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by:Kenwei      2019-08-20
The desire to eat fresh and healthy food is driving a whole new farmto-
At Bangladesh\'s doorstep vegetable and fruit delivery service it is impossible for you to miss these minivans with drawings of vegetables on them and sell fresh vegetables around your area.
From the heir tomato grown in Talakad to the pumpkin grown in chickpeas, they provide a wide variety of rainbows such as vegetables, fruits, herbs, etc. Varshini D.
A housewife in Bengaluru is used to buying vegetables \"fresh\" from nearby supermarkets every day.
But she was not satisfied with the quality of the vegetables she received;
Not fresh either.
Most green plants wither.
In Jayanagar\'s apartment, she also had no access to traditional shopping cart vendors.
\"I am obsessed with providing safe fresh food for my children, I started searching online and was surprised to find so many delivery services that they told you where the vegetables came from, what delivery. . . I\'m excited.
There are a lot of people like her in Bangladesh, and demand has driven many farms --to-
In recent years, starting a business at home has eliminated middlemen, reduced the time to contact consumers and reduced costs. Ranganath K. R.
After a lot of learning and experiments, a system administrator and network security engineer turned to agriculture and launched the farm through train in 2015.
Inspired by New Zealand\'s greenhouse growth, he studied there
After graduation, he began to learn all aspects of hi-tech farming.
After the cultivation of the soil (
He began by planting colored peppers.
\"Once we start getting good production on the farm, the problem starts.
The wholesale price of colored bell peppers hovers between rupees.
The retail price is always above the rupee, while the retail price is between 25 and 33 rupees. 100 --
The price is three times the price!
I gave it to the middleman.
It was then that he decided to sell it directly to the customer.
He got together with neighboring farmers who grew other vegetables and began to purchase vegetables directly from them and sell them to customers at a lower price than local retailers.
He now has farms in chikbalpur and canapura.
Vegetables harvested in the morning are bought to customers before the evening.
They also operate in a slightly different way-\"we don\'t deliver to the door.
We registered the apartment complex and the enclosed community to deliver the vehicles to the hotel two to three times a week as per their requirements.
We will start selling goods on the streets soon.
\"In the fourth phase of HSR Layout, BTM Layout, JP Nagar, about 150 to 200 customers buy vegetables and fruits every day.
No sacks or plastic bags are involved.
He stressed that vegetables are washed, graded and placed in FDA-approved food grade crates at the source, and then transported in refrigerated trucks, which are more likely to produce dust and dirt
Electronic weighing scales and printing bills are other add-ons, he added.
Customers can buy anything from 10G to 10 kg.
Fresh cherry blossom, an electronic
The business department of Japan-based First agricultural company provides \"zero pesticide\" non-
\"Anything from badnekai to purple beans and kale is OK,\" said its MD Naveen M . \"V.
They deliver more than 147 kinds of vegetables and vegetables twice a week (
Including exotic salad vegetables and Japanese cuisine)
Bengaluru has more than 1,500 registered customers ordering online.
\"We are the first commercial grower organization in India that has no pesticide production, in line with the FAO/WHO food safety Supreme Standard Food Code, applicable to the domestic market in India,\" Naveen said . \".
Their farm is in Talakadu (
On the way to Mysuru).
Although most of their products are available in other stores and are purchased by five people
The star restaurant, as part of their \"chef garden\" program, is a small but growing branch of their business.
\"Most of our clients are Page-
People who use our fresh and exotic products for their families when they hold a party because they have a sense of health.
There are also those who love these Chef TV series and want to cook with exotic ingredients.
The other kind of customer is the patient-may have cancer, PCOD, and their doctor asked him to take pesticides --free food.
\"A large foreign population in Japan, South Korea and the UK also buys from us,\" Navin said . \".
\"The problem with India is that we still don\'t understand food safety.
Do we really know what\'s on our plate?
Where did it come from?
We are not traders.
We are growers, so we have traceability.
\"They have a network of dealers to reach out to the product.
The minimum order is Rs. 150, with a Rs.
50 delivery fee.
Customers only pay cash when delivering, with the exception of a few pockets, they deliver in most parts of the city, Naveen said.
Madhusudhan S, who claims to be the chief farmer of back 2 basics, began farming on 1,200 square feet of land and today has five organic farms on the outskirts, including Tamil NaduAn IIM-
B. Graduated from Airtel\'s business in South India, one day he crashed in the office.
During the treatment, he was advised to work in gardening.
He started learning and even went to GKVK training, but he said his best teachers were YouTube, Google and Wikipedia.
Over the past five years, his farm has grown slowly, exporting organic vegetables to Singapore and Germany. When his daughter, Bhairavi, who was educated at Wharton, joined him, they decided to supply the customer directly.
They have delivered the goods 300 times a week in six days.
No delivery fee;
The first minimum order is Rs.
250 and its subsequent Rs. 500.
\"The problem with most organic products on the market right now is that you just need to trust. We have proof;
\"We invite all of our customers to experience our farm, no more than 20 minutes from Whitefield,\" said Madhusudhan . \".
Initially, he thought that no one would buy the product except for the rich in Whitefield.
\"But my biggest customer base is from J. P.
Geer, Bannerghatta Road and its surroundings.
A large part of the buyers are young mothers who are worried about the quality of the food they feed their children.
Their harvest starts with 1. 30 a. m.
And send the Whatsaspp update to the customer (
Who orders online).
Delivered early in the morning, vegetables and fruits ordered 48 hours ago were delivered to the door.
Some of the farm-to-
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