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take a pat-down, not an x-ray

by:Kenwei      2019-08-28
Hey, time traveler!
This article is published at 6/1/11 (3139 days ago)
Therefore, the information in it may no longer be up to date.
What is the biggest problem for air travelers today?
Asking this question, a lot of people would say, at the airport, take off your shoes, extensive inspection procedures, and \"damn Pat-
\"Put down\" by airport personnel \".
But in the hustle and bustle of public safety at the airport, some travelers make a huge mistake. The U.
The United States is replacing many metal detectors with more advanced equipment, better described as personal exposure equipment.
In fact, this technology can work with you to detect items under clothesknow-
This angered many travelers.
There are two types of scanners. The millimetre-
Wave machine is safe to create images of the body by using sound waves.
Other \"reverse scattering\" devices use lowenergy X-
Light that produces a picture of the body.
These are not very safe.
The first thing I did when I read these new scanners was to call my son, a frequent flyer.
My advice is simple: \"Don\'t let them X-ray you.
Let them shoot you as much as they want, but don\'t shoot X-rays.
\"The last thing he and the other flyers need is more radiation.
As you expect, AmericaS.
The government says the amount of radiation exposure is minimal.
It claims that the body receives the same amount as the natural radiation exposure after two minutes of flight.
But some authorities believe the radiation dose is high.
Experts say the use of reverse scattering machines is lowenergy X-rays.
This means that most of the radiation is absorbed by the skin, with medical X-
The light does not enter the body.
I can\'t rest assured of this.
Because it is absorbed by the skin, will it cause skin cancer a few years from now?
The word \"most\" always worries me.
It always reminds me of the time when I was urging the legalization of heroin to alleviate the pain of patients with advanced cancer.
My critics, too, have a lot of people who don\'t think heroin is needed because morphine relieves the pain of \"most\" cancer patients.
If you\'re not one of the \"most\" groups, they never admit what\'s going on.
I\'m more worried about other issues.
I was shocked when a research paper was leaked to me a few years ago.
A study reportedly found
Radiation Devices in Canada expose patients to 90 times the normal radiation required for surgery.
In fact, the dose has reached a fatal limit.
It is unreasonable for no government agency to alert the public to this issue.
But the problem is not just a machine failure.
The push of the button by trained technicians leads to increased radiation exposure.
The most serious mistake: the health agency did not check X-
Ray equipment machines for many years.
My column led the committee to correct these obvious mistakes.
Is the same going on with the airport reverse scattering equipment?
I don\'t see anyone who can guarantee that the faulty machine or careless technician will eventually not expose passengers to high doses of radiation.
What mistakes do Flyers make?
The authorities say passengers can reject the reverse scattering search and choose a metal detector.
But if they choose this course, they must agree with the individual Pat-down.
This adds time, so many busy flyers will choose X-
Ray search quickly passes the gate.
This is a mistake because radiation is cumulative and the body can only handle so much before a cancer attack.
I think the humor is that so many people are annoyed by the Pat.
Their \"you-know-
Seen during reverse scattering.
Will men be afraid of their \"you? know-
What \"does not meet the standard?
My suggestion is to forget the modesty of the Victorian era.
Instead, avoid radiation like a plague.
Remember, a small hole can sink a big ship.
Too much \"small radiation\" will produce a long time.
Health risks. Take the pat-Down every time
You might even like it.
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