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time capsule with ‘gold and silver coins of the realm’ is buried on church premises

by:Kenwei      2019-09-07
Both groups of people who went to church were racing to find buried treasures, but there seemed to be no prayers.
Drogheda\'s Presbyterian members sold their house four years ago to the Church of Redeemed Christian God, but the old records show that when the building was built before 200, buried a time capsule there.
There are so-called \"real gold and silver coins\" in the capsule, as well as a local newspaper Drogheda Journal.
Despite modern technology and previous metal detector failures, no maps show where the excavation should start. googletag. {});
Bill McIlreavy of the presians said: \"I can only assume that we have found the wrong place.
A few years ago, a man with a metal detector boarded the plane and found something near the back of the building.
\"We took the shovel out and started digging, but all we found was a pile of old scrap metal.
\"Now, I don\'t know if this guy is good or not, I certainly don\'t know how good his detector is, but, anyway, we don\'t find what we\'re looking.
\"We noted in our record of April 24, 1826 that the capsule was sealed in a glass bottle and then placed in a cylindrical brass box, deposited on a stone, which was prepared for this occasion, so we know it\'s there and we just don\'t know exactly where it is.
Colleague Sam Yates said: \"We believe there is a machine that can actually draw a floor plan of the walls and foundations of the old building, so we may have to consider using it. ”googletag. {});
The person in charge of the church is Pastor Kayode Papoole, who is as eager as his peers to unlock the lost capsule.
\"I know it exists, but, like other gentlemen, no one knows where it is,\" he said . \".
\"Hunting is complicated because there is a school under the church that was used as early as the 1800 s, so it may even be buried under these foundations.
\"No one has been able to find the original plan for the building so far, but, of course, we \'d love to find it and show it somewhere.
\"I believe the two churches will work together.
However, just as Ian White, the most important coin appraiser in Ireland, thinks the situation can be solved, help may be in sight.
\"We \'ve had this before and I can tell you for sure that in general, we find these capsules buried under a corner stone in the building --
\"People think they will be placed near the front door, but this is not usually the case,\" he said . \".
\"One of our best discoveries on this line is when Nelson\'s pillars rise;
There was a time capsule inside, and the coins were sold for hundreds of pounds.
\"In 1826, you will look mainly at British coins, although they may have harps to indicate that they are Irish if some copper coins are buried. ”googletag. {});
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