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they can dig it: meet the other kind of metal heads, who unearth local history

by:Kenwei      2019-08-24
They are hunters, staring at the ground with their eyes, slowly passing through the woods and the fields, listening to the voices of all
The underground sounds too elusive.
Members of the metal detector club diggin Rock are looking for history hidden in the dirt.
When the machine in their hands blurt out \"ping\", it could be a long soundburied secret.
\"The Earth in Newfoundland is full of history,\" Darrell Steele said . \" He passed through metal detectors in the woods near Pipi Park.
Twelve years ago, after years of hiking, he entered the field of metal exploration, a path that used to be the Newfoundland Railway.
\"I have always enjoyed history,\" he said . \"
\"But there is nothing better than having a history in your hand.
A book can\'t do that.
\"Here\'s a way to find Mike and Lynette Stamp are also chasing the\" ping \"of the metal detector \".
Mike started the hobby when he retired in January 2017.
This is something Lynette has always wanted to try;
The biggest attraction for her is the old coin.
\"My favorite coin is a Spanish stick, also known as eight coins,\" she said . \"
\"It started at 1600.
\"Watching local enthusiasts use metal detectors to dig into history, he believes that the old coins prove the pirates of Newfoundland at the time.
Steele\'s favorite discovery is a shell.
Over the years, he has found a few balls dating back to the 19th century.
He was lucky on the metal detector at San Siao Mountain, behind the Health Science Center at San Siao Mountain. John\'s.
\"The whole area used to be a shooting range,\" he said . \"
The Defense Department has been in contact to find out where he found the shells.
Steele said the military wanted to list the area as a \"heritage site \".
\"Steele started rock facebook groupa a few years ago and now it has members from across the province and around the world.
These metal heads share videos and pictures and discuss potential websites.
Before digging, Steele\'s first step was to study Google Earth.
He looked for areas that might have been farmed at some point in history.
The wrinkles on the rock walls and on the ground are good signs that the treasure may be hidden under the turf.
The organization follows its own strict code of ethics.
The first is not allowed to enter private property without permission or to bring metal detectors to historic sites.
Another key rule is to always restore the mining site to its original state.
\"No matter what we find, we will take it away;
Even if it\'s rubbish.
This is because we don\'t want to leave it to others. \" Steele said.
\"It\'s a good exercise,\" said Mike Stamp . \".
\"You get a lot of comments and questions from people.
They want to know what you found and how the machine works.
He said anyone interested in metal detection should contact the Facebook page and suggest buying a mid-
The first is the distance detector.
It will cost about $300.
\"If you buy a cheap one, you will only get nails and caps near the surface and then be disappointed.
He warned that after \"ping\" showed the first major discovery, the user would keep looking down and wondering what history is hidden under the surface.
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