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the metal detector helping hospitals and the police force to save lives

by:Kenwei      2019-08-27
Can the sensor application he helped develop at Defense R & D company QinetiQ to detect submarines and mines prevent this tragedy?
After seven years of extensive research and development, the answer is yes.
Ferroguard-developed by Metrasens, a hi-
The technology business split from QinetiQ is now becoming part of the furniture of the Chinese Medicine Hospital for MRI facilities, and police forces are increasingly using it to combat street crime.
In short, Ferroguard is a metal detector with a highly complex certificate.
Sensors placed at the poles at the entrance to the MRI room can pick up any metal objects and decide if they are dangerous.
The MRI machine is actually a huge magnet.
The strength of the magnetic field generated by the scanner magnet is a major danger.
Black metal objects, such as the New York oxygen cylinder, have reached a speed of 40 mph when attracted to the magnetic field of the MRI system.
When staff members approach the MRI kit, Ferroguard alerts them to the presence of hazardous materials, providing a safer and more efficient security system.
Sixteen months ago, Metrasens launched Ferroguard in the United States.
Since then, the company has sold more than 100 of its 15,000 systems worldwide each year, thanks in part to Coventry\'s advice --
Based on product design company Smallfry.
Young entrepreneurs show what can be done with 10 and some hard work, Sir James Dyson supports kitchen taps to save lives, and in the place where Dudley\'s Russells Hall Hospital launched the 2010 presentation at Metrasens, saved lives and made another sale. A nine-year-
The old girl who was brought into the MRI room for a head scan complained about extreme pain around her nose before the Test started.
The invitation to the demo of the Ferroguard system generated from girls and x-
Ray provided the answer.
The girl has two magnets stuck to her nose, which is the result of taking them off the toy and putting them in her nostrils.
\"If the MRI scan continues, the magnet will tear her skin,\" said Simon Goodyear, managing director of metrasens.
QinetiQ owns the core patents for the technology, but has licensed them to Metrasens, and Goodyear and his team continue to drive the technology and expand the application to security
Scottish police are using sensors
Drive a portable safety lever in train stations, nightclubs and sports venues to find knives and guns.
Merseyside and Thames Valley forces have also adopted this approach, but one of their main successes has been the discovery of attempts to smuggle mobile phones into prison.
\"The technology can be deployed easily and quickly without the prisoners knowing they are being scanned,\" said Goodyear . \".
Behind the rewards and £ 1 investment.
5 m from Octopus Ventures, his current goal is to expand the product range. www. metrasens. com and www. smallfry.
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