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thailand\'s \"red shirts\" revel after summit shutdown

by:Kenwei      2019-08-30
PATTAYA, Thailand (Reuters)-
Through a thin line, hundreds of redshirted anti-
Thai government protesters rushed through the glass window
Fell into the East Asia Summit. “We’ve won —
\"The summit is over,\" shouted Ai, one of the \"red shirts\" supporting ousted former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra.
\"We are now returning to Bangkok to rejoin the protests there,\" she added . \".
\"We will finally get Abhisit out.
Protesters say Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva is \"illegal \". Abhisit defected to power four months ago through an army-curated Parliament.
The Abhisit summit was canceled after the attack, and a state of emergency was put in place to allow leaders to leave safely.
They are never in real danger.
Protesters stormed the media center while most of the leaders had lunch at the nearby Royal Cliff Hotel.
The five leaders did not even arrive at the venue.
At a media center, protesters marched around with flags, whistling, honking, and prepared a snack buffet for reporters. And an impromptu press conference was held with journalists who were more than happy to hear some decent voices.
Outside the media center, Thai troops sit in hammocks smoking or dozing off under palm trees, which are hung in the shade after a quarrel in the local Sun.
Other soldiers removed barricades and barbed wire from the entrance to the Royal Cliff complex, and the remaining several staff members cleaned up broken glass and garbage and moved a metal detector overturned by oncoming demonstrators.
\"We don\'t want any violence.
We have to get them through.
They are strong, \"said Daeng, an Army sergeant stationed near Chongwu.
\"We don\'t want this to happen.
About an hour later, the Red Shirts left the media center and vowed to bring their protests back to the capital Bangkok.
Drivers and motorcyclists blew their horns, while protesters wearing red scarves waved red flags, holding up Thaksin\'s slogans and photos, and he was ousted in a 2006 coup, it is widely believed that he provided funds for the protests.
\"It\'s not over yet,\" Jom Changsom said as he boarded a carriage bound for the capital, which has gathered thousands of protesters since March 26.
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