"ToldAP, a spokesman for an agency, said this could be the first time TSA has confiscated 3D-printed gun.
With the popularity of 3D printers, guns manufactured by machines are considered controversial, as basic metal detectors or safety measures may completely miss plastic and resin components.
Last year
After the federal government ordered the organization to remove a one-time plastic pistol from the Internet, the profit organization Defense Distribution supported the US State Department.
3D printing gun is not illegal yet.
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