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the rachel maddow show, transcript 09/22/15

by:Kenwei      2019-09-10
Host Chris Hayes: \"Everything is there \".
Rachel Mado\'s show is now on.
Good evening, Rachel.
Host: Good evening, Chris. Thanks. HAYES: You bet.
MADDOW: Thank you for joining this hour at home.
On a Norwegian island 800 miles underground from the Arctic, there is a vault.
It takes decades to conceive and years to build.
It has been operating there for seven years and opened in 2008.
But the idea of this vault is that it should run until the end of the day.
I did not exaggerate this sentence.
The idea is that when we humans inevitably do something so stupid, or maybe some asteroids do something so disastrous to the earth, so that whatever remains of humanity, the earth needs to be deliberately re-established.
Create from scratch what makes it possible and sustainable for human beings to live on our unfortunate broken little planet.
On that Norwegian island, in the Arctic, the seeds in the underground vault are as many human food crops as possible.
Thousands of people were buried in the underground vault of the Arctic.
So if, say, we have a global nuclear war, or some international global pandemic that almost kills everyone, or kills humans in other ways-well, at least that.
There is at least a deep vault in the hope of being able to protect the seeds of basic living crops such as beans, rice and wheat.
So, as a species, maybe one day, even after the global catastrophe, we can create a human future for ourselves.
Thanks, Norway.
I mean, an idea like this requires a very dark view of the direction of humanity and what we can do about the planet.
After all, they called this thing \"the vault of Doom \".
That is, it\'s good to have it, right?
I mean, it\'s good for someone to think about the value that you make us human beings exist as a species, even if one day things really develop like pears.
Well, today, as the religious leader of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis visited the United States for the first time in his life and is expected to deliver a speech in the United States at the United Nations in New York and Washington, the government of the world\'s most powerful nation, he will be the first Pope to give a speech at a joint meeting. S.
He came to Congress this time.
Today, Pope Francis arrived in the United States and began this historic and unprecedented visit. Today, in the vault deep in Norway\'s Arctic islands, some people have withdrawn from the vault of doom for the first time in history.
For many years, the Syrian city of Aleppo has been home to a central regional seed bank, where they keep seeds for food crops and crops that are critical to live feed, even in the most serious Middle East.
The seed bank in Aleppo is an important source of drought-resistant seeds such as wheat, barley and important types of grass.
The civil war in Syria has entered its fifth year.
The crucial seed bank in the city of Aleppo is clearly one of the casualties of the war.
So, so far, they have officially asked for some doomsday seeds to be removed from Norway\'s coffers to make up for the lost parts of that war.
The vault of Doom was first excavated.
So far, the civil war in Syria has killed people.
It forced 11 million people to leave their homes, most of them fleeing their lives.
That is half the population of that country, 11 million.
So many people have been killed and forced to leave all parts of Syria, and it now seems that the civilian population in the entire Syrian region is decreasing.
These poor civilians are now a problem in the rest of the world.
The European Union has made a controversial decision today to try to resolve 120,000 of Syrian civilians in European countries, although some of the countries involved in the decision do not want to do so.
In all these intense headlines today, right, caring about the moral obligations of these desperate people, how to care fairly and fairly about their logistical and economic issues, creepy feelings, we humans are flirting with the end of the world by visiting our doomsday plan, and in all these things that happen today in the physical and moral worlds, today is the new pope visiting the United States, this is his first visit to the country.
First trip to AmericaS.
Not only as a pope, but also for the first time ever to visit the United StatesS. in his life.
After he became a pope in 2013, you may remember that Pope Francis left Rome for the first time to go to a place called Lampedusa.
Lampedusa is part of Italy, but it is far from the Italian coast of the Mediterranean, and is actually closer to North Africa than anywhere else.
Lampedusa has become synonymous with despair in the world.
For years, Lampedusa has been a desperate place for immigrants and refugees trying to escape from their own country and try to reach Europe for their own survival or a better life.
The first thing Pope Francis did after becoming Pope was that he went to Lampedusa, fought with the most desperate people in the world, and prayed for those who got lost at sea trying to get there.
Therefore, any pope coming to the United States at any time is a huge deal for this country, where the population of the United States is Catholic in one way or another.
But it is a very unique thing for this Pope to come to this country at this time.
Given who he is, and considering what else is going on in the world.
So his Italian airline landed at Andrews Air Force base today.
President Obama met him personally with the first lady and their daughter Sasha and Maria Obama, as well as Sasha and Maria\'s grandmother, where the first lady\'s mother was in person.
The first family and honor guard, Vatican officials, American officials, and some very excited people were there, and hundreds of very excited people got special tickets from the Vatican Embassy in Washington, the Pope will spend the night there tonight.
Hundreds of people at Andrews today called him, \"Francisco, San Francisco.
They shouted a few different slogans for him in Spanish and welcomed him to the United States.
Of course, the first language of the Pope is Spanish.
But the crowd at Andrews today-a very sober occasion, this very politician --
Like occasions, happy occasions, right?
But there are so many people that at some point the crowd has reached the slogan of American football.
I\'m going to quote directly here, and at one point the crowd shouted, \"who, hey, hey, welcome to America \".
That\'s great, and then listen to this when the pope gets on the bus. (
Start Video Editing)CROWD (chanting)
Yes, we like Francis!
We like Francis. What about you? !
Yes, we like Francis!
We like Francis. What about you? ! (END VIDEO CLIP)
We love Francis. Yes, we love Francis. What about you?
Like there\'s a opposing team or something on the other side of the bleachers, right?
They are challenging the power that their people love.
This is an amazing American.
All of this, including the Spanish Chant, including the kind of feeling that may have been attended by cheerleaders, who will use pom as a pyramid --poms.
Then at the time of the visit, you see, he entered the world\'s smallest beast that I thought we had to consider.
Do you know what they call the president a beast?
This is the Beast, for example.
Do we have the president\'s car?
Armored President limousine?
Also, on the right.
That\'s the president\'s armored limousine.
That\'s the beast.
Watch the pope drive his little Fiat.
He got Fiat 500.
He shook the window.
He left in the small car and went to the church and the embassy where he spent the night.
Then started a really exhausting campaign, but for American Catholics, I think it was a very exciting series for many others.
Some of them will be very, very huge.
I mean, the pope will be welcomed at the White House tomorrow, and this event is expected to include not only the president, but also an additional 15,000 people. At 11:00 a. m.
Tomorrow, there will be what they call a pope parade, basically a team of popes running through the streets of Washington, D. C. C.
It was an event without a ticket, but people had to get there early through metal detectors in order to see the Pope at close range during the parade.
Thousands of people are expected to do so, but we don\'t know exactly how many people do.
We need to see how many people came out.
He will then do a prayer service with the Catholic bishop during the day.
Then, at 4: 15 tomorrow, in the Holy Land of the perfect conception of the country, Pope Francis sealed father Giuseppe Serra as the latest Saint of the United States, an uncontested decision expected to be 30,000
But that will happen before 30,000 people tomorrow.
That\'s it tomorrow.
Then, the next day, Thursday morning, he will do what the Pope has not done before.
Pope Francis will address Congress at 9: 20 on Thursday.
No one knows exactly what the subject is.
Pope Francis is clearly politically strong.
Ish\'s opinion on some of the issues on which the United States is considered a party and highly responsible issue.
To be honest, if you want to know what to expect from his previous trip to other countries, I think it is fair to say-we will be with E. J.
Dionne a little later.
But I think it is fair to say that if you look at what the Pope has done, even if he has made a politically colored statement on some controversial issues, so far, when he travels to other countries as a pope, he visits other countries to avoid directly touching too many domestic political hot spots and making public remarks.
So perhaps this is a way of expecting our congressional speech.
Who knows?
No pope has spoken before at a joint session of Congress.
So we don\'t know what he\'s going to say or how he\'s going to look at the historical and political significance of this opportunity.
Never happened before.
Of course, every seat in Congress and all galleries will obviously be filled in this historic speech.
But they also expect 50,000 people outside the capital West Line and 50,000 people outside, which is just in the ticket area.
In order to watch the speech of Congress on the screen they will set up outside, and to see the pope in person, because he is expected to come to the speaker\'s balcony of the Capitol to wave and make some brief comments at least after his official speech.
However, in order to understand the scale, in addition to the complete Capitol building, there are 50,000 people who have tickets to participate in the event, and who does not have a ticket that will appear?
I mean, no one knows how many more people will show up outside the ticket area, hoping to see him on the screen and maybe catch a glimpse of him while he\'s there.
After giving a speech to Congress, the Pope did not do some high-rated things with senior politicians or the president or others.
After giving a speech to Congress, he made a decision, and then he will have lunch with homeless people in downtown Washington, D. C. C.
Catholic charity.
After that, he will depart for New York City and be in St.
Patrick\'s Cathedral on Thursday night
This will be the first of several events in New York, where there will be crowds coming to see him and taking part in those events, but the public will not reach him on a large scale.
It will be true in St\'s evening prayer service.
Patrick\'s, when he spoke at the United Nations in Manhattan on Friday morning and then went to the 9/11 memorial in the city center, it was also true, and then he would visit a school in East Harlem at noon on Friday.
But at 5: 00 it will be another Pope march through central park.
This is Friday.
For security reasons, they once again set up a cordon where the emperor will go so that the Pope\'s convoy can cross the Central Park.
You need a ticket to get into the cordon.
But to see the pope drive through Central Park, New York City has made a tick.
They have already distributed 80,000 tickets.
Just to see him drive.
Then at 6: 00 on Friday night, he drove to Madison Square Garden, where he would say mass in front of a crowd of 20,000 people at Madison Square Garden.
All this is before the end of the week, he will spend an active weekend in Philadelphia, with an estimated 1 million people attending Mass on Sunday afternoon.
This is an event.
This is obviously a religious activity.
This is a cultural activity.
On the east coast of the United States, this is a huge security incident.
But it is impossible not to admit that it is also a political event, not only because of the Pope\'s views and their political influence, but also because of the intersection between the Pope\'s views and those of our own politicians, not our president.
Today, at Andrews Air Force Base, the Pope and President Obama did not meet in person for the first time.
President Obama was in the Vatican in last March.
Last year, he met with Pope Francis privately at the Vatican.
Interestingly, there is always a gift exchange at such meetings.
During his visit to the Vatican, President Obama\'s gift to Pope Francis was a seed box, a handmade box filled with seeds from the White House garden. Seeds of fruits and vegetables.
Some people in our country have criticized President Obama for this gift, and yes, if that\'s how you rate them, it\'s a pretty cheap gift.
But for the Pope, I think that may be the right tone.
For all the issues that the Pope and the president do not agree with, and for all the religious conservatism of the Pope on issues such as abortion and gay rights, part of the reason for this pope\'s visit to the United States is, at such an important moment for our country, whether you are a Catholic or not, it is because the president and the pope do agree on major and controversial issues, the way the two leaders are aligned, which in turn explains how we ended in one place where the whole country seems very excited about this historic visit by Pope Francis, there are thousands of people who come to see him everywhere.
It is likely that millions of people met him in Philadelphia in person.
But perhaps it\'s because of the massive coalition of our presidents and popes on some major ideological issues.
Maybe that\'s why.
Even if the trip had so much enthusiasm for the Pope, the political right of the United States did not see him as excited. (
Start Video Editing)GOV.
Chris Christie (R-NJ)
Presidential candidate: I just think the Pope is wrong.
So, in fact, his absolute mistake is on religious issues, not on political issues. SEN. JAMES INHOFFE (R)
Everyone is going to ride the pope now.
Isn\'t that great?
Well, the Pope should continue his work and let\'s continue our work. JEB BUSH (R)
Presidential candidate: I did not get economic policy from my bishop, cardinal or Pope.
Presidential candidate: I just want to say that the church has made several scientific mistakes.
I think it is better for us to leave science to scientists.
Unidentified men: the most dangerous people on earth are those who seek strange new respect from their opponents.
That\'s what the Pope did.
He doesn\'t want to be the Pope of your grandfather.
He wants to be a modern pope.
He only needs a braid and a dog with a headscarf, and he can occupy Wall Street.
Chris Como, cnn anchor: So, it\'s time for you to meet the Pope.
Pope Francis is here.
There is translation there. DONALD TRUMP (R)
Presidential candidate: Yes.
Oh, sir, he said.
That\'s good, Trump.
And then he said, you know, I want to tell him something, and the translator said to you that the Pope thinks that capitalism can be a real way of greed, and it can be really toxic and corrupt.
He was shaking his finger at you when he said it.
What is your response to the Pope?
What I want to say is that ISIS wants to catch you.
Do you know ISIS wants to go in and take over the Vatican?
You heard about it.
You know it\'s their dream to go to Italy.
You know.
Are you talking about capitalism?
Did you scare the Pope?
No, I\'m going to scare the Pope. (END VIDEO CLIP)
I don\'t think the pope will be afraid of any American politician.
But this historic visit shocked our country. The right wing of the United States basically opposes him. There is a strange moment, an important moment. I think in American politics and American culture, this is an unpredictable moment.
It may be the end of the world for some people.
But it\'s really interesting so far. (
Business break)
MADDOW: So, today, at the same time, we have Pope Francis landing in the United States for the first time ever, and we have former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton make a major policy statement that happens at almost the same time.
You can never guess which one gets more attention.
More information about the two stories. Stay with us. (
Business break)
On January 14, no, on January 4, 1919, President woodello Wilson happened to be in Paris to negotiate a treaty to end the first world war.
When he was there, when he was in Europe, he decided to travel to Rome.
He became the first one in 1919. S.
President Obama will visit the Vatican to meet with the Pope.
He met with Pope Benedict 15.
Next time, AmericaS.
The president will visit the Vatican and a meeting with the Pope will not happen in the next 40 years.
On December 6, 1959, President Eisenhower visited Pope John XIII at the Vatican.
President John F.
Kennedy, who was the first and only Catholic president of our country to date, when President John F. Kennedy
Kennedy was planning a visit to the Vatican, when the Pope was very excited to meet with him, and he sent him this private letter, which President historian Michael beszlos wrote on Twitter today.
Among other things, the letter commended the many admirable qualities that made the United States a major member of the international family.
The next president, of course, is LBJ.
Lyndon B.
Johnson visited Pope Paul VI. President John was thoughtful and brought gifts to the Pope. The gifts he brought to the Pope were his own bust image.
Not the Pope\'s bust image, but Johnson\'s bust image.
Nice to meet you.
This is a statue of me. You can use it to commemorate me.
The first US president to host the pope at the White House was President Jimmy Carter in 1979. (
Start Video Editing)
M: Good afternoon, good morning.
This is Washington, where the pope arrived this morning, will be in Washington all day in a short period of time, and he will travel to the White House to be welcomed by President Carter and some other officials.
This is the first time this has happened.
He\'s a little late. (APPLAUSE)
Unidentified male: He will say to the president of the United States that he is too late because of you. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Whether late or not, Pope John Paul II was the first pope to be welcomed by the White House.
President George W.
More often than any president, Hassan traveled to the Vatican.
During his presidency, he went there four times.
When the pope\'s predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI, visited Washington on his 81th birthday, President George w. Bush
As we all know, Bush gave him a big four.
Lemon birthday cake.
Happy birthday to Pope
Last year, President Obama met Pope Francis for the first time in the Vatican.
Today, President Obama and his family arrived at Andrews with Pope Francis and Vice President Joe Biden and his wife.
Jill Biden and their grandson
As we all know, the vice president is a devout Catholic.
He has been expressing his faith in public life.
Tonight is the first night for the Pope in the United States.
The first thing on his agenda tomorrow morning is to meet President Obama at the White House, as well as the other 15,000. wishers.
Now we are joined by The Washington Post columnist E. J. Dionne. E. J.
The Vatican has been reported for years for the New York Times.
He reported many visits by the Pope around the world. E. J.
Nice to meet you.
Thank you very much for coming. E. J.
Washington Post Dion: It\'s nice to be with you, Rachel.
I really enjoyed the celebration you had for this visit.
This is a big deal.
I mean, I think it\'s important to note that, you know, the Pope has been here before, and the president and the Pope have interesting political alliances.
I mean, it\'s not the only thing that\'s never been before, it\'s a speech to Congress.
But is there a reason that there will be millions of people in Philadelphia? With this speech to Congress, with so many high-profile meetings, so many people will have so many opportunities to meet him?
Is that the pope\'s visit?
Yes, I mean I think there is something in common with all the friends.
One is that many Catholics are very excited and have a large number of people.
As you pointed out in the introduction, they cheered like they did in a football match.
So-but another common thread, especially in recent years, is that a lot of people have looked at it, and what impact will that have on our politics?
What we are asking about this is not just the Pope, but what impact he will have on the church itself.
I think one of the reasons why this visit is so important is not so much that Francis leads the church in a whole new direction, but rather that he is still as you pointed out, the same views as the church on issues such as abortion.
But he has made it very clear that we, the church, cannot stick to abortion, same-sex marriage and contraception as the core issues.
He said we need a new balance.
His new balance includes restoring the church\'s firm stance on social justice and dealing with poverty.
He often talks about global warming and has issued a strong circular on it.
He talked a lot about welcoming immigrants.
Over the past 20 years, we have not been accustomed to the fact that the Catholic Church has been so strong and verbally on issues that we tend to associate with political progress.
This creates a special form of excitement, not all conservatives among some, but as you point out, some conservatives have a certain level of anxiety. MADDOW: E. J.
Why did the pope address Congress specifically?
I mean, no pope has done that before.
Congress has always wanted the Pope to say \"yes\", is this the first time that this is a good idea?
DIONNE: Well, you know, it\'s basically because of the invitation from Speaker John Boehner.
Interestingly, you think about the history of anti-corruption.
Then we finally elected John Kennedy.
Standing behind him tomorrow will be the speaker of the House Catholic Church and the vice president of the United States Catholic Church.
This gives you hope that some of our prejudices against Muslims, which we are seeing, will also be adopted in our country.
But I think it\'s largely because of Boehner.
But also because the Pope has such a strong voice on these issues, it proves that it is not just talk.
You pointed out that he would visit a Catholic charity.
He won\'t go to any dance.
While he was in New York, he was visiting immigrants and car wash people and migrant workers.
So I think the Pope has a special status, and you know, it must be respected by any Conservative who cares about the poor and most progressive. MADDOW: E. J.
Washington Post columnist Dionne, thank youJ.
You said so well.
For example, around the world, you have not read your past reports of John Paul\'s visit, and you have been very eloquent in this visit, but also in your previous reports of these issues.
Thank you for being with us tonight.
Nice to meet you.
Well, bless you.
Thank you very much.
MADDOW: Thank you.
We have more to do tonight. Stay with us. (
Business break)
MADDOW: We have a lot more to do tonight, including Hillary Clinton taking a stand on a very big, very controversial issue she previously refused to discuss.
This is the story.
Presidential candidate Carly Fiorina today picked the most terrible words for the most terrible topic in the news.
This is a major political and other news day. Stay with us. (
Business break)
MADDOW: Scott Walker has pulled out of the game and there is still a lot to be done tonight in politics on 2016.
Carly Fiorina is pouring into the territory that Scott Walker once occupied among the top Republican contenders.
But Carly Fiorina made a terrible remark today in the campaign that could have followed her for a while.
We \'ve recorded it today, and it\'s still in front.
But today, on the Democratic front, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton posted the news.
She ended up standing up against the Keystone pipeline and got major legal news.
She began to explain why she had not said her thoughts about the Keystone pipeline before.
She did not say whether she liked it or not.
But she explained that she could not wait any longer. (
Start Video Editing)
Hillary Clinton (D)
Presidential candidate: I am in a unique position as secretary of state after starting this process.
Don\'t want you to know, interfere with the decisions that are going on
The President and Secretary of State John Kerry must do so in order to make a final decision.
So I think I can decide now.
So I can tell you whether I agree or disagree.
But it has not been decided yet, and I feel that I am now responsible for you and other voters who have asked me this question.
I think we have to look at the focus pipeline as I think, distracting us from the important work that we have to do in dealing with climate change, and unfortunately, from my perspective, this is an issue that interferes with our ability to deal with all the other issues.
So I object.
I\'m against it because I don\'t thinkAPPLAUSE)
I don\'t think that\'s in the best interest we need to tackle climate change. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Mado: she made this statement for the first time.
The day Pope Francis arrived in the United StatesS.
After his landmark circular on climate changeJ.
As mentioned just now, everyone wants to know whether climate will become the subject of the pope\'s historic joint speech in Congress the day after tomorrow, on the same day, basically at the same time, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton held out her neck on this issue and she had never done this before on this symbolic, very important tar sand pipe that would cross our entire
It has been the country\'s most controversial environmental issue for years.
Then she went further.
It\'s not just why it\'s a bad idea to build this new giant cross.
She also said that we should try to build our existing oil and gas infrastructure because, after all, it has developed a nasty habit of exploding all the time. (
Start Video Editing)
Clinton: We already have a lot of leaks.
They need repair.
They are dangerous.
They\'re leaking methane.
They are in danger of causing losses.
So, I want thousands of Americans to work, not only do they have to fix those old pipes, but we also have railcars that transport oil.
I want to fix those rail cars, track beds and tracks. (END VIDEO CLIP)
MADDOW: Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton came forward today against the Keystone pipeline and also said that she, as a presidential candidate, is in favor of doing the infrastructure work we need to do in order to fix the old leaking pipeline, we are now saying that we should fix our railways and trains so that energy production in the United States can reduce the preview of the end of the world in local news.
I may be wrong, but I think it may be the first time this year that this issue is mentioned in the election.
This is the political frontier towards the whole country. Stay tuned. (
Business break)
MADDOW: one of the turning points in John McCain\'s campaign for president in the 2008 campaign was that he was asked about Iran at a veterans event.
Someone responded by singing a song from a beach boy who he replaced with \"bomb, Iran. ” (
Start Video Editing)
Unidentified male: I guess my question is, how many times do we prove that these people are blowing up people now, whether or not they get nuclear weapons, when do we send them air mail? (APPLAUSE)SEN. JOHN MCCAIN (R)
Do you know the song \"bombing Iran?
You know, in any case, bombs. (END VIDEO CLIP)
MADDOW: that\'s 2008.
Republican presidential candidate John McCain
Today, Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina appeared to suggest in an event today that he not only throw a bomb at Iran, but also throw a nuclear bomb at Iran.
But she took it back after she said it.
She said she meant something completely different. (
Start Video Editing)CARLY FIORINA (R)
Presidential candidate: In the meantime, Republicans say, oh, I\'ll get this agreement in effect.
Let me see if they\'re cheating.
For God\'s sake, they have been cheating for 30 years.
How much more evidence do we need?
But other than that, if there is a nuclear option at the time of the boy, this is the Iranian agreement.
If there is a nuclear option-I don\'t mean it-let me explain it. Let me explain.
I realize this can be confusing, the nuclear options in the Senate process. (END VIDEO CLIP)MADDOW: Oh. Oh!
No, I mean, it\'s not a bomb. I meant bon-bon.
Carly Fiorina spoke today at the Castle in South Carolina.
Nuclear, nuclear, I\'m not talking about that kind of nuclear.
Ben Carson is in Ohio today.
Jeb Bush is in Iowa today.
John Kasich will air Late Night with Seth Meyers on NBC tonight.
Donald Trump will be on CBS for \"the evening show by Stephen Colbert \".
On the Democratic side, today, Hillary Clinton became the real news, the real headlines when she fought against the cornerstone, the key figures, he said, we should fix the infrastructure, stop the explosion of our pipes and oil trains everywhere.
But now on the Republican side, when all of these people run in different ways, whether good or bad, or creatively, the problem that now bothers almost all Republican presidential candidates is, who will quit next time.
We started this season with 17 Republicans running for the presidential nomination.
The first person on the list was Rick Perry.
He resigned last Friday, September 11.
The second candidate resigned in ten days.
Scott Walker resigned last night.
If this speed continues, if a Republican candidate exits every ten days from now on, everything ends in a neat way because of this 10-
On February 8, the night before the New Hampshire primary, the Republican presidential candidate will withdraw from the campaign. At this point, we will have only one Republican candidate left and everything will be resolved.
Things are unlikely to go smoothly.
But every ten times
Now that Republicans have at least withdrawn from the campaign, who will have the resources to stay in the United States for a long time, even if they all continue to lose to Donald Trump, it is a very important thing in the Republican campaign.
In the 24 hours after Scott Walker withdrew from the game, the most interesting thing about his exit from the game last night was that when Scott Walker resigned, almost everyone was very surprised.
This is from the mountain today.
Look, Scott Walker\'s richest donor is still shocked because the governor of Wisconsin decided to end the campaign, and everyone else was shocked except for a small circle.
Just Thursday, Scott Walker assured his donors that the campaign was long term and that they had a winning strategy.
Their campaign team is strong.
On Sunday, the day before he dropped out of school, his top donors were still busy making phone calls to try to get people to the next Walker fund --raisers.
Even his top donors and top funds.
The questioner did not know he was going out.
The next day, boom, Scott Walker went out without warning.
A donor who has just given his super PAC $200,000 told reporters today that he learned from reporters about Scott Walker\'s resignation.
Quoting this sentence, \"I just came out of the meeting and received a phone call from a reporter telling me about it.
Suddenly, the phone began to flood.
I want to say it\'s weird.
The family of another donor, who donated $5 million to Scott Walker\'s super PAC, was clearly caught off guard.
According to a consultant at Scott Walker, the donor is organizing a large bundle for Scott Walker for a few weeks.
Another donor said he had just left a voicemail to Scott Walker on Friday and made suggestions on how to improve his campaign.
Information from donors has not been returned.
\"This is the first time he hasn\'t called me back. ” Another big-
The Scott Walker donor, who recently hosted a reception for Governor Walker in the House, said he also felt he was being ignored.
Quote, \"I don\'t get a head --
About this decision
I think I have gone to the Great Wall for him.
I was surprised that he didn\'t think I was in his core circle and asked me to look up and trust me.
\"Since the start of the campaign, Scott Walker has done better than almost anyone in attracting a lot of donations from very, very wealthy donors.
By the end of July, his super PAC had raised more than $20 million.
They think they will have $35 million or $40 million by the end of this year.
Until less than 24 hours before he quit the game, his super PAC was still raising money.
The super PAC was shocked by his decision to drop out of school and now says they will return the money to the donor.
So maybe it\'s good news for his donor.
They want the money back.
On the other hand, they may also seem a little angry with the whole thing.
I mean, Scott Walker now leaves a bunch of money and a bunch of people who want to keep spending money on him, but they now feel like when they pick him, they choose to throw the money after the bad money.
They were angry at the end of the whole thing.
So what happens to these people and their fat wallets?
Will these Republican donors give money to others? Or did Scott Walker just alienate his donors?
This is an interesting question.
What happens to many of Scott Walker\'s billionaires?
As far as his actual campaign staff are concerned, a number of staff members have renewed their commitment to other campaigns.
But to be honest, none of these initiatives can be so important.
As far as we know, the highest level of Scott Walker staff who has participated in other sports so far is one of Scott Walker\'s running partners.
Go to the New Hampshire Chair in Marco Rubio.
It sounds a bit like the Marco Rubio coup until you realize that Scott Walker\'s current poll in New Hampshire is 1%.
So the one in common
The chairman of these 1% efforts may not have much impact on the campaign of others.
One place that could have the biggest impact on Scott Walker\'s exit is Iowa.
Most of Scott Walker\'s efforts have focused on Iowa.
Still, when he pulled out of the campaign, he dropped to only 5% of Republicans in Iowa.
But before he started to fail in Iowa and elsewhere, Scott Walker was straight ahead --
Runners in Iowa have been making their mark for a long time and for a long time.
For example, if you look at the Iowa Senate, 1/3 of Republicans in the Iowa Senate officially signed the deal as supporters of Scott Walker.
I mean, Scott Walker plans to win Iowa.
His campaign began very early.
They sent a group of staff there.
They stepped up the organization there.
The long list of members of the Iowa political body signed with Scott Walker when he looked still strong.
What\'s wrong with them now?
I mean, in interesting questions about Scott Walker\'s billionaires and his high-paying employees, his high-priced campaign manager, and all his strategists and everything, perhaps the most pressing issue is Iowa.
Is there a real consequence of Scott Walker\'s political death in this country? (
Business break)(
Start Video Editing)
Reporter: So, is it Iowa or is it your bust image? GOV. SCOTT WALKER (R)
Iowa: Well, I think we put all the eggs in the Iowa basket.
We are committed to Iowa and we think it will help us prove it across the country. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Scott Walker said he put all his eggs in a basket in Iowa.
It was a week ago, less than a week ago.
He quit last night and pulled out of the game together.
Now to talk with us about whether he\'s out of the game that changed Iowa is Kathie Obradovich.
She is a political columnist for The Des Moines Register, an Iowa newspaper that also held an editorial board meeting with Hillary Clinton today.
Kathie. Nice to meet you.
Thank you for coming.
Kathie obradovich, political columnist des moines registre: Thank you for inviting me, Rachel.
So Scott Walker did put all his eggs in the Iowa basket.
This means that most of his employees are working there, which means that many of his efforts are focused there.
Will he leave a hole in Iowa, leaving more space for other candidates than for other countries?
OBRADOVICH: Well, as you said, his support in Iowa is really a little bit more than in the rest of the country.
The last poll showed his approval rating at around 5%.
That\'s good enough-not at the bottom of the package, you know, maybe in the middle of the package.
But I think it will only have an impact if his supporters come together and say, well, we will all choose a candidate.
If, as I think it will happen, I think what has happened is that if they split up to everyone, if-you know, someone goes to Rubio, someone goes to Bush, some go to Ted Cruz, some go to Ben Carson or Carly Fiorina.
It\'s going to have a very-it\'s going to spread, actually you\'re not going to say a lot, okay, all of these people are going with a candidate.
MADDOW: You know, what I saw today, watching the impact of his departure, especially in Iowa, at least as reported, A third Republican in the Iowa state Senate signed the deal as a supporter of Scott Walker.
So while he may have 5% of the support across the state, and that will only have a proliferation effect, he does seem to have locked in most members of the Iowa Republican Party, isn\'t he?
OBRADOVICH: But, I have to say, I think most of the time the legislators vote and most of the time the approval of the legislature will get you a vote.
Most lawmakers don\'t actually work for candidates. Some are. Some are.
But most people add their names to the list.
That doesn\'t mean a lot.
When they add their name to the list of the next person in line, it may not make much sense.
I think there are a few people who will work for the candidate.
I think these will have an impact and may bring some people.
But not most people.
Addie Obradovich is from the Des Moines Register in Iowa and it\'s a pleasure to meet you, Kathie.
Thank you very much for coming.
I really appreciate it.
Thank you for inviting me.
We have more tonight.
Please stay with us. (
Business break)
MADDOW: at this time tomorrow evening, I will not be in New York, the comfortable seat I often sit in.
Instead, I will play the show in Washington, D. C. C.
It is now in a period of Pope fever.
Tomorrow will be a very important day in Washington. C.
This will be the first day of the Pope in the United States.
His schedule is very tight.
President Obama will welcome him at the White House in the morning.
This is an activity about 11: 00. m.
It is expected that 15,000 invited guests will attend with the president tomorrow.
Some conservatives are angry that some of the 15,000 people invited to the White House are gay or transgender themselves.
We will see if Pope Francis is particularly concerned about this issue.
Honestly, it\'s hard to imagine the White House going out of its way to make sure to find 15,000 100% people, but the Conservative Party they didn\'t find to feel angry, I guess.
Pope Francis will then hold a People\'s March on the streets of Washington, D. C. C.
Thousands of people are expected to line up on the streets of Washington. C. to see him.
The pope will attend a prayer ceremony later in the day.
Then, later tomorrow afternoon, he will seal the newest saint of the United States as a saint at the ceremony of Father Junipero Serra, the perfectly conceived national shrine, the missionary priest will become the newest saint in the United States.
Indigenous groups in the United States protested the Pope\'s decision.
However, it is expected that 30,000 people will participate in the commemoration.
This is all about tomorrow.
The rest of the weekend will also be so big that in some cases the visit of this friend will be an unprecedented event in history.
But starting tomorrow, we\'ll bring it all to you, including live from Washington DC tomorrow night. C. Woo-hoo.
That\'s what it is for us tonight.
See you then.
It\'s time for \"The last word of Lawrence O\'Donnell. Good evening.
This is a report card in a hurry.
This copy may not be in final form and may be updated.
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