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the rachel maddow show, transcript 02/06/15

by:Kenwei      2019-09-16
MSNBC host rachel maddow: Thank you for joining us at home this hour.
Happy Friday, I should also say happy birthday.
Today is exactly a month when Republicans have full control of Congress.
More than a month.
First of all, because this is the modern Republican Party, the detour has always told us that it is all about the social problems of division.
The first thing the Republican Congress did after controlling Washington was abortion.
They immediately introduced five or six different abortion bans or restrictions at the beginning of the new Congress.
Then they decided to run it with them, and it would be 20-
Abortion is prohibited every week.
They put it on the agenda through a committee.
It will go to the House to vote and then they pull it down.
They pay for themselves.
Next is the border act.
Republican law on border security
Remember, in the last election campaign, they just wanted to talk about protecting the border.
They have the Border Security Act.
They passed the committee.
A vote was arranged in the house to get through their own border security bill, and then, like the abortion bill, they also canceled it.
You know, it\'s not a Republican strategy, right?
This is not a plan for Democrats to find a way to stop Republicans.
This is just what Republicans do to themselves.
This is the fact that Republicans themselves cannot pass their own legislation with their own votes.
They can\'t do it.
The Department of Homeland Security has also had this man-made crisis.
They convened this new Congress a month ago today, knowing that the Department of Homeland Security will run out of money by the end of February.
Funds are not available until the end of this month.
They know this is the case, but so far Republicans, even though they have full control over Congress, have not yet passed a bill to fund Homeland Security.
There is clearly no plan to do so now.
There\'s nothing in the Republican work.
Control Congress to avoid shutting down the entire huge Department of Homeland Security in a few weeks.
To be fair, during the month when Republicans came to power, they did pass a bill that forced the construction of the Keystone pipeline.
Oil prices fell below $2 and they passed. 00 a gallon.
As new polls show, even Republican voters want to take political action to tackle climate change.
During the week, no less than five major pipe explosions and ruptures occurred in our country, including a North Dakota pipeline that broke in less than a year.
The rupture caused the largest leak in the state\'s history.
And then after that, is everyone ready to vote for Keystone?
Looks good-
Even before they voted, President Obama announced that he would veto the bill, so they did pass it.
It has nowhere to go.
However, if you really want to say in vain, the Republican Congress has also stood up 56 times, and they have stood up and voted again to repeal Obamacare. 56 times.
What does this look like.
Can you smell the excitement?
As The Washington Post concluded in 56 debates on repeal of Obamacare, in most of the afternoon debates, on the it side of the repeal of the House, no more than a dozen seats were occupied.
No one in the Republican Party can speak on their side more than once, and they are ready to speak again.
It\'s like it\'s not exciting anymore, but they \'ve done it 56 times.
It\'s been a month since the Republican Party took full control of Congress.
The first month is not auspicious.
Hope is eternal.
They are our only Congress, and we all need to have some hope that Congress can accomplish what only Congress can do.
Not only because the Department of Homeland Security is about to close, but because Congress will eventually have to do some real work and make a real decision on the very serious issue of ISIS.
NBC News reports tonight on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, the House Foreign Affairs Committee, and they look forward to the draft language authorizing the use of military power against ISIS.
They look forward to the draft language arriving at the White House as soon as possible next week, and diplomatic relations and foreign affairs will be the main committee of Congress to deal with this issue,, the armed forces Commission and the intelligence Commission are also expected to hold hearings and debates on the issue.
Again, this may start next week.
It\'s a bit awkward because the war has been going on for six months.
We have been in the sixth month.
There have been more than 2,000 airstrikes against ISIS in Iraq and Syria.
Congress has never been involved, but they will have to do so.
From the perspective of our Constitution and the structure of the government\'s split system, this is good news.
These decisions should be made by Congress.
Looking at this particularly absurd Congress, from our position as a contemporary human being, and everything it can\'t do, it\'s a bit scary to imagine that they have a decision like this in their hands.
But the founder left like this.
The work, debate, and decision-making will begin in Washington next week.
They will have to get serious quickly.
Meanwhile, today, CENTCOM confirmed further air strikes against ISIS targets in Iraq and Syria. Now, the U. S.
Only to declare it American. S.
The coalition fighters carried out these strikes, but the Jordanian state may have let people know the next day that their planes were also involved.
Jordan continues to be strongly condemned in response to ISIS\'s campaign to kill Jordanian air force pilots in a propaganda video released this week by ISIS.
However, air strikes, I\'m not sure if this gets a lot of attention, but I think it should, especially when we\'re going to have this debate in Congress next week.
Air strikes are not the only military component of the campaign.
The battle that is happening is not just them.
NBC\'s own Richard Engel is now in northern Iraq, with Kurdish freedom fighters fighting ISIS.
You know, the Kurds have a semi-autonomous region in northern Iraq.
Their fighters are called freedom fighters.
Richard, along with them, submitted an amazing report today on the freedom fighters, and, despite some difficulties, persisted, the main road between Iraq and Syria and this part of ISIS threaten the territory.
The strategic importance here, besides that, is amazing to see how it is.
The strategic importance here is that if these Kurdish fighters in northern Iraq, if they can continue to maintain this position, if they can continue to control this path, ISIS is likely to be split between the two countries.
Again, between Iraq and Syria, and not for months, it is their control of the territory of the two countries in a way that undermines the border. Watch, Richard. (Start Video)
Richard Engel, msnbc anchor: We joined Kurdish fighters in northern Iraq.
During the war, America\'s closest ally traveled to the latest front-line positions outside Mosul, which were occupied two weeks ago. Captain Akram (ph)
Explains why he and his people fought so hard and insisted on this position.
That position is strategic, he said, because from here we can control the path of Syria.
Now we cut it off.
Cutting off the road means the Kurds cut off the main supply line between ISIS in Iraq and Syria, which ISIS wants to return.
So, there has just been a round of competition in this area, and fortunately, it has surpassed this position.
You can see where the soldiers there, the Kurdish fighters are watching at the moment.
Another round.
So, let\'s find a safer place.
Kurds fight back to stop ISIS.
Sometimes, after mortar attacks, ambush.
The Kurds have taken over the base and have lost three people.
They say they will lose more unless they get more help from Washington. (END VIDEOTAPE)
This is what Richard Engel reported today from northern Iraq with these Iraqi Kurdish freedom fighters.
All ground reports from Iraq and Syria today talk about airstrikes and the fighting that Richard witnessed with his own eyes.
All these battles, at least for us in this country today, are dominated by disturbing and sometimes confusing news today about this young American woman detained by ISIS.
I will jump here to be honest.
We don\'t know her fate yet, but her family wishes the news agency to publish her name and photos, so we can tell you now, without worrying that her family thought it would endanger her safety. That she is 26-
Kayla Miller, age.
She\'s from Prescott, Arizona.
She graduated from Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff and has done humanitarian work in places overseas, including dangerous places.
But in 2012, she traveled to the Turkish/Syrian border, apparently related to the number of international aid groups trying to help Syrians, especially those who were trying to help Syrian children displaced by the Syrian war.
In August 4, 2013, so not last year, but the year before, her family said she was kidnapped by ISIS in the Syrian city of Aleppo because she left a hospital run by Doctors Without Borders.
Earlier this week, we reported on some anonymous American citizens. S.
Government sources told reporters that just two weeks ago, some specific information about her led to the United States. S.
Believe Kayla Miller is alive in Syria.
None of this is on the record by a designated source, but she has been held by ISIS for a long time. The U. S.
The government already knows, although you may not have heard the media report her name before today.
She is reportedly one of the Americans who tried to rescue special operations forces when they landed in Syria.
They landed in Raqqa, Syria, especially in a rescue attempt in last July, where they took a very high-risk helicopter.
This is to find all the American hostages held by ISIS at the time.
Kayla Miller, James Foley, Stephen sautloff, and Peter Kassig.
The raid last summer, the special-
The raids in Syria are not a fiasco.
As far as we know, none of the special operations personnel were killed or seriously injured in this effort.
There was obviously a minor injury.
They did enter and safely leave the most dangerous places on Earth where they believed the hostages were held.
But where they think the hostages will go, the hostages are not there.
After that raid, three of the four Americans controlled by ISIS, James welfare and Stephen sotlov, followed by Peter kasig, they were all killed by ISIS, and they were all killed in these brutal murders, which ISIS later turned into an execution propaganda video.
But this time the interesting integrated information system, they said Kayla Muller was from August 20, but they never chose to show her on one of these promotional videos.
No one knows why.
I will tell you that there is some speculation that sounds crazy, and from the internal logic of their insane barbarism in theology, people think they have some strategic reasons, we don\'t understand why they don\'t want to film themselves killing a woman in the way they kill all men.
Perhaps, given the way they have the opportunity to treat women anywhere, it seems unlikely.
But for whatever reason, they never showed Kayla Muller in front of the camera, and as far as we know, they never shot any of her execution videos.
But today, Jordan is proud to claim that he has sent dozens of F-
Today, ISIS announced that she was actually killed by Jordan.
It was definitely a Jordanian fighter that announced the killing of her, not ISIS.
It\'s not ISIS who killed her after kidnapping her and holding her hostage for a year and a half. No, no, no.
They said it was someone else\'s fault that she died now.
This may be true.
She may have really died, and she may have actually died in that air strike, but there is reason to suspect.
There is no doubt about today\'s news report. I think we should tell you the facts we know.
I mean, the first one is the most obvious.
It\'s a little too neat, right?
As an explanation, it\'s a little too perfect for them, especially if they don\'t want to be seen as responsible for killing her because she\'s a woman.
Okay, so it\'s convenient to be able to blame it on someone else.
Why do you want to vent your patriotic enthusiasm in Jordan now?
In that country, angry cries were made in retaliation for ISIS.
It is clear that they are trying to alleviate the situation by blaming the death of this innocent hostage on Jordanian air strikes.
The worst reason for a skeptical attitude is that it is too convenient.
The second reason for the doubt is that they did not provide any evidence that she had been killed by these air strikes or by any other means.
The only thing ISIS is promoting is this photo of the damaged building in Raqqa, or they say at least in Raqqa, which is why they say she is being held.
That\'s what they said, she was killed in a Jordanian air strike, but there\'s no picture to prove that.
Then the third point. The location.
They said where she was killed.
These are the air strikes videos released by the Pentagon today.
You see, they came with the door open.
This is the starting slate.
Slate on screen
Jordan air strikes.
They say the Jordanian air strikes.
So, according to the Pentagon, these are Jordanian tapes.
Drop bombs on ISIS targets in Syria.
Of course, it is interesting that they named Jordan as the country that carried out these operations because they did not name the coalition countries before, but there are also those air strikes specifically marked as strikes against al-Hasakah.
Forgive my pronunciationHasakah. Al-
It\'s ISIS.
Control of Syria.
But it\'s a long way from Raqqa, where ISIS said today that the terrible airstrikes in Jordan killed the American hostage.
So there are reports across the country today that U. S. rescue worker Kayla Mueller was killed in Syria while being held by ISIS militants.
This may be true.
It may not be true either.
Even this statement is clearly of grave concern.
This is more worrying than knowing that she has been held, and it must be very, very heroic (ph)
It\'s time for her family and all the people who know and love her.
But anyone who accepts ISIS\'s claim about what\'s going on here will say, oh yes, this is the Jordanian air strike that killed her.
Anyone who sees ISIS\'s interpretation of what\'s happening here as the truth, as a descriptive news truth about what\'s happening here, all ignored some of the skeptical about their claims, and did ISIS propaganda work for them.
Like repeating what ISIS says without criticism?
It\'s like posting an ISIS promotional video online and everyone can enjoy it.
Thank you, you just did the ISIS work for them.
If ISIS gets nothing
Other than that, it is right to be called a liar.
Andrea Mitchell, chief foreign affairs correspondent for NBC News, joined us.
She is also the host of the MSNBC \"Andrea Mitchell Report.
Andrea, nice to meet you, thank you for being here.
Andrea Mitchell, NBC correspondent: So are you, Rachel.
MADDOW: So, you reported on the Evening News tonight that when ISIS said today that she was killed by a Jordanian bomb in Raqqa today, it was at best an unstable statement.
Why is this an unstable statement?
Mitchell: A lot of the reasons you mentioned just now.
Rachel, I\'m glad you were as skeptical as you were when you described it all.
First of all, this is too convenient.
Just after the gathering of Jordan, the public, and the army in a previously divided country, the wisdom about these coalition air strikes, including the father of the dead pilot.
Now you have a country of complete unity, a country of regional unity.
You have the leaders of other Arab countries.
You know, they were all repelled by the live burning of the Jordanian pilots, so much so that ISIS went too far, which could be a turning point. We don`t know.
But there was really one, and now 24 hours later they said that the Jordanian pilot killed the American hostage.
Too convenient.
Plus location.
They showed us a picture and we didn\'t know if it was Raqqa or not, but they showed us the ruins.
They claim to be Raqqa.
Jordan and the United States. S. -
If we believe that the leaders of the Central Command, the Pentagon and the coalition did not hit any of the targets there, they were 140 miles away.
So, this is meaningless.
In addition, we have not seen any evidence that, in the past, they have presented evidence, visual evidence, and then confirmed this fairly quickly by experts, by intelligence officers, and then by Jordan, the White House, you know.
This did not happen in this case.
So there is a reason for hope.
Now, they are cheats, the Jordanian pilots have been dead for a few weeks before starting negotiations to release the prisoners, and then the intelligence confirms that it also leads people to believe that something terrible could happen to her, they did not acknowledge her death.
But our hope and the hope of the family, we just need to hope and pray that she is still alive and there is no evidence to prove that.
I just want to say, you know, I \'ve covered a lot of stories, as you know.
I have been back for a long time. This got to me.
I feel that when I was reading about her, absorbing information about her, and keeping secrets at the request of my family, somehow met her, and the government agreed, the best hope is not to do this too much.
Do not enter the propaganda machine.
So, before we announce it today, we try to be silent.
She\'s like all your young idealists, passionate, hopeful assistants, young producers, assistant producers, interns, female college students in our newsroom today.
They were shocked by this and I found myself reacting and conveying their wishes and inspiration that a young woman would go to this border and then join MSF as a volunteer, previously in India, Israel, Palestine, I went back to Flagstaff who worked at the HIV/AIDS clinic and then back to the area.
She is the best in America, so we hope she is still alive.
Especially since she has been in custody for so long. To have held -to have held -
I mean, what I want to say is that I have to stick to the story as well as to see that her family has to stick to it for so long.
Know what she went through, know what
What she experienced was not only unusual, but also a terrible environment. It`s been so -for so long.
I think the only thing we can do now is admit what we don\'t know.
Mitchell: That\'s right.
I hope I can do my best.
Andrea Mitchell, chief foreign affairs correspondent for NBC News, is very grateful to Andrea.
Thank you, Rachel.
Of course, host Andrea Mitchell reported this week\'s noon at MSNBC.
Well, we do have some breaking news next, we just go into the newsroom.
I haven\'t completely digested it yet.
But I just got some.
This is news about the fight against ISIS.
In fact, there is a big news coming from the Justice Department tonight and we will keep an eye on us. (
Business break)
So we\'re going to tell you a breaking news tonight.
Right now, we \'ve just explained this by contacting NBC Justice reporter Pete Williams over the phone for live coverage.
This is the news from the Justice Department about ISIS tonight.
We are going to find Pete now, we will be back in a moment, please stay with us. (
Business break)
MADDOW: So, as promised, there\'s some breaking news to be reported tonight.
The Justice Department now reports that they have accused six people and six people living in the United States of providing material support to the ISIS terrorist group.
Five of them have apparently been arrested and six are believed to have been arrested at home and abroad.
Again, the news was broken in the last hour.
NBC News Chief Justice Correspondent Pete Williams is joining us now to help us understand what\'s going on here.
Pete, thank you for joining us. what\'s going on with this story?
NBC correspondent Pete Williams: The Justice Department says,
On 2013, Louis Mann, named Abdullah Lamo pazala, went to Syria and they said that in the next few months
On the contrary, there are six people in the United States. S.
We are sending him support, sending him cash via Western and PayPal, also send him clothes, guns, accessories, military boots, camouflage suits, gloves, everything else that helps him.
Three of the people accused here are from St. Louis area.
Couples aged 40 and 35.
One is from Utica, New York, and the other is from the suburbs of Chicago.
Another Rockford from Illinois.
So, they were actually accused of indirectly supporting ISIS, supporting the people the government said went to Syria in 2013, and they said they believed he was killed sometime last year.
MADDOW: even if they believe he\'s been killed, is he named one of the people they accused?
Williams: No, so they don\'t sue him.
They say they think Pazara is dead and of course he can\'t be prosecuted.
As you pointed out, of the six accused, they said five were arrested in the United States.
They didn\'t tell us which one it was and the sixth one was still overseas.
They don\'t want that person to know that they are staring at that person.
They tried to get him arrested by another country. MADDOW: I see.
So this is my confusion, so at least according to the complaint, the person who received this material support from the United States is considered to have been killed, but one of the people who has allegedly sent material support is no longer in the United States and is seeking support abroad?
Williams: That\'s right.
Now, they do say that one of these six people, the one who lives in Utica, New York, tried to go to Syria, but did not succeed.
So we don\'t know who the other person is or which country the other person is in.
MADDOW: Last question.
Do we know, or do these six people work together, or do they form any form of accusation --
I know I don\'t like to use the word \"sell\" but that\'s what I mean.
They are any group of people in this country, or they-
Are they gathered by chance because they all have different connections with this dead ISIS fighter?
Williams: It\'s not clear how they know each other.
The government says what Pazara has communicated through social media, Facebook and other social media.
Sometimes the coding language is used over the phone.
But from this relatively bare indictment just released tonight, it is not clear whether they colluded with him before he left the country. MADDOW: Right.
Williams: or did he build some alliances with him when he got there.
But in any case, the government said they sent the materials to him through the postal service, and then the intermediary brought them to Syria from Turkey and handed them over to him.
NBC Justice Correspondent Pete Williams
Pete, thank you for joining us in a short period of time, and I really appreciate your help in this regard.
You bet.
MADDOW: Thank you.
The latest news from Pete Williams is that the indictment has just been released tonight.
In the last hour.
Six people have been accused of providing material support to ISIS militants.
In particular, an ISIS fighter who became an actual citizen in the United States went to Syria, fought ISIS, and was killed there, but six people were accused of letting him send something to help him fight from the country.
Five of the six are said to have been arrested tonight.
Looking for one.
Authorities said tonight that he was not in the United States, but they did not say where he was.
A dramatic story happened tonight.
We will be back soon. (
Business break)
Rachel Madou, MSNBC host: debunning knot, what is my function? All right.
The first one tonight is important.
Now, you may have seen the story in the last 24 or 48 hours.
Over the past day or so, there have been many media reports that federal investigators have launched new federal criminal investigations into Governor Chris Christie and his administration.
No, it\'s not that Christie\'s government shut down the driveway on a bridge for political retaliation, deliberately putting a small town in New Jersey at an impasse.
No, it\'s not a problem with the bridge. it\'s another matter.
No, it\'s not Hoboken\'s business, local officials say the Christie\'s government may impose severe sanctions on the city on super storm Sandy\'s recovery funds as a political retaliation for their city
No, it\'s not about Hoboken, it\'s another thing.
In addition, local officials say the Christie\'s government has taken the city\'s economic development efforts as a political retaliation, which is not a matter for the City of Jersey.
No, it\'s the bridge door thing, it\'s not the Hoboken thing, it\'s the Jersey City thing, it\'s a different thing.
It is also not a matter of travel, and it is reported that Governor Christie took a lot of gifts, free trips and donations from businessmen before the state.
No, that\'s not the case.
This is another matter.
No, this is not even Governor Christie\'s mentor and his top appointment to an agency called the Port Authority was asked to basically explain whether he had united airlines do favor for him during his tenure as Port Authority chairman, A brand new route was created between Newark Airport and his holiday home, and United Airlines has a lot of business authority in front of the port.
Manchester United reportedly canceled the route known as the chairman\'s flight.
Three days after the chairman reportedly had to resign from the Port Authority last spring, they canceled the plan.
I know it\'s hard to keep track of all the investigations and allegations around New Jersey Governor Christie, like a bunch of stray dogs leaking behind a controversial tanker.
I know sometimes it\'s hard to track things around him.
But the story of Chris Christie that we\'re actually talking about here is a story that you might remember, that\'s about the cat cop.
This is a case that originated in the rural area of Hunterton County, New Jersey.
It involves a local sheriff\'s department, forged certificates, and a branch of the SPCA-I\'m not kidding-to arm myself as a paramilitary organization.
The story is nine ways on Sunday.
If you want to go back to the details, including the cat police, we \'ve re-posted our footage on the Maddow Blog tonight in case you want to see it again, which is great.
But, basically, for all the crazy details of this Hunterton County case, the allegations of misconduct by Governor Chris Christie and his administration come down to a former assistant New Jersey prosecutor, he said the basic reason for his dismissal was to sue people who the Christie government did not want to sue.
The prosecutor said that he said that the Christie\'s government had withdrawn his investigation and dismissed his charges against some of Christie\'s government\'s allies.
Like I said, it\'s an interesting story.
Ben Barlyn, the local prosecutor who was dismissed in this case, has been pursuing this case for a long time.
But these new reports this week are a bit shocking.
This week, all of these headlines say federal investigators have now launched a formal federal criminal investigation into this hunteton county scandal, with prosecutors Ben Bahrain speaking to Governor Christie and his government.
So, you may have seen the headlines this week. Is it true?
Is the federal prosecutor conducting a federal investigation into Governor Christie\'s case and his government?
You have seen the headlines this week.
Is this true or not? (BUZZER)MADDOW: False.
Or at least we don\'t know.
The thing is this: local prosecutor Ben Barlyn said he was fired for all the wrong reasons.
Federal investigators have spoken to him.
Federal investigators interviewed him about his allegations against Governor Chris Christie.
This does not necessarily mean that the federal government will launch a new formal criminal investigation into Christie\'s government.
The headlines of this week\'s story are wonderful but exaggerated.
We spoke to former prosecutor Ben Bahrain today and he said, yes, he did talk to the federal prosecutor this week.
He also said that he did not know if the federation had actually conducted a criminal investigation into his charges.
We also contacted the United States. S.
The prosecutor\'s office in New Jersey today.
They neither confirm nor deny whether their investigators have actually spoken to this Bahrain, but they told us, describing the report of an investigator talking to this Bahrain, describing these conversations as their office has launched an investigation into Governor Christie, and I quote these reports as saying, \"It\'s a huge leap forward.
We have been talking to people.
That doesn\'t mean we\'re looking into anyone.
Quote, \"any description of this that we are investigating the governor is untrue.
This is the horse\'s mouth.
So, the federal criminal investigation into Bridgegate against Chris Christie in New Jersey, right?
As far as we know, it\'s not necessarily all the other unrelated scandals.
In fact, at some point the federation may investigate another story-the cat Police Story.
But if not, no one knows, the prosecutor did not say.
So, despite a large number of reports, the state news agency is on the verge of getting a shot at the incident. BUZZER)
-Don\'t believe in hype.
There is more, though. Stay with us. (
Business break)
The bond continues. All right.
Today, another person who may have heard of being excluded from debunking the intersection, is it true or false for Elvis to leave the Republican Party here?
Is this true or not? (BELL)
MADDOW: what, this is the saddest, smallest little bell I \'ve ever heard in my life. Come on. Bring it. (BELL)
MADDOW: a little better.
Can\'t it be bigger? (BELL)
MADDOW: fix the bell.
So, yes, it\'s real, it\'s glorious.
This is former Senator Tim Johnson, who served as a Republican in the Senate of Mississippi for two years.
He is a legitimate and well-known politician in Mississippi.
He pointed out this week that he served five elected Republican officials in three different offices in Mississippi.
Senator Tim Johnson is also known in Mississippi politics.
The one wearing a white suit and a red scarf is him.
He plays the Elvis Presley.
He\'s actually a good Elvis Presley.
He performed as Elvis in all parts of Mississippi and performed as Elvis in all parts of the country, and achieved some considerable success.
Now, the Republican Senator Tim Johnson has decided to make a big change. (
Start Video Editing)
Former stateTIM JOHNSON (D)
Today, ladies and gentlemen, I want to announce one thing.
I announced today that I will move to the Democratic Party of Mississippi. (
Cheers and applause)
I would also like to announce that I will run for the next deputy governor of the great state of Mississippi. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Mississippi is a very Republican state.
So much that it has been difficult for Democrats to even send candidates for statewide candidates recently.
But the Mississippi Democrats just got the top two.
State senators and the famous Elvis Presley joined their team during their term.
He made this heartfelt speech today, saying that part of the reason he changed was Obamacare.
Because Mississippi Republicans will not expand the state\'s Medicaid program, the state\'s Medicaid program, which will close many hospitals in Mississippi, including the fact that he says his mother is now in his hometown, he just said he couldn\'t stand it.
So Elvis has left the building.
He is trying to come back through another door.
Everything about Obamacare is training new Democrats in the great state of Mississippi.
This is a real story. All right.
The last, the last, is it true or false-I like this-to avoid the devil, the Republican congressman changed the bill number of his federal legislation, because Satan, Satan, satan changed a piece of legislation in the federal Congress.
Is this true or not? (BELL)MADDOW: True.
Congressman Joe Barton from Texas submitted a bill this week.
It was assigned to 666, house 666, Bill.
Instead of keeping the number, members of Congress changed the number.
Now it\'s law 702.
He doesn\'t want his crude oil import bill to be destroyed by Bill 666 because you can never be too wary of the beast logo in the house. (BELL)
Too real. Too true. (
Business break)
MADDOW: it\'s still going on tonight: We have an important news, and I think we reported a surprising news a few days ago that the government has done 180 now.
We reported the story.
We are very worried about what the government seems to do.
Now it seems that the government has completely reversed its direction on this issue.
This is an interesting one. this is the next one. Stay with us. (
Business break)
This is such a strange story. All right.
Do you remember the incredible melting Afghan police training center we spent half a million dollars on?
It melted when it rained.
Then, we bought a batch of aircraft for Afghanistan for $0. 486 billion and ended up crushing it into pieces for 6 cents a pound.
Two examples of the nonsense and waste exposed by the Special Inspector General for the reconstruction of Afghanistan.
A few days ago, you may remember that we reported on an unexplained decision that the US government suddenly made. S.
The military began to classify what we did in Afghanistan, keeping it secret in new ways, things that have never been sorted before.
All of a sudden, everything that has to do with our support for Afghan forces, from how many Afghan soldiers there are to how many in the United StatesS.
Give them the food and give them the food.
All these things that have been public for the last six years are now secret, and if you want to know how America does it, it\'s a problemS.
If everything that may be told to you is now a secret, the mission will take place in Afghanistan.
So that was last week.
Our report is Thursday.
Now, look at the U. S. military command in Afghanistan.
The information that is not classified, then classified, will now be re-classified
At least that\'s what we think.
The inspector general told us that the office is still trying to figure out what is going on. un-unclassified.
But the military is at least embarrassed enough about what they did last week that they are turning things around.
We will hold on to the truth. Stay with us. (
Business break)
MADDOW: So, it turns out that the great thing about a couple of weeks is that they\'re over.
We will finish the game at a press conference on Friday night.
Producer Nick Toth is here, tanned and fresh on his honeymoon.
Sir, congratulate you. Newlywed.
Nick Tuth, TRMS producer: Thank you very much Rachel.
It looks like you are dressed very well.
I\'m doing what I can, you know?
If you are not a good husband, we will be furious with you. TUTHS: I know.
About our family, we will attack you like a locust and we like her very much.
I respect you very much.
After that threat, who is playing and who is playing at the press conference on Friday night?
We have Monica malbro from Atlanta, Georgia.
Hi Monica.
She is pursuing a doctorate in political science. MADDOW: OK.
Tuth: She did field work on her paper in Mozambique and she was obsessed with maps.
Monica, nice to meet you.
Thank you for coming to this show.
Monica Marbro, Atlanta, Georgia: Thank you.
MADDOW: Dr. political science is useless for anything, take it from me.
I know.
I have been in it for a long time. (LAUGHTER)
MoDo: Do you have a political science paper doing political System Research in Mozambique?
Yes, I\'m a submarine.
So I do my field work there.
So MADDOW: good.
I will finish my paper one day.
I can ask you, how far do you think you have gone in terms of your paper?
I know you might have this problem in the past.
I\'m in my theory section, so I went into the data side.
This is an ongoing work.
My secret about the theoretical chapter, they haven\'t really read it.
They want to know that you have written a theoretical chapter, but they will read Fort Marsburg more than they read what is in Mozambique: this is really a good suggestion, because I \'ve pulled out my hair for weeks in my theory section.
So-MADDOW: I mean, worry about it, but if there\'s a place to cheat if you want it, that\'s it. OK. MALBROUGH: OK.
MADDOW: It\'s a way.
I have three questions for you.
If you get two or more of the three questions, you\'ll win-Nick, what\'s Monica\'s prize?
A bartender named Rachel Mado.
MADDOW: very small, small, tiny cocktail cocktails.
If you get all three right then you need extra credits or if you only get one right you need a solatium or, if it\'s just that feeling of the night, we may also send you something random that we found in the office.
We have to do something different tonight.
In fact, we will provide you with a garbage option from the office as I am unable to narrow down.
Nick, what is Monica\'s random office garbage?
TUTHS: So, random office trash is the NFL football we let go --
Or we have something very special, we have this chain, and this big dad four knuckles.
Okay, these are worthless.
They have no value.
We don\'t know where this is, but someone in the staff remembers.
This is actually Kent Jones wearing in an old section. He looks great.
We dressed him. (CROSSTALK)
I came from Atlanta, so I told you that. MADDOW: OK. All right.
So that\'s what you want. All right.
We also need to introduce the invisible voice of Steve Benne, the owner of the Mado blog.
He\'s also the one who decides if you get the right answer. Hi, Steve.
Steve benen, MADDOW Blog: Good evening, everyone. MADDOW: Hello.
Okay, Monica.
Is the first question ready?
Yes, madam.
MADDOW: from Monday\'s show-on Monday\'s we talked about a trip to the UK by presidential candidate Mitt Romney in 2012.
It was a trip that was not very smooth.
One thing that wasn\'t going well on this trip was that he called Labor leader Ed Miliband in the wrong name.
What does he call him?
Did he call him? a), Mr. Labor, (b), Mr. Party, (c), Mr. Leader, or (d), Mr. Bean? (LAUGHTER)
I like Sir.
But I know it is (c), Mr. Leader.
Steve, is Monica right?
The problem is not easy, but let\'s take a look at the show on Monday. MADDOW: OK. (
Start Video Editing)
MADDOW: he repeatedly described him as \"sir\" in that appearance \".
It sounds like a good free service.
This is not a term used in the UK. (END VIDEO CLIP)
I wish he had said that, you know. Bean, too.
But the correct answer is (c), Mr.
Lead, Monica is right.
Ed Miliband did not call him \"sir\" and he was crazy enough. Bean. OK.
You must have two rights to win at least a rocking bed award.
On Wednesday\'s show, we talked about one of our alliance partners. S.
Coalition partners reportedly refused to carry out the upcoming mission in Syria during airstrikes against ISIS, as ISIS captured Jordanian fighter pilots on New Year\'s Eve.
Members of the coalition reportedly demanded that more military assets be closer to operations in case more pilots need to be rescued.
For you, the question is, which country decided not to let the pilot be harmed before it was reported to have done more in search and rescue reports? Was that (a), Kuwait, (b)
Saudi Arabia ,(c), Bahrain, or (d)
Is it the UAE?
Marbroo: Yes (d)
In the UAE.
Steve, is she right?
Let\'s take a look at the show on Wednesday. (
Start Video Editing)
MADDOW: We also learned that the UAE has suspended its involvement in the airstrikes against ISIS.
They suspended a key part of their involvement in American affairs. S. -
The alliance led in December. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Yes, that\'s right.
The correct answer is (d).
Monica was right again.
Well done.
Super amazing like coda, the day after we learned about these complaints, the U. S.
In fact, they did move search and rescue-more search and rescue assets closer to where the UAE wants them to be.
Anyway, I digress.
Are you ready for your last question?
I\'m ready.
This is the show on Thursday.
We introduced the United States, we talked about the United States. J. and Charlie. They`re bears.
They are two high tech bears in Oregon, two guys who own the site jebbushforpredent. com since 2008.
So, the question is, what CJ and Charlie plan to do with URL jebbushforpresident. com?
They plan (a)
Sold to Jeb Bush for millions of dollarsb)
, Publish content about gay rights on the website ,(c)
, To re-use it for Rand Paul\'s campaign site because of Rand Paul\'s supporters, or (d)
Are they going to use it to post photos of their dogs?
I hope everything is like C, D and.
But I know it\'s B. MADDOW: Steve?
This is correct.
Our higher education Bears, who are planning to release content about gay rights, Monica is right again.
MADDOW: Great.
I can also tell you that I know I\'m different from the script here.
We got a letter from CJ and Charlie after we made the clip.
Do you still remember the beginning when I said they would be on the show if there was justice in the world? MALBROUGH: Yes.
MADDOW: listen to them, about the question that appears on the show, let me answer it with an old saying from the south, does a cat have mountaineering gear?
That means, yes, we do.
So, we will have them on the show at some point.
By the way, we like the Bears in Atlanta.
Everyone likes bears.
They are lunch around the world. All right.
Nick, did Monica win the prize? TUTHS: She did.
She\'s three right.
She got the Rocking Bed. I don\'t know. you\'re all right.
Can you choose?
Monica, do you want to play football or do you want to find a big dad?
You know, I feel like you guys are stuck in that bag of balls, I live in Atlanta, so I will shake that chain and that ring down.
We will send you that cheap chain and Big Daddy ring with four knuckles.
Monica, thank you very much for playing.
It\'s great to have you here.
Malbroough: Thank you.
MADDOW: Thank you.
It\'s really interesting. All right.
If you want to be Monica, even if you no longer have a chance to be a big Dad, please send us an email
Mail at Rachel @ MSNBC.
Com, tell us who you are, where you are from and why you want to play the news dump on Friday night.
We have cheap stuff in our office with your name on it.
But now you have to go to a place where you are known by a number. Go to prison.
This is a report card in a hurry.
This copy may not be in final form and may be updated.
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All materials herein are protected by US copyright law and may not be copied, distributed, transmitted, displayed, published or broadcast without the prior written permission of CQ-Roll Call.
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