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steaks on a plane: following your united airlines meal from the kitchen to the clouds

by:Kenwei      2019-09-18
About an hour before United Airlines Flight 40 flew to Rome, two trucks were parked on a plane at Newark Liberty International Airport, New Jersey.
The cargo hold of the vehicle extends to the open door.
Several men wearing neon safety vests jumped out of the metal trolley.
In less time than it would take to peel a bag of potatoes, the caterer filled the three kitchens of the plane with multiple potatoes
Feast of food. The entrees —
Amazon sashimi with vegetable la Tartu leaves, mustard grits beef short rib, coriander masala with aloe vera and ginger and garlic rice-
Read like a special offerend restaurant.
Nowhere on the menu: the tongue drowned in the mud pit.
\"One day we covered the mysterious meat sauce to keep it moist,\" said Gerry McLoughlin, one of the airline\'s executive chefs.
\"That day has passed.
\"In union and the industry as a whole, in-
The flight food and beverage has grown new wings.
And it doesn\'t taste like processed chicken.
Not long ago, the food on the plane was a punched bag.
In 2009 letter to Virgin Atlantic boss Richard Branson, an aggrieved customer compared the time from removing the tin sheet covering his meal to opening a Christmas present and inside
More than ten years ago, when airlines began to gradually cancel the free economy, they lost their smile --
Meals for domestic flights.
These companies use elfin bags of peanuts to distract hungry passengers. your-
Food in your own lunch box.
However, the growing emphasis on personalized services by airlines, coupled with the increasing awareness of global cuisine, has reversed this downward trend.
It\'s a bird, a plane. . . or a spiced-
Rub chicken breast on 747?
\"There is definitely an opportunity for food to improve,\" said McLoughlin, who is also senior manager of the company\'s food and beverage planning.
\"Previously, it was entertainment and a way to get passengers to sit in their seats.
Now it\'s about customer experience.
For example, McLaughlin and his team of chefs refresh the menu for all cabin categories every six to fifteen months. (
Manchester United offer free meals most of the timehaul flights;
In some parts of North America, the Caribbean, Latin America, and between Honolulu and Guam, economic passengers pay. )On Oct.
On the 25 th, the company was the first cabin for its business (
Italian dumplings, mushrooms, half
Dried tomatoes and fried asparagus, for example)
Choose the route.
In addition, United will launch a second wave of dishes in November.
1 is suitable for a wide range of destinations and cabin classes, including new options for economics.
The options include grilled salmon, goat cheese, and fig Napa salad (premium class)
A country in France
Slow Bowl
Cooked beef, roasted carrots, onions, windbreaks and white rice (coach).
Dessert (premium-only again)
Baked cookies, ice cream or sorbet on board-
Clean up the palate for the return flight.
\"We want to pick enough food so everyone can eat what they dream of,\" the Irish chef said . \"
The flying meal is a lamb leg with mint sauce.
Such an ambitious menu is not surprising in a traditional restaurant setting.
But airlines have to deal with a steady stream of obstacles from the start.
Restaurants, for example, do not usually bounce back or dry their taste buds.
In order to get a better understanding of Manchester United\'s food business, I put on a white lab coat and hair net (hot pink! )for a behind-the-
View the scenes of Newark kitchen and dining facilities.
From the station to the station, I watched Air meals go from conception to consumption.
Along the way, I witnessed the end of the mysterious meat era and the rise of apartments.
Iron row with grilled Broccolini and red chimichurri sauce on top.
25 years ago, when Americans were eating fat, Manchester United opened the Chelsea restaurant in Newark.
Free fusion food and recession are squeezing the airline\'s wallet.
About 140,000-square-
Walking building at the southern end of the airport to serve Manchester United
Operating flights;
The second 15,000-square-
North District Service Area foot kitchen for combined Express flights.
The larger structure is plain and white, like a piece of tofu.
There is no tempting scent on the glass door.
At the front desk, I received my tour and headed to a conference room where I met with McLoughlin and executive chef Robin Carr on-site in Newark. (
The airline also has kitchens in Denver, Houston, Cleveland and Honolulu. )
The pair wear jackets and trousers from traditional chefs: Carl in white and McLoughlin in black.
McLaughlin lives in Chicago, but he travels around the world, visits Manchester United\'s caterers and consults staff on the menu, which is often adjusted.
Many changes are based on customer research and observation by flight attendants.
For example, the crew may notice that they need more lobster mac due to popular needs-and-cheese.
Alternatively, they may recommend a nihot hot breakfast sandwich due to no need.
\"The fruit and fried egg frying pan are better made. m.
Said McLoughlin.
Twenty years ago, Carl said, the choice of the main course was barely more than steak, potatoes and roast chicken.
Over the years, with the increase in global taste, the choice has increased significantly (
India, Korea, Japan)
And a special diet (
Vegetarian, gluten freefree).
Travelers can also personalize their food and add or reduce certain items.
\"We put the starch in a separate cup with the protein on one side so you can adjust the meal to your own taste,\" McLoughlin said.
\"Manchester United experts are also watching the trend and trend of changing the cooking pattern.
They use hormones if possible.
Free Beef, sustainable seafood, local and seasonal ingredients.
Menu planners also add bolder flavors and more adventurous foods such as apartments
Steak and ribs;
Beet, fennel and pumpkin; and aioli.
\"We should do more lamb and duck,\" McLoughlin said of the polarized protein . \".
To stimulate innovation, the airline works with chefs under the Trotter program, a non-profit organization that aims to educate and motivate emerging talent.
Since March, professionals such as rich Farana and Spago Beverly Hills pastry chef, a \"Top Chef\" competitor, have thrown ideas into the pan,
\"Chefs with fresh eyes and borderless give us different perspectives,\" says McLaughlin, who has worked in the culinary field for more than 30 years.
Despite the great dreams of chefs, the reality of providing food at high altitudes has freed them from the illusion.
One of their biggest challenges is to deal with the impact of high altitude and cabin.
The lack of humidity caused passengers to lose their sense of smell and taste, and the intensity of taste buds decreased by about 30%.
Also ruined the dinner party: constant engine noise, as melodious as the hum from the broken speakers.
To make up for the lack of taste, the staff did a lot of manual work with spices and vanilla medicine.
They add tomatoes, basil and rosemary to the recipe, but the salt will fade.
They bake vegetables, a cooking technique that releases natural sugar.
Meat and fish are provided to keep water.
They don\'t eat butter either.
Based on sauces such as Dutch sauce, it breaks when re-heated.
Finally, all dishes must match the size of the trolley, which is the only mode of transport on the ground and in the air.
This means that there is no food that is 2 inch higher or 12 wider.
\"Finishing \"(flat)
During the presentation, the flight attendant receives instructions on how to assemble and display the dishes.
This tutorial includes a step-by-
Step guide, photos and final video.
\"We need them to look at our hearts and think: what did the chef imagine? ” he said.
However, time constraints and turbulence often cause trouble for plating.
Of course, McLoughlin and his team face unprecedented challenges.
However, he has the same goals as his peers on Earth.
He said: \"The biggest compliment to any chef is that it was a very pleasant meal.
Manchester United\'s food operations are, in theory, orderly, but feel like a crazy Richard skry Street View.
Make way for the upcoming dining trucks, carts and dropped ice bags!
Brenda Jory, general manager of kitchen operations in Newark, started our journey: the beginning and end of the transport terminal.
Nearly 400 combined and combined express flights leave the airport each day for more than 33,000 meals.
The number of carts on each aircraft depends on the size of the jet. A wide-
The body may need 125;
A smaller model, 10.
The crew usually load the container an hour before departure to avoid escaping
Immigration Department with flight attendants and passengers
On a Tuesday afternoon in October, I was standing in a parking lot and a trolley was on a flight to Tel Aviv at 4: 45.
\"Everything must be carefully arranged so that we will not be in [the plane]
It\'s too early or too late, \"said Gyory.
The staff will reverse when the plane lands at the airport.
They put away the used carts and peeled off the dirty tableware and leftovers.
They send carts through a washing station that sprays water like a heavy rain shower;
Plates and utensils are thoroughly scrubbed in industrial machines.
Arrival of food and beverage delivery-the-
Clock and huge walk-
Store meat, frozen food and other perishable food for four to five days in the refrigerator.
I found a box of mango sorbet, salted caramel ice cream and truffle ice cream in the cold weather.
The refrigerated warehouse is an international product market that reflects the diversity of menus.
In a corner I noticed a bag of kimchi, mintand-
Hot and sour sauce, dim sum of Shanghai vegetables and red drum kalamata olives.
To maximize freshness, kitchen staff usually cook and cool meals six to eight hours in advance. In the hot-
In the food cooking area, a chef in a black coat and plaid trousers, grilled shrimp, later decorated with grilled salmon appetizers.
Nearby, another chef fried vegetables for a meal plan to travel to Europe. In the cold-
In the food kitchen, McLoughlin randomly pulls out the trays and places them in the carts scattered on the floor.
He showed me a cucumber. and-
Tomato salad, sliced steak, breakfast plate, open space with granola, fruit, Greek yogurt, strawberry jam and croissants. (
Bread that can be dried quickly is packed separately. )
There are two special kinds of food in the metal boxes shipped to Israel, Jewish and halal.
Before that, I could identify all the food that was shown in front of me.
However, I was stumped by three rows of glasses filled with red, brown and white ingredients --
Some smooth, some thick.
\"These are the toppings of the build --your-
He pointed to the creaking of whipped cream, cherries, caramel, fudge and Heath.
Some foods, such as vegetables and steaks, were cooked about 90% before entering the boarding phase.
Ground workers assemble plates using photos of finished dishes as visual guides.
On a long metal table, a man in a sweatshirt, under his sanitary coat, puts parts of the Asian short ribs into an aluminum can.
He surrounded the main activities with both sides.
Mustard, vegetables and seafood sauce
Rest with paper cups.
\"150\" jokes McLoughlin, \"150.
\"Before returning to the stop, we strolled into a room similar to the ABC store.
The sign of the place of liquid is: \"Mixed packing area of beer, wine, margar tower.
The check-in staff included boxes for Miller Lite and Goose IPA, cans of Budweiser beer and bottles of white wine.
I met John Knight near a stack of soda.
Knight was a flight attendant for 18 years before moving to the kitchen management position.
When he pushed the trolley on the cloud, he said: \"There is not much change . \".
\"Now customers have more choices.
It was definitely promoted.
On his recent flight to Brussels, he and his wife experienced these new peaks.
\"The food was really great,\" he said with a hint of surprise in his voice.
Passengers waiting to board the Rome flight did not know that there was a Whirlpool activity inside the plane.
A cleaning staff swept the seats, threw rubbish and bagged blankets.
The flight attendant took a group of photos to commemorate the last day of one of their colleagues.
A pilot entered the cockpit carrying her lunch handbag.
Several men quickly crossed the aisle to fill the kitchen with meals for 242 people.
Flight 40 is ready in 15 minutes.
Well, at least the food and beverage part of the trip.
The catering staff returned to the main facility as the cycle never stopped.
More planes will arrive and leave soon.
Carts need to be emptied and loaded.
Passengers must also be fed.
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