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trump campaign pushes food safety rollbacks, then deletes

by:Kenwei      2019-09-12
A fact sheet released Thursday by the Donald Trump campaign said that if the billionaire businessman is elected president, he will revoke food safety regulations, arguing that they are for farmers
\"Later, the campaign removed the fact sheet from its website and released a new version that does not include the food safety language.
The fact sheet is intended to complement Trump\'s speech at the New York Economic Club on boosting economic growth.
Trump did not mention food safety in his speech.
In the initial fact sheet, the campaign said Trump would remove several regulations, including the Food and Drug Administration\'s \"food police.
According to the handout, FDA food safety rules \"govern farmers\' use of soil, agriculture and food production hygiene, food packaging, food temperature\" and other ways farmers and food companies do business.
It also criticized the increase in inspections of food production facilities as \"excessive inspections \".
\"The description passed in Congress matched the new food safety regulations against the outbreak of salmonella in 2010 with 46 deaths and more than 700 deaths from Georgian peanut companies.
2011 Liszt outbreaks related to cantaloupe have killed 33 people, while other large-scale outbreaks of fresh spinach, cucumbers and eggs have caused hundreds of people to get sick.
Last year, the outbreak of Liszt caused by Blue Bell ice cream was linked to the death of three people.
FDA inspectors have identified a number of irregularities at a company\'s factory, including dirty equipment, insufficient food storage, foods with inappropriate temperatures, and staff not washing their hands properly.
The Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimates 48 million people
Or 1 out of 6 in the US-
Every year 3,000 people die from food-related diseases.
Final food safety rules issued last year and supported by the food industry require farmers to test irrigation water quality and, among other measures, regularly train workers on best health and hygiene practices, and monitor wildlife that may invade the planted land.
The rule is designed to focus on foods with the highest risk, as well as standards for keeping equipment and facilities clean.
Former FDA Food Deputy Commissioner Michael Taylor, who leads the rulemaking, said this is an area of agreement in the country because both the food industry and consumers want safe food.
\"Removing the FDA\'s role in food safety will make more consumers sick, undermine consumer confidence at home, and undermine the US\'s competitive edge in the global food market,\" he said . \".
The language in the Trump campaign profile almost word for word reflects part of a report from the Heritage Foundation that criticized President Barack Obama\'s increased regulation.
According to the report, the FDA regulations have brought a huge loophole to the regulatory network.
\"While some Republicans in Congress have made similar arguments about overly cumbersome regulation, the FDA has worked to adjust the rules to appease farmers and companies who have expressed concern about the rules.
Since then, congressional opposition has subsided, and the Republican House and Senate have given the FDA more money to make rules. Sen.
Jeff Sessions, an Alabama Republican who has been Trump\'s biggest supporter in the Senate, said on Thursday that he has not yet seen the nominee\'s proposal for food safety, but he said, farmers feel that there are too many federal regulations and all of them need to be evaluated.
\"In Washington, if you propose to revoke any regulation with good titles, such as food safety, then someone will say that you want to poison the American people, and so on,\" the meeting.
\"But if it is possible to be sure that they are not really beneficial, it is often the case that these regulations actually make things more insecure. \"Michigan Sen.
Debbie Stabenow, a senior Democrat on the Senate Agriculture Committee, also said she did not see the proposal but criticized the idea of withdrawing the rules.
\"I think the public certainly wants basic standards for food safety,\" she said . \"
While the campaign obviously wants to lower the standard, Trump himself has expressed personal interest in the topic.
Trump is a self
Professor Germaphobe said he prefers fast food.
Because he believes they have higher food safety standards.
Associated Press writer Jill Colvin has contributed to the report.
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