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trump touts economy in the heartland

by:Kenwei      2019-09-09
This is a rush copy of the \"five\" in July 26, 2018.
This copy may not be in final form and may be updated.
Juan Williams
Host: Hello everyone.
I\'m Juan Williams and Lisa Boothe, Jesse Watters, Dana Perino and Greg Gutfeld.
Now it\'s 5 in New York, it\'s actually a little late, and in New York City, it\'s \"five \".
\"As you can see just now, President Trump concluded his speech to steel workers in Illinois not long ago.
He also visited farmers in Iowa.
That was earlier today. (
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President Donald Trump: We have his hat. Look at that.
It\'s actually John Deere\'s color, but it makes our farmers great again.
Not very good? (APPLAUSE)
Trump: Basically, we opened up Europe.
It will be a great thing for Europe, it will be a great thing for us, it will be a very great thing for our farmers.
After years of shutdown and cuts, today\'s blast furnace blazing in Granite City is shining, workers are back to work, and we are once again injecting new US steel into the backbone of our country. (APPLAUSE)(END VIDEO CLIP)
Williams: Now, some say that one of the biggest problems with the Democratic Party in 2018, this year and 2020, the year of the presidential election, is that the party cannot form a united message against President Trump. In fact, an op-
The New York Times reported today that Trump won re-election in 2020 because of the strong economy.
Senator Elizabeth Warren, who is rumored to be a presidential rival in the future, has proposed a very different approach than Trump.
Is she here to call for higher taxes? (
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Elizabeth WarrenMASS.
: There used to be a very prosperous America, an America that is growing into a middle class.
America, where workers and families have done better generation by generation, has a far higher marginal rate than 50%. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Williams: Jesse, I think the president and the Republicans want to talk about the economy and talk about the stock market doing well and they\'re having some trouble communicating the benefits of tax cuts, but we see the president coming forward, this may be the message he wants to convey in the mid-term elections.
Jesse Waters.
First of all, I want the green hat.
Looks good.
Wait, wait, it will cover up our beauty. (CROSSTALK)
Co-guest Lisa Booth
Yes, you just cut your hair.
Waters: That\'s right.
Why waste money if you do so.
I think I agree.
I think Trump needs to focus on the economy, the law and the order, and the judges like a laser, and continue to see Democrats as socialist monsters kneeling down in the national anthem.
There are a lot of headlines in the economy.
We should get a huge GDP figure tomorrow, probably 5%.
We have achieved 3% GDP growth for three consecutive quarters.
The unemployment rate is low and great for everyone.
Tax cuts have brought $2,600 in tax cuts to every family in the country.
But there is also some concern that wages fell slightly in the last quarter.
They\'re still at 2.
8%, they were flat during the Obama administration.
The trade deal is tough because you know, you\'re going to see some places like what we said, you know, you have steel companies closed and then you have aluminum companies open.
What did he do to E? U.
Actually very smart.
I think what he does is for short-term pain and we want long-term benefits.
So he raised some tariffs and they came back yesterday to beg.
They have reached an oral agreement and now they will reduce the tariffs on non-industrial products and they will reduce the tariffs on liquefied natural gas.
We also have car tariffs, which are not good for Michigan and South Carolina.
But, all in all, you know, I think the agricultural subsidies are good politics, but the economics are not good.
But it\'s just showing to trading partners, look, we\'re going to mitigate the blow because you\'re not going to cause us any pain.
In order to finally eliminate all trade barriers, free, open and fair trade is our goal. WILLIAMS: OK.
So, Dana, Jess, from a Trump point of view, you want your partner ---
I think the president says his favorite word is reciprocity.
Dana Perino
Moderator: reciprocity.
Williams: reciprocity. PERINO: Yes.
Williams: But the paper said today that my pony, Jack Daniel, CocaCola, G. M.
The farmers and Whirlpool both said, you know, it hurts us, it hurts our profits.
Perino: Yes--
I think that\'s one of the reasons why you saw the president reconcile with the European Parliament. U. yesterday.
It\'s good for our allies and for us to work together.
They actually disagreed with everything yesterday.
They just agreed to stop the open battles and deal with them, which is great because we need to fight countries like China as allies.
I think it is wise for the president to go out of town.
In the early days of the Bush administration, the economy was great during the first term.
You can\'t get a lot of media coverage on this.
We are obviously fighting, too.
For the President, if he wants good headlines, he has to go to these places and see where the president is going.
Where he goes, he can help vulnerable Republican lawmakers.
He went to Iowa and Illinois today.
There are two Republican members there who are in a very bad state and he wants to help support them.
He might be back in those places.
The other thing I want to say is-
All his data in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Michigan are very bad.
So these tariff issues should be helpful there.
They don\'t help much.
So he has to find a way to turn things around.
And through the settlement of e-commerceU.
He might be able to do that.
Greg, how did you get back from Granite City so soon?
Greg gutfeld, colleague
Boy, do you know? Private plane.
Oh, I see.
There is also a tunnel. And a tunnel.
Williams: a tunnel.
You know, like--
Looking at Liz Warren and other people like Corey bookers, now we have so much good news, so much good news, Democrats are looking for bad news.
They\'re like the old ones on the beach with metal detectors, you know, they\'re too close to you.
Yes, hope to find something, they can\'t find any pain except that they are the pain detector, so they have to invent the pain.
In this case, Liz Warren is hoping to raise the tax rate to 50% for some, and undo the tax cut.
She is essentially a successful fire extinguisher.
She sees the economy as a fire and she wants to put it out.
That\'s what she did.
What I am worried about is that it may achieve something.
What I noticed was--
We may move into the second part of the political cycle, which has been going on since 60 years.
Republicans come in, they solve the problem, it makes the Democrats come in and break the problem, because there are things that need to be broken, and then you get the Republicans to re-solve the problem because the Democrats break the problem, then the Republicans solved the problem, and then the public said, oh, now we can support more Democrats.
So they came in and broke things.
This is back and forth.
So the Republicans solved it and the Democrats broke it.
Republicans, Democrats.
This has been happening since 1960.
So right now, Trump has solved six issues and everyone is going, you know, let\'s give those Democrats another chance.
Let them break something.
We can\'t let them destroy it. (LAUGHTER)
BOOTHE: as far as Dana is concerned, you know, he was there because of the weakness of the members of Congress, but he was and--
Now, I think, is the key constituency.
Talk to steel workers and farmers as some have already felt the impact of this trade tariff.
So, I think his message to farmers and steel workers is that I\'m with you.
I am with you because you are the forgotten man and woman left by President Obama, I am standing with you now, I am fighting for you.
So I think it\'s a critical moment for him to convey this message, and it\'s time to advertise that we \'ve seen thousands of manufacturing jobs increase under President Trump.
The economy is good.
As Jesse points out, GDP will grow tomorrow.
Williams: a simple question. BOOTHE: OK.
Williams: the deficit, because he gave farmers a 12 billion subsidy.
Boy, you know, even farmers like tax cuts, they didn\'t make it, and now it\'s ruining the deficit.
It used to be a Republican thing. (CROSSTALK)
GUTFELD: used to be--
It\'s a Democrat.
Williams: I\'m talking about Republicans. I know.
But Democrats don\'t care about the deficit.
You invented it.
I was not disappointed. -
I am not disappointed with the bailout, but I think President Trump can say that I am fighting for you.
Yesterday\'s press conference was also held at a critical moment. He can say, look, there is a movement and influence happening. WILLIAMS: OK. All right.
Trump\'s allies are pushing for impeachment of Rod Rosenstein, but can the plan open the door for Democrats to catch up with President Trump?
This is a big debate, and the next step is. (
Business break)
Republicans plan to impeach Rod Rosenstein.
Let\'s see what\'s going on.
The leader of the Freedom Caucus accused the deputy justice minister of delaying their request for documents but did not find the support they needed now.
At the same time, the president called the change of political persecution in Russia.
Special adviser Robert Mueller is reportedly reviewing the president\'s Twitter and possible obstruction cases. All right.
So, I think, let\'s start with the Rosenstein situation, Dana.
I think what they are asking for is the original document that exists for this Russian Open defense.
They can\'t find any of these documents, according to the Trump investigation.
They were blocked and the summons was not respected.
But the impeachment agreement does not seem to make any progress.
Yes, I don\'t think so.
This is the kind I like, yes, yes, because it\'s not going anywhere.
You can have Alan deshovitz say this is the most short-sighted and I have to say the stupid words I have heard for a long time. You have --
Basically, what he\'s saying is that we have Democrats and others who say impeach, impeach the president, which obviously looks ridiculous.
Oh, yes.
Perino: this--
Republicans, 20 of them, said OK impeached Rod Rosenstein because the Justice Department said there was no need to do so.
Anyway, so, no, I don\'t think there will be any progress.
Waters: it may be contempt.
This may be more of a stepping stone before impeachment.
What do you think, Greg?
GUTFELD: Yes, I don\'t think I \'ve heard a guy say it\'s a good idea.
I think this is a good idea. (CROSSTALK)(LAUGHTER)
America, there\'s your evidence.
Juan said it was a good idea. Do not do it.
Williams: good idea.
This is a big problem.
The impeachment process needs a hearing, a hearing, okay?
These will be very boring, stupid hearings.
Perino: it will cut into five \".
GUTFELD: it will be cut off.
Waters: it cuts into the monologue.
GUTFELD: it cuts into the monologue.
There won\'t be five.
Fox and Friends, you will miss everything that is outnumbered.
Your favorite shows on other channels will also disappear.
Judge Judy is not there. Is she still there?
Yes, she made a lot of money.
OK Juan, what do you think about that and what do you think about Mueller after Trump\'s mean tweet.
I don\'t think it\'s the most despicable.
I think this is evidence or potential evidence of what he\'s trying to do getting in the way.
But it\'s a wonderful political story for me.
I mean, I forgot to impeach the second time. Impeachment --
I mean, this is too--
It\'s so trivial and meanspirited. I don\'t know. But, anyway. (CROSSTALK)
That\'s what I remember you said. (CROSSTALK)
Maxine Waters wants to impeach Trump.
That\'s different.
Williams: I\'m sorry, most of these people.
Greg, they\'re in power.
They can actually do that.
But, of course, you\'re from--
Even Speaker Paul Ryan-
He doesn\'t support it, does he?
BOOTHE: But he also said he was frustrated with the Department of Justice and did not provide documents that were summoned and requested.
We will see things like text messages that appear in I. G.
Report never submitted to Congress
So I think it\'s very fair for Republicans who are conducting these investigations to feel frustrated with Rod Rosenstein.
So I think this is to stir up some kind of action, to put pressure on the leadership, to put pressure on the Justice Department and Rod Rosenstein.
Look, you have to have the impeachment number, they don\'t have it in the house.
If anything happens to the house to the Senate, you won\'t let it move forward.
So, I mean, the numbers don\'t exist.
So, I think the key is to put pressure on it, and there\'s actually not a lot of tools that Congress can use.
You look at contempt, what does this have to do with Eric Holder, absolutely nothing to do with it.
But, Lisa, it\'s not a crime and a misdemeanor.
No laws were violated.
Waters: Well, that\'s what they\'re trying to find out.
Juan, are they looking for documents that show how the investigation started?
Is there a possible reason?
Their intelligence? WILLIAMS: Fine. (CROSSTALK)
Waters: when they issued the FISA search warrant, they were considering whether the FBI had followed the appropriate agreement?
No, they don\'t.
They are also looking for content to be removed from the FISA search warrant.
Rosenstein didn\'t stand up and say, you\'re gone because you have proper negligence, and the fact that people are thinking about why this person doesn\'t play?
It\'s a mistake to let it die. Let it go away.
Williams: No, Greg. (CROSSTALK)
By the way, my camera is broken.
I don\'t know where to look.
Perino: The house is now five weeks old.
Wait, what? (CROSSTALK)
I\'m running for Congress. (CROSSTALK)
Waters: Okay.
Send money, super PAC is here.
We will find Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook. (
Business break)
Perino: the big problems with some big technology are brewing. President Trump is targeting twitter for twitter reports banning the shadow of some famous conservatives, social media platforms have been criticised for allegedly limiting Republican exposure to search results.
The president vowed to investigate what he said was illegal.
Twitter officials, however, say this is a glitch they are trying to solve.
Mark Zuckerberg\'s company has lost more than 100 billion pounds after the scandal has increased, worth $ B, and he is in a hot spot.
Facebook shareholders have reportedly offered to remove his chairman.
Greg, is this tai chi?
I don\'t know.
I mean, this sentence is very interesting.
I think with the development of social media, the roses bloom.
Perino: Oh, that\'s a great thing.
I think it will really be popular.
Yes, yes, yes.
What I\'m saying is this is about the greatest thing social media has ever had.
Walter Kurt said on twitter last night that if twitter sold you conflict, Instagram sold you envy and Facebook sold you only. And I think --
If you think about it, people will find it.
You got angry on Twitter.
You will be jealous when you are on Instagram.
When you\'re on Facebook, you feel like you\'re being manipulated.
I think I have time to like it. -
These things are growing fast.
Come back, take a day off, twitter.
Should you ban anonymity?
Can this change twitter?
It would be a start if everyone\'s name was attached.
Then you know. -
I mean, what do you think about banning shadow stuff, Lisa?
I mean, the Liberals got stuck on this issue last week and they said Conservatives were favored by Facebook and they got headlines from it.
BOOTHE: Well, I think the most enlightening thing is Jonathan Swan of Axios, and I think he did a good job of reporting.
But basically, he says, conservatives have been around him for a while and he says things like this are happening and he never believes.
It\'s interesting that now Vice is a free publication and people may take it seriously.
So, I think it\'s very enlightening.
But about Facebook, they basically made the biggest mistake of being caught by President Trump\'s track and all these Russian stuff, because Facebook, basically, before that, they are like Teflon and now they are dealing with the Holocaust and its destruction.
I know what Facebook did wrong and they messed up diamonds and silk.
This is the problem.
That\'s why you see their market value plummet, a curse of diamonds and silk.
Seriously, though, I will buy Facebook. I mean. (CROSSTALK)
That\'s what I want to know.
I mean, I don\'t know anything about how they do these things,.
Waters: buy and sell stocks? PERINO: Yeah.
Call your agent.
Perino: I really don\'t. I don\'t. But, I have --
It\'s like a mutual fund, I don\'t know, but anyway.
Is it a good time to buy now?
I will buy it.
I mean, the way it goes down.
Zuckerberg was a genius who won the championship at a hearing on Capitol Hill.
I think he\'s really smart.
He is a little uncomfortable now.
You\'re looking for a job, are you? (LAUGHTER)
Perino: Well, he has to write if he ever wrote a book.
Juan, did you tell me if Zuckerberg should be out of work?
Williams: No, it\'s crazy.
He created this. -I mean --
Also, remember, I think Jesse said this to me just now.
You know, the only thing you can justify losing so much money is that you make more money, he said.
He made a lot of money for many people.
I don\'t think Facebook will go away, but I think it will change.
One thing I think I would like to see changed is that they and this kind of platform that pretends they are neutral.
They\'re not neutral.
They must make a decision.
In fact, they should review some hate speech.
I mean, Sandy Hook\'s kids. -
Perino: It\'s frustrating that they try to use mixed people, but they also use algorithms to do that.
WILLIAMS: Yes, but the algorithm was the reason that got them stuck yesterday because people said, \"Oh, some of these Republicans will automatically delete something when you click.
It does not work very well.
Then they said it was an algorithm. But --
Waters: But the problem is that people who create algorithms are often politically --
The right child prodigy.
There is bias in the cake.
If you design an algorithm that says conservative speech is more like hate speech than free speech, it will naturally be a bias against conservatives.
Williams: maybe--
If that\'s what you see, you have to look at it carefully.
Because I\'m on your side.
I want freedom of speech.
But I want to tell you, hate speech, bullying, harassment, intimidation. -
But the problem is false.
Williams: It\'s all fake.
Waters: they have to get rid of the New York Times.
Ben sass did the best--
Oh, my God.
But Ben Sasse asked Mark Zuckerberg to try to define hate speech. He stumbled and struggled to define it. PERINO: Yes.
So I think this is a problem.
But my favorite-
My favorite tweet.
After the Senate hearing, reporters tweeted that Mark Zuckerberg had the most feared thing for every millennial: trying to explain technology to the nation\'s seniors.
Because that\'s part of why he did so well at the hearing. -
Perino: many people who complain are not old people. -Eric.
Both: With all due respect.
Goodfield: hate speech-
Sorry to say, hate speech is something in the eyes of onlookers. WATTERS: Right.
It depends on who is responsible.
They say, \"you\'re mean to me.
So that\'s why--
The problem with hate speech is that it is subjective.
Like art. GUTFELD: It is. It is.
One more thing, I don\'t think people understand the algorithm.
You know, it\'s not wrong just because someone is using algorithms on you. They\'re --
Just like everyone does.
Test with company. Let\'s say --
McDonald\'s, for example.
They will try McRiblets in one place but not in another. That\'s A-B testing.
Watts: Mike lekes? GUTFELD: Yes.
Waters: Let\'s talk.
They are amazing.
Sorry, that\'s Applebee.
So they\'re testing. -
When they test algorithms, they often test them on some people to see how it works.
Dating sites often do so.
They will test a dating algorithm.
People say, \"Well, I think ---
What I want is another thing.
\"Well, it might be better.
So the algorithm is not--
There is nothing wrong with using algorithms.
I have an idea.
You should be \"G. G.
Show \"a character named Al Gore rhythm.
The rhythm of Gore.
I think I did it once. My God.
Harvard University removed the sisters from the fraternity, and Greg explained the cooperation of the Ivy League.
The debate that follows(
Business break)
They cut the song beautifully. -pretty early. All right.
The Harvard Girls\' Association has just announced that they will remain gender neutral.
Kappa Alpha Theta, if this is their real name, will actually change its name and be decoupled from the national chapter, all because Harvard penalized its members by rejecting the student leadership position, of course, there are other additional benefits, and a fee of £ 60 per year is also charged.
I know it\'s hard to care about the Harvard sorority.
Talk about hard life.
But it\'s a slow news day. And clubs --
In essence, the club is the club.
People join according to common features, hobbies, etc.
You can join the stamp club if you like stamps.
If you like motorcycles, you join the Hell Angels.
In high school, I couldn\'t join the boys choir because I couldn\'t sing.
I can\'t go to the women\'s choir because I went to oneboys school.
I can only sing in the shower, usually by myself.
It\'s hell, but I made it.
But the inevitable departure of the club is the irony of forcing the club to be inclusive.
It\'s not worth the trouble.
Now society is in a gender panic and it is shameful to say that boys and girls are different and that they like different things.
I haven\'t met a single male who likes Maroon yet. (
Start Video Editing)(Music: Maroon(END VIDEO CLIP)
I think you understand what I mean.
Therefore, social circles are likely to shrink from self-pressure.
Serious University administrators
Maybe that\'s why everyone likes to live on social media, because it may be more like a real life with friends, enemies, insults, jokes, insights and geniuses. And it\'s 60-
A year cheaper.
Is Dana true?
I think it\'s true.
You speak very well.
GUTFELD: Thank you.
Thank you very much.
I wish I knew which one.
Perino: Well, people like to be in the club, right? GUTFELD: Yes.
Perino: because if you\'re on social media, remember, it\'s just last week, that actor, desplath, anyway ---GUTFELD: Yes. PERINO: --
His friends and clubs are in trouble because he says, \"If you want to follow someone who may not agree with you completely, try Ben Shapiro. Goodfield: Yes.
And then his club wanted--
Goodfield: with him.
Perino: And now people are very concerned about the destruction of civil society. GUTFELD: Right.
Perino: part of the reason is that people don\'t belong to the club. -GUTFELD: Yes. PERINO: --anymore.
We need a club.
Spinning clubs and the like.
People get together to do things.
Put on the parade. Have the event.
Something like this to help assimilate immigrants.
This is actually a very interesting point you put forward. GUTFELD: Yes.
You know, Juan, there\'s something else. -
There\'s a black brotherhood. You would --
If you want to say, \"Well, the black brotherhood has to accept white people and people will go crazy.
Or the gay Brotherhood must accept straight sex.
I mean, sorority. -
If it is gender, is the sorority no longer a sorority? neutral?
I think so.
Williams: I think its roots are as a women\'s organization. GUTFELD: Yes.
Williams: But I mean, so many are reactionary if you want.
I mean, you\'re talking about the black brotherhood, the black fraternity. Guess what?
Because they\'re not--GUTFELD: Yes.
Williams: Black people are not allowed to enter.
GUTFELD: better. Williams: right?
GUTFELD: better.
Williams: It\'s interesting about women.
You know, especially in places like Harvard, Princeton, Yale, the brotherhood of men is one of them.
They have all the traditions, powers and secret societies.
Skull and bone.
Williams: for the longest time, women have been saying, \"Hey, why can\'t we get in?
I mean, you know, Radcliffe, yes, it\'s the girls\' school.
And Harvard, a boys\' school.
Remember, everything has changed.
So we saw the change.
To a large extent, I think it\'s good, Greg.
I think you should be able to go.
But the concern is--
I think you heard this from a lot of women who think you need a girls\' school, a girls\' college.
Because this is where women become stronger.
So stupid. It\'s so dumb.
If anyone wants to set up a club and everyone calls themselves \"Z\", why not?
You do your business.
Why can\'t I be part of the fraternity, we\'re all \"her \"?
I just think it\'s stupid.
I also think it just emphasizes and shows the authoritarian of the left, and in the sense that they don\'t like something, they shut it down.
We are now saying this in the context of freedom of speech.
I think this is a big problem.
I think so--
I just think it\'s stupid.
I don\'t even have the word.
Waters: Wait a minute--
I like to join the fraternity in college. Lay off.
Williams: They didn\'t close it.
BOOTHE: No, but they are punishing you and making it difficult for you to be a part of it. For making --
They\'re under threat.
Williams: if you keep closing.
You should open the door. That\'s right.
So you can\'t be a fraternity anymore.
So if you do this, it\'s a single
Gender organizations.
Then you will be punished by the government for something like that. -
Williams: Singlegender.
BOOTHE: Yes, by banning people from holding--
Williams: Yes, yes, yes. But Lisa --BOOTHE: --
Leadership positions, things of this nature.
Is that fair?
Williams: You can still open the door.
You can also join the fraternity.
People join another club.
Everyone can be who you want to be.
Jesse Goodfield. -
We can all be unicorns. I don\'t care.
Throw the unicorn out of here.
Jesse, we \'ve always heard how important it is to have a safe space.
Can\'t you argue that fraternity is a safe space for women?
The Brotherhood is--I mean, it\'s --
This is a bit strange.
Waters: men don\'t mind living with women a bit, but women don\'t want to live with men.
We are disgusting, we are noisy and annoying, we make all kinds of noise in the middle of the night.
They need their space to be girls.
Men don\'t necessarily need this.
We just, like, expand--
Oh, my God. WATTERS: --
Do what we do.
That\'s why I didn\'t go to Harvard.
I mean, this is. -you know --
What\'s funny? What\'s funny?
I don\'t know why everyone is laughing.
I would also like to apologize to Adam Levin on behalf of the \"five.
I think he is a good singer. I like maroon.
You did raise your hand.
Everyone at home, when--
At 5 in chestnut
I don\'t know.
I think it\'s about busy people. This is one --
Like a straw.
Like there\'s a lot--
Waters: no one complains.
Perino: There\'s so much good news.
They have nothing to complain about.
GUTFELD: go after the sorority.
I think we all learned a lesson here.
Jesse has a bad taste in music. All right.
Waters: that\'s not the case. You know.
Come on, Maroon 5?
Did you really listen?
Listen, you hit the metal in the bumps. in.
Yes, Iron Age.
Waters: people whose ears are bleeding in the audience.
GUTFELD: look at the Iron Age.
They only have one album. It\'s very good.
The era of iron is music. Maroon 5 --
Is anyone running on the trash?
Perino: I don\'t think the iron age is very good.
Oh, great.
God, give them a chance.
In the Iron Age.
Oh, in the Iron Age. very funny. All right.
Waters: old joke.
Old jokes.
Next, we will unveil the secret on an absolutely perfect day.
Look at me.
Don\'t go anywhere. (
Business break)(
Music: Bobby mcferlin, \"Don\'t worry, happy \")
That song works very well. All right.
We all know that watching five people will make your day perfect.
There may now be scientific evidence to support it.
A new study shows that ordinary people have only 15 perfect holidays a year.
Ideal Day recipes include waking up at 8: 15 in the morning, a sunny sky with a temperature of 74 degrees, enjoying about three hours outdoors, spending hours with family and friends, and then winding [SIC]
In front of the TV, sleep at about 10: 50 P. M.
So what is the perfect day for my \"Fivers\" companion? All right.
Well, my perfect day was the beach, hanging out, activities, maybe a glass of wine, family, friends, and then some of my time. Yes, there\'s --
I\'m with a stingray.
I don\'t know if there are any other photos. Yes, that\'s it. All right. Jesse.
So you like to be with Stingray?
On the beach.
Is this a perfect day?
Okay, no matter what.
Jesse, what is the perfect day for national television to accept you? WATTERS: Wow. Wow.
I mean, I\'m sitting next to Dana, so every day is a perfect day. GUTFELD: Aww. WILLIAMS: Aww. No, I--
Perino: You\'re so charming.
I can\'t stand it.
Waters: I like to lie in the pool or, you know, on the beach.
It was a perfect day for me, on the unicorn-GUTFELD: Hey.
Waters: Have a drink and catch some rays instead of the world\'s care.
BOOTHE: OK Dana, so petting the dog is part of the mood. PERINO: No. 1. No. 1.
BOOTHE: what is--
I think the perfect day for you is-
Perino: I have one, too.
I have to have a schedule.
So I like to get up early. I like to read all the newspapers.
Then I like to take a walk on the beach or anywhere I am with dog Peter and Jasper.
It\'s Jasper\'s dog.
I like to have a chance to read my book.
I like tennis lessons.
Then I like to walk in the afternoon.
Then I like to eat.
I like to play games, like the night of the game, and then I like to go to bed early.
It was perfect for me for four days.
Greg, what\'s your perfect day like?
GUTFELD: First of all, I spit when I heard the perfect day for others. Jeez Louise. All right.
You must be an idiot to believe in the perfect day.
Wisdom comes from understanding the imperfections of life, and we appreciate when something comes together.
This is a good day.
Never a perfect day.
This is the secret of a perfect day or a wonderful day. Right?
You are two different people. Right?
You are two different people. I\'m today Greg.
But tomorrow is Greg.
If I really want to be mean to tomorrow, Greg, I can have a lot of wine tonight and then--
Don\'t do any work for tomorrow\'s show.
Then tomorrow\'s Greg will stay drunk and fall behind at work.
So, the key to a happy life is today, Greg must be good for tomorrow.
This is the secret of everything.
Not drinking.
That\'s why I like to go to bed early.
What I\'m trying to say is that everything is--
Two of you.
You are today, you are tomorrow.
The only way you can have a perfect day or a good day is to work for tomorrow.
I like it.
It sounds like a good extension.
Because if you have a perfect day, you really push it.
The next day may not be a good day or a bad day. -
Exactly. BOOTHE: --at worst.
Juan, what\'s your perfect day like?
Maybe baseball or-?
Williams: this is a good idea.
But I mean, you know, I\'m perfect. -
One thing that impressed me, I think, was the family.
I mean, I noticed that the people on this list are kind. And so if I --
Like, I had a Sunday dinner with my family and I always thought, \"that\'s great.
\"You know, you caught up with everyone. You say hello.
Everyone is here.
So, you know, heaven is like you\'re surrounded by the people you love.
I think so--
Hope is your family or friends. I don\'t know.
But pretty to me. -pretty good.
I also noticed on this list what made me happy.
Like listen to the rain.
I like listening to rain.
But I don\'t know if it\'s a perfect day.
Overall if you live in San Diego I would say it\'s easy and very happy.
Because I\'m looking at this list.
Like Beach, Sunshine, outdoor.
A perfect day?
I don\'t mind going to jail. BOOTHE: Why?
Perino: No, house--a house arrest.
You are under house arrest because you have no choice.
You have already eaten, and you are just reading. I could --
I can do that.
But don\'t you get bored?
But no tennis lessons.
No tennis lessons.
Jesse, the perfect day, the prison? WATTERS: No.
Williams: How about that? -
Waters: Maybe it\'s a perfect day for others. In jail.
Beth: Okay. Never mind. All right.
We will stay in the future. All right.
One more thing to follow, so please keep an eye on. (
Business break)
Williams: It\'s time for \"one more thing.
\"Very interesting, Gregory.
As people know, yes.
Let\'s discuss this first. Shall we? (
Start Video Editing)
Greg\'s Sports Corner: \"Greg\'s Sports Corner. \"(END VIDEO CLIP)
Everyone knows that I am a huge fan of golf.
Great golfers like Jordan Woods.
Claws McGuff is my favorite golfer.
You may have met him at PGA Bret International er International. There he is. (
Start Video Editing)(
Play the Bear of the flagpole in the hole of the golf course)(END VIDEO CLIP)
He just got into a hole. in-
And start doing a circle--
What do you call it? A pole dance. In the --
There are many children outside.
Don\'t look at this.
Very enlightening.
But this has been going on for a long time, and in addition to the video I found on Twitter, it\'s basically all I have to say about this video.
So you can find some good things on Twitter.
Perino: I might be joining that Twitter club.
Williams: Okay.
Graffield: The claws of McGough. WILLIAMS: Dana. PERINO: OK.
There was a game about the dog on Capitol Hill, and the Independent Magazine review called it the cutest dog.
A vote was held.
The winner is Hank. Check out Hank.
This is a boxer from Rock Springs, Wyoming.
His master is Kara Ahern.
This is so cute.
Perino: She\'s the chief of staff of Leeds Cheney, a congressman from Wyoming. Big winner.
When Hank is not busy, he will make friends with the capital police.
He helps all kinds of people.
He even knew Vice President Cheney.
Hank, he is a very cute dog.
I think he should win.
Congratulate Carla.
Did he win the right to bark? Get it?
Yes, I know.
The right to brag.
Williams: It took me a minute.
It took me a minute.
It\'s so bad. Never mind.
Williams: Okay, everybody.
You may have heard the phrase \"Don\'t chase the waterfall.
\"But if you are in China this summer, you have to stop and have a look at this. Take a look.
Yes, that\'s the biggest man.
The waterfall made in the world, it\'s from 22-
Story skyscrapers
The waterfall fell from the top floor of the building.
It\'s not cheap either.
It costs more than $ hundred an hour to power only four pumps that push water to one side.
I don\'t think this is necessary at all.
No, there\'s a leak. They pretend to be a waterfall.
Williams: people called the police and said they thought the water was leaking. -GUTFELD: Yes.
Williams: Police must come out often for the sake of this amazing waterfall. So --
BOOTHE: you may use the restroom a lot if you are here ---
Oh, my God.
Juan does like the sound of rain. WILLIAMS: I do. That\'s a fact.
Jesse, you\'re coming next.
Waters: It\'s hard to get away from the police when you\'re in a police car.
Look at this.
A man sitting behind a Texas police cruiser kicked out of a window and climbed up the roof as he sped along the highway.
He spent miles on the top of the car until he finally showed up.
He was charged with evading arrest.
Perino: they may be on the brakes soon. WATTERS: Right. WILLIAMS: Wait. Did they know ---
Do they know where he is?
I think they might have an idea. PERINO: Yes.
He got off the bus.
That\'s how you got Jesse\'s hair. It\'s windswept.
Williams: Don\'t You Remember? We have someone. -
Wait, I think you have one more thing, a guy in Florida hanging in the back or in front of the car.
Yes, he does.
This is my rhythm.
GUTFELD: Did you see \"one more thing\" before you got it?
We know you have, Greg.
Yes, I know.
I\'m very specific. -(CROSSTALK)
I like mine.
Williams: Okay. Lisa.
Beth: Okay.
Okay, look at this.
I think there\'s an image.
No, that\'s not me.
Don\'t look at me. All right.
So it might look like a zebra at first, but if you notice that the years are a little slack, you know, you have Zebra, not round ears. So guess what?
This is actually a donkey. There is a zoo in Egypt trying to pretend to be a zebra.
Photos went viral online.
The zoo is now trying to deny this.
I don\'t even know this in fact, but it\'s obviously not the first time the zoo has tried to do so.
On 2009, an incident occurred at the Gaza zoo. -
Fake zoo. BOOTHE: --
This is also trying to treat the donkey as a zebra.
A Chinese zoo tries to pretend a Tibetan mastiff to be a lion.
GUTFELD: this is the case.
I don\'t think you can put lipstick on a pig. GUTFELD: NO.
But do you know what you can say at the zoo?
You can see himself.
The logo is zebra.
Waters: That\'s right.
All the clubs will let him in.
If he says he\'s a zebra, he\'s a zebra.
He should go to Harvard.
Or \"Z\" is a zebra. PERINO: Z-bra. GUTFELD: Z-bra.
That\'s a donkey.
That\'s a donkey.
Williams: I don\'t know what you\'re going to do, though, because it\'s fraud against children.
The kids are going to grow up, and--
It was a student who caught it. WILLIAMS: What?
BOOTHE: A student said, \"Do you know?
Goodfield: he will eventually be striped.
We will be back soon.
Williams: So yesterday-
Yesterday Jessie said we should stop telling you to set up your dvr.
Jesse, why is that?
Do they still have those?
Williams: I think they still have a machine for you to record \"five \".
TV is made by itself.
That\'s what I said, Jess. GUTFELD: TV.
Williams: Okay.
Williams: You guys, you should record this show.
Don\'t miss a episode of five.
The special report is next. Guess what?
Mike Emanuel will be heading to Brett Bair. Hey, Mike.
Fox News: Hey Juan. Thanks so much.
Williams: You\'re welcome.
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