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tidy up changed our lives: we\'ve got brilliant prizes for our campaign - be inspired to join last year\'s winners

by:Kenwei      2019-09-14
The Daily Mail offers an incredible array of prizes in 2018 large plastic pickup events --
The three communities cost £ 10,000 per person to transform their area.
726 groups competed for prizes.
Although it is difficult to make a decision, the judges decided to award an award to the internal
A city of Stafford, a beach in Cornwall.
The third one went to a scenic spot in south Wales.
There is also a special award about the top junk. picking school.
Here we emphasize the impact of the prize.
Read the story of the winners and sign up for this year\'s competition.
On last May, a group of 42 volunteers took part in the Mail\'s large plastic pick-up event to help clean up Uttoxeter, the market town of Stafford.
At the end of the day, they have recorded a large amount of 27 bags of garbage and 9 bags of recyclable plastic. The hard-
Due to the size of the selection of the organizers, they were selected as one of our cash rewards
Because the judges were impressed by their plans to recycle plastics, they found that they could create useful items for local groups and schools.
Kate Copeland, a 33-year-old Uttoxeter resident who led the town\'s efforts to expel garbage and reduce plastic waste, said the team was excited about the news.
The group has built an ecology
The town center opened in November 2018.
The bonus will be used to renovate an additional workshop and machinery to allow volunteers to pack black plastic food --
Many families recycle things they can\'t accept.
Reusable coffee cups, rulers, clipboard, bowls and pots, and recycled plastic paving bricks for the town\'s community gardens.
Kate said: \"As we wait for the machine to arrive, we are preparing the workshop and preparing to collect a large amount of plastic debris.
The team plans to sell the products they produce and use the funds to fund classes for recycling waste in the community
Picking and plastic handling.
Our goal, Kate said, is to raise awareness so that we can keep people across Stafford away from trash and waste plastic.
The campaign for the post really inspired the community.
Last year, the Post offered a great prize to the best schools involved in large plastic recycling.
It is difficult to select one of the 150 contestants.
But, in the end, its incredible efforts stand out.
In addition to collecting 20 bags of garbage for last year\'s big plastic collection, children from Ilkston Chaucer Junior High School in Derbyshire often litterpicks.
Therefore, on September 12, 88 children, escorted by TV naturalists and wildlife activist Chris Parkham, jumped on the bus provided by the Daily Mail to the Birmingham National Marine Life Center.
Teacher Kerry Whitley said we were very excited when we found out we won.
\"The school is really lively.
The children met Chris and listened to his speech on plastic pollution and its impact on marine life.
He then visited the site with them and chatted as they crossed the glass \"ocean tunnel\" and watched the Penguins be fed. For 11-year-
Old Kieran, this is a dream come true.
\"My mother called me Dr. Du Lide because I was so obsessed with animals,\" he said . \"
I am very excited to visit the marine life.
We saw turtles, angel fish, and even sharks!
\"He seems to have a good time with Chris.
We talked a lot about sharks, Kieran said, and he told me that the octopus had no teeth, but ate with their very sharp mouths.
My happiest thing is that he told me that par mouth fish will make snot bubbles to stop their predators.
Chris sat with the kids, ate their packed lunch and took the opportunity to point out something single
Use the plastic they carry with them.
One student admitted that I hid my plastic beverage bottle so Chris didn\'t see it.
After the trip, teachers encourage students to practice writing by writing to Costa Coffee, emphasizing the disadvantages of being singleUse coffee cups;
Go to the local cinema (
Not recycled plastic);
A request was also made to the Council for the town to add bins.
They also wrote to marine life, thanked them for their visit, and pointed out how to reduce the amount of plastic used in food packaging for attractions.
Teacher Gary Smith said the event really changed everything here.
\"We have put plastic recycling bins in the classroom and in the staff room and invited Parliament and the children to discuss the cost of cleaning up the garbage.
\"You can be sure that we will be ready to take our garbage --
To make Ilkeston look great, once again we picked a lot of people for the great UK spring cleaning event!
\"The Beach in southeast Cornwall is the most popular dog --
35-walking distanceyear-Old Craig BrookHewitt —
But the beach is very close to Plymouth, which means that plastic waste from towns and seas is constantly being washed ashore.
Craig said: \"In the big plastic pickup in last May, we cleaned up 45 bags of garbage, about two tons of plastic ropes and a lot of fishing equipment.
This impressed Britain\'s neat judges, who gave the crew a prize of £ 10,000.
Craig and his team plan to use the money to make the beach safer, extend along a slippery passage with steps and armrests and install seagulls-
Explosion-proof box made of recycled plastic.
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