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teenage metal detector trawling somerset river stumbles across hidden cache of 40 \'ira\' weapons - including \'widow maker\' rifle and nazi machine gun

by:Kenwei      2019-08-28
James Cork, a primary school student, walked through the water with a magnet, hoping only for a small amount of scrap metal.
But last week, 16-year-
The old man from Somerset stumbled upon a more shocking discovery-a cache of 40 hidden lethal weapons.
Rusty and dirty guns dating back to World War II include Brownings.
50 machine guns and M16 assault rifles that can shoot down helicopters.
One expert said the guns could belong to the IRA and could have been thrown away when weapons were declared in 2001.
Six months ago, the street boy started the unusual hobby of magnet fishing, but he just managed to salvage some strange scrap metal.
But when he combed the graylake on Mount Somerset with ropes and strong magnets, he and a friend suddenly met a 40-
Terrible weapons.
These include part of the Nazi MG 42 light machine gun and the Czech SA23 600 submachine gun, which has a range of 9mm.
\"I was shocked,\" he told the Sun.
I have never found such a thing before.
There are a few weapons, but not many.
Some are machine guns, pistols and revolvers.
There is also a huge machine gun on the stands.
\"There was a fisherman who was very angry when I disturbed the water.
But when he saw what I took out, he came over to help.
\"Although he threw most of it back into the water, he took a gun-considered 1930s Smith & Wesson. 38 -
Home to play.
However, when his mother Catherine saw him playing with a gun, she called 999 and a few minutes later an armed policeman arrived. The 37-year-
The old man said: \"There is no illegal act in the house.
\"But I didn\'t expect me to deal with a kid with a gun.
\"Take it downstairs and put it in the kitchen, don\'t touch it,\" I said . \".
The next day, the police dug up the remaining weapons in the river.
A spokesman for Avon and Somerset Police said: \"All the weapons are not complete, and they are rusty and very old.
All weapons components have been or are being destroyed.
One expert suggested that the weapons could have been used by the IRA during the troubled period, possibly when Republicans were going to be thrown away when they announced their weapons on 2001.
Former SAS sergeant and writer Andy McNabb, who served in Northern Ireland in 1979, said the weapons could have been used by the IRA during the trouble.
He said it must be a terrorist organization.
Because there are all kinds of weapons.
From the close-up assassination to the downing of a helicopter or Land Rover.
A large machine gun barrel means it could be the IRA.
Are they included when they announce their weapons?
Or will they be blocked if they don\'t get the deal they want? ’.
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