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tiny silver death machine: election coverage 2008 part two

by:Kenwei      2019-08-30
The famous writer Don delero wrote in his blog that we witness the glasses every four years, every September 4.
Shake hands at the volunteer station-
Confused near their supervisor, they saw their image in all directions.
The staff greeted each other with funny cries and wet crashing gestures.
In Denver, there were vendors nearby when we had breakfast.
The stretch limousine, equipped with powerful communication technology, stalled in bloody crosstown traffic.
The helicopter directed searchlights to buildings and crowds.
Singing is like the collective memory of the tribe.
Allegations of false pregnancy have been made.
\"This is one of those moments.
\"There\'s a meeting --and-
Say hello to brother Doobie.
Voice from the subconscious: Toyota Cora.
A woman with a clipboard is tired and efficient at Minni apores.
She read out the schedule change for the Coordination Committee to a group of staff from the print: The station van arrived at noon.
In the free speech zone, a famous performing artist from New York shakes from the wires.
Safety is everywhere: badges, metal detectors, small plastic cards with magnetic strips.
Police, silent in riot gear, like buzzing batons, efficient software.
Someone said, \"Technically, she\'s never really miss Alaska?
\"They feel a sense of renewal, a sense of common recognition.
These women are clear and alert to people\'s names.
Their husband is wearing a small hat in the shape of an elephant head, which shows that they have a lot of medical insurance.
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