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that\'s one way to get through security! frustrated traveller strips completely naked at airport to pass through metal detectors

by:Kenwei      2019-09-10
This is one of the most annoying aspects of modern air travel.
Without starting the scanner, remove your shoes and belt to get through security.
A frustrated traveler apparently decided that the only answer was to take off his clothes completely, which surprised the security guards.
In the incident at the pokovo Airport in St. Petersburg, Russia, the man strolled in front of the metal detector watch at the confused airport staff and casually stripped off his clothes.
When the man bent over to take off his shoes and then began to take off his belt, two guards were seen chatting and watching.
All of a sudden, this person, some sources thought IT might be the IT department staff at the airport, taking off their pants and putting them in a tray with other items.
You can see a security guard gently pushing his colleague and pointing to that person, but it doesn\'t seem to know what to do next.
The man, who was not bothered by attention, stepped onto the top half of him and pulled it off his jumper, leaving him completely naked.
But he still needs a little time to remove everything.
Important Watches
One thing that can actually start the scanner is --
Before passing through the metal exploration arch.
The staff stepped back and seemed to get him through the metal detector.
The cheeky man was even jokingly hesitant by the workers as if they did not want to search him further.
Then, as if there was nothing unusual about the situation, the man picked up his clothes --
Put his watch back in place first, then continue to walk away.
St. Petersburg police are said to be investigating the incident.
Passengers at airports around the world have long complained about the \"invasion\" search at security points, and American passengers have especially complained about the Transportation Security Agency\'s approach (TSA).
Nor does the gentleman seem to be the first to hold a naked protest.
Mrs. Kelly Hadfield is at 2013.
Hyde, 51, and Ann Chadwick, 48, took off their clothes at Manchester airport security after sharing a drink.
The two were later sentenced for violating public order.
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