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travel \"truths\" that are really just myths

by:Kenwei      2019-08-23
My iPad can crash the plane.
My credit card will cover me if I crash. The X-
The X-ray machine at the airport security check will erase the hard disk of my laptop.
These are just some travel stories, many of which are credible.
But Peter Greenberg, editor of CBS News Travel, said many of them are just myths, separating facts from novels in Friday\'s morning show: popular news Dayton shooter Barr responds to the death of Epstein Tulsi Gabbard interview deadly Legion outbreak my iPhone, BlackBerry, iPad or phone will crash the plane once and for all, does personal electronic equipment interfere with the navigation system of the aircraft?
The basic answer is--NO.
Let\'s start with the phone.
For years, this has not been exactly the case with the Federal Aviation Administration, but the Federal Communications Commission has banned the use of mobile phones on domestic flights.
Many believe the idea behind the ban is that mobile phones and other portable electronic devices can send signals that may affect aircraft communication, navigation, flight control and electronic devices.
This is not the real reason: it\'s more about how phones work and how they look for cells to connect, but it\'s not a direct security issue. (
What is the security issue--
Because of direct interference--
High-powered marine-band radios)
From 2003 to 2006, the FAA has an independent organization to study mobile phones and Wi-
The Fi transmitter in the laptop.
These tests have no results, so the organization cannot support changing the current restrictions on mobile phones.
Other tests conducted by NASA, the British Civil Aviation Authority, Boeing and others have also failed to come up with any conclusive evidence that mobile phones are associated with flight and instrument issues.
But even if the FCC removes the ban, the FAA regulations mean airlines have to prove that a particular phone model does not interfere with each particular type of aircraft.
Bottom line: While I fully believe that using a phone does not represent a security issue, the rules still exist and you need to follow.
What about other electronic devices?
This is where it gets stupid.
Just last week, American Airlines announced that the FAA approved its pilots to use the ipad in the cockpit of the aircraft.
What does this tell us?
How can we not be allowed to use our ipad when the plane is on the ground or below 10,000 feet, but pilots and crew are allowed to use their ipad?
What does this mean?
OK, let\'s say the average distance of the pilot\'s ipad is 3 feet from the same height --
It is speculated that the sensitive cockpit instruments feared by the FAA may interfere with passenger units farther on the plane.
The bottom line here is: it\'s not about electronic interference, it\'s about the issues that passengers pay attention to during the critical takeoff and landing stages of the flight.
But wait a minute--
The crew don\'t tell us to put down newspapers, books or magazines, do they?
Once again, the danger of portable electronic devices is a myth.
Reality: It\'s still a stupid rule to power them under 10,000 feet.
We still need to obey it.
My personal car insurance or credit card always covers me if I rent a car. Many credit card companies advertise that if you rent a car with their card, your car rental insurance is included.
So some unsuspecting renters think they have insurance, they don\'t have a car, and therefore they don\'t. Another myth.
Rule 1: you must rent a car with that card.
Second, many credit card companies offer so-called \"secondary insurance \".
\"The problem is: the secondary insurance will only take effect after you have exhausted all the restrictions of the main policy.
If you don\'t have a major policy then you\'re not covered at all.
According to the card or personal car policy, you may not be protected for what is called \"loss of use.
\"This is the cost of the car --
One-Day commission for car rental companies.
Please ask your car insurance provider if you can add \"non\"
Title insurance, \"This will cover this loss --of-
The cost of use, if the car is damaged, may even reduce your deductible.
Many policies are valid only for 15 days for domestic rent and 31 days for international rent.
Most personal car insurance is not applicable at the international level, and with your credit card, including Ireland and Jamaica, there is often a whole country that is not valid.
The machine at the security checkpoint can clear the hard drive on the laptop, even if X-
Light is a form of energy, but that does not mean that they are magnetic.
This induction magnetic energy is basically like light, but it has more energy (
Just like the light exposed your camera film, X-
The machine will do the same).
But send your laptop via X-
The machine will not be damaged.
However, in the unlikely case of sending a computer through a metal detector or checking the computer with a metal rod, you can damage the computer.
These detectors emit strong magnetic pulses that can erase the hard disk.
The way metal detectors work is that they contain one or more inductive coils that interact with the metal elements on the ground.
Pulse current is applied on the coil, which generates a magnetic field that pulses back and forth to the ground.
It interacts with any conductive object it encounters, which causes them to produce their own weak magnetic field.
The polarity of the metal object and the transmitting coil is opposite, which causes the signal to indicate the presence of the metal.
Cruise ships are-
Including the \"all-
Cruise means you can put your wallet for a week? Think again.
Not long ago, you paid for the cruise (
Exclusive Wine)
You paid it. Not anymore.
Consider today\'s cruise ship as a multi-floating revenue center.
Some cruise lines now charge a flat fee for unlimited soda and even wine and dinner deals including wine or champagne.
But the key to cruise profitability can be summed up in two words: on-board revenue.
Budget the new rule of thumb for the next cruise: ride the basic cruise fare, multiplied by 1. 75.
This is what you pay for everyone.
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