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thwarted attack raises questions

by:Kenwei      2019-08-28
Hey, time traveler!
This article is published in 23/8/2015 (1450 days ago)
Therefore, the information in it may no longer be up to date. PARIS —
The Gunners boarded the crowded high.
The high-speed train with enough firepower can kill dozens in a few minutes, he did not pass high
Technical security, but because two American service people on vacation happened to overwhelm him there.
Now, after a man marked as a potential risk by the anti-terrorism authorities was allowed into Europe\'s important rail system without any security checks, sharp questions were raised about security measures in Europe
Security officials in Spain, France and Belgium identified the person as 26year-
Old Moroccan citizen ayub el
It\'s been more than a year on their radar. The Americans —
Pilot level 1st Spencer Stone and his childhood friend Spec.
Alek Skarlatos, who has just been deployed from Afghanistan-
Along with a third American friend and a British consultant, they were hailed as heroes who joined forces to subdue the attackers.
But European leaders are calling for swift steps to improve security so they don\'t have to rely on luck to stop the life of bloody shootings that may soon be like the terrorist attacks in Paris in January, including three gunmen
French Interior Minister Bernard kazenaf said Saturday that the suspect is believed to be a member of the \"radical Islamic movement.
\"French and Belgian authorities mobilized thousands of security personnel to patrol trains and train stations Saturday.
High in densely populated Europe
Trains and planes are as important as travel in the United States.
But there\'s no X on most routes-
Movie tickets that do not provide identification can be purchased. El-
Khazzani, who lived in Spain until March 2014 in the southern city of algiras, was arrested by authorities for drug trafficking and noted that he was involved in a link with Islamic militants
Spanish authorities have informed other European security agencies in el-
According to the authorities of the two countries, Khazzani left algiras and he was placed on the watch list in France and Belgium.
The French name marks a stricter scrutiny of him as he enters and exits the border.
But security analysts say there are about 5,000 people on the list, and too many can\'t monitor them around the clock.
It has been difficult for European authorities to know when to take action on the intelligence they collect.
January Paris Charlie Weekly and a Jewish supermarket behind the attack three men were widely monitored for fear of planning the attack, but eventually gave up surveillance.
Belgian attorney general Cohen Gaines told reporters in Brussels that the suspect in the Friday attack was marked as a potential jihadist by other European counter-terrorism authorities, but \"he is not called a dangerous \".
\"We got a lot of these names,\" he said . \" He said it is important to strike a balance between surveillance and privacy issues.
European security authorities have noted
A French official familiar with the investigation said Khazzani traveled from Berlin to Turkey.
Turkey\'s border with Syria has become a channel for Islamist militants to fight in and out of Syria.
But it is also a popular European resort.
According to Spanish security officials,
According to the Spanish national newspaper, Hazani traveled from France to Syria last year and returned to Syria.
Meanwhile, the Belgian newspaper Le Soir said the Belgian authorities thought he might have links to a large Islamic militant group that was dissolved there in January.
Finally, the suspect slipped on the train without knowing it on Friday afternoon, carrying an amazing Armory with him: nine spare clips from Kalashnikov in his backpack, and a nine
Mm pistol and a box cutter.
The attacker was in the bathroom when found by a French citizen.
Cazeneuve said the man tried to subdue the attacker but was foiled by gunfire.
It is at this time that Americans begin to act.
Skarlatos said Stone, an Air Force soldier stationed at Lajes air force base in the Azores Islands, heard the first shots shot at the attackers, a member of the Oregon Army National Guard.
\"Spencer ran 10 metres away to find the guy and we didn\'t know his gun wasn\'t working or anything like that.
\"In any case, Spencer just ran away and if someone was shot, it must be Spencer,\" scaratos told the French television network on Saturday . \".
Stone caught the suspect in a head lock, while scaratos said he grabbed the suspect\'s pistol and threw it away.
Then scaratos picked up the man\'s rifle and started hitting him with it.
The French authorities say the suspect managed to use a box-cutting knife to hurt his hand and a stone around his neck in the accident.
Another childhood friend, Anthony Sadler, a student at California State University at Sacramento, joined as 62-year-old British businessman Chris Norman to help control suspects.
\"We managed to control him,\" Norman told reporters in Arras, France on Saturday . \".
\"Failure to attack is a miracle.
I think his gun is stuck.
\"These people managed to pig-
Tie up the attacker and subdue him, he said.
An unstable mobile video showed the man, dressed in white trousers and red shir, lying face down on the floor of the train compartment with his legs tied to the air.
Sadler told French television that although Stone was injured in the scuffle, he went to help an injured passenger.
\"He would have died without his help.
\"The man had a lot of bleeding on his neck,\" Sadler said . \".
Karen Skarlatos, Skarlatos\'s stepmother, said over the phone: \"I have just returned home from Afghanistan recently . \".
He got home in July.
He spent most of the year there.
He has the heart of a warrior.
He\'s just a brave man.
\"Skarlatos studies at local community colleges and works part-time --
His stepmother said he had been in Costco for a while.
According to US media reports, Stone was treated and released on Saturday. S. officials.
When he was discharged from a hospital in Lesquin, a small town in northern France, he waved to reporters, bandaged his left hand and blue sling his arm.
Those who foiled the attack received congratulatory and appreciative calls from the United States and the United States. S.
S. President Barack Obama and French President Francois Hollande held talks Saturday. —
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