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seeking a safe path through the landmine debate

by:Kenwei      2019-08-26
The team of Linda gundis 35 deminers holding metal detectors has spent six months combing relatively flat, and Tim Radner of Greenland visited Cambodia with his colleagues in February 2004.
During that time, the group cleared only 500 of the 700 people --
M site and found 30 mines that run straight between busy roads and rail tracks on one side of the site.
Lardner, from the Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian mine clearance, said: \"It is clear that there is little chance that mines will be located in the remaining areas (GICHD).
\"However, none of the managers of the programme considered the judgment to put the land aside.
As a result, it took nine more months for deminers to search elsewhere in the region.
Some experts believe that time could have been better spent by creating a larger area of land \"mines\"safe”.
This means that there is a slightly higher chance that mines will be missed, but supporters believe that this approach is more likely than \"mines-
This will save more lives.
According to a report published by mine monitoring this week, more than 200,000 square kilometers of land around the world may be contaminated with mines and unexploded ammunition, an initiative of the International Mine ban campaign.
Next week, delegates from 100 countries will meet in Croatia to discuss the progress they have made in achieving the objectives set out in the 1997 International Mine Ban Treaty.
The 147 countries that signed the treaty promised to destroy all counter-forces.
Within 10 years of signing the agreement, personnel mines in areas under their control.
But so far there are only three countries: Colombia, Djibouti and Honduras.
Completed task.
Many signatories acknowledge that they will not be able to meet their treaty obligations.
These countries, including Cambodia, Angola, Burundi and Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as the United Kingdom, some of the most affected countries, are working with Argentina to destroy mines planted during the 1982 Falkland Islands war.
Is it time to take a different approach?
According to the provisions of the treaty, the objectives of states arefree status.
But more and more governments and organizations think of me.
Safe is a more realistic way to clear larger areas in less time.
\"We can occupy countries like Cambodia and handle land per square meter.
But it may take decades or more and hundreds of millions of dollars, during which many people will be killed or injured by mines, \"said Radner.
It may be more sensible to give priority to land that is being used or known to have been fighting on the land.
\"The reality is mine --
Affected countries may continue to be affected to some extent, \"Lardner said in a report released by GICHD on September.
\"It took months to clean up an area and no mines were found, but a large amount of miscellaneous and harmless metals was a waste of resources.
However, this is often done by the mine clearance community. ”A mine-
The safety approach requires different types of technology, as well as painstaking scanning of an area to precisely locate the detectors of each last mine.
More useful is a device that can measure large areas of land at one time in the initial scan.
\"A detector capable of responding to the existence of an explosive device within a distance of 50 to 100 without having to remove vegetation will classify large areas of land as land surveys that are safe or required, james trevelan, head of mine research at the University of Western Australia in Perth, said.
One such technology being developed is remote explosion odor tracking, in which an explosion trace test is performed on an air sample using a dog, mouse, or artificial nose.
The other is \"station-off”, or at-a-
Distance detection of satellites or airships equipped with technologies such as the ground
Penetrating Radar
Technologies like this will reduce the area of land that needs to be searched and cleared by deminers.
However, Chris Lich of the international humanitarian mine clearance testing and evaluation project said that the use of simpler technologies should not be underestimated.
Even if the magnet is attached to the rake, it will greatly speed up the clearing of the land by removing metal debris scattered in the minefield and wasting time by firing metal detectors.
Larger, specially adapted farm machines can also play a role.
\"One of the biggest problems is actually to determine where the minefield starts and clean up the vegetation,\" Lich said . \".
He said that this is where mechanical deminers such as tractors or even ail machines enter on their own.
This machine can cover a large area of land quickly.
In addition, they are tough enough not to be reversed
Personnel mines, designed to protect their drivers.
The cost of GICHD-
Benefit Analysis of liquidation a 1500-square-
Comparison of three methods in the west of Cambodia“do-
Standard manual and mechanical mine clearance.
It is estimated that the land cleared by mechanical means is three times as much as half of the manual method, but, compared with the manual method, the assumed reliability is slightly lower, about 80 (see Table).
However, the analysis shows that mechanical mine clearance can prevent casualties better than manual mine clearance, because manual mine clearance can remove land more quickly.
Ultimately, a combination of positions
To address the global mine problem, non-detection and traditional mine clearance technologies will be required.
But first, countries that sign the Mine Ban Treaty must decide whether or not
Security status is an acceptable option.
Even if it is not fully implemented, the transfer of \"fairly safe\" land to the community can significantly reduce the area that is surrounded by possible contamination.
Manual deminers can then concentrate on mining serious mined areas and save valuable time and money.
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