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security in mumbai: an impossible task?

by:Kenwei      2019-08-27
Among the many images that have plagued people after the Mumbai massacre, one stands out: one clear two photos --
A man with neat short hair.
They will enter a train station where they will slaughter dozens of people.
Each has an automatic rifle in his right hand.
They dress beautifully and have a blue backpack.
They seem to be walking.
Looks fresh.
Very young face
They can be almost students.
Photos taken by Fernandes through the window run a restaurant at Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminal
Or CST, that\'s what many people here say.
Last Wednesday night, Fernandez calmly saw the Gunners firing.
\"The gunshots came and suddenly we saw two people standing there,\" Fernandez recalled . \".
Less than 20 yards from them.
\"One is a jacket, the other is very strong, but the other is thin.
They are only about 22 years old.
Bullets go through the restaurant in Fernandez.
\"I have some pieces of glass in my hair and my pocket is filled with glass powder,\" Fernandez said . \".
He told his customers to crawl safely on the floor.
Indian officials say only 10 gunmen have been involved in the attack in Mumbai.
They are trying to figure out how so few people have killed so many people.
Who is the mastermind?
Where did the Gunners come from?
Armed men reportedly arrived in waters near Mumbai aboard a hijacked fishing boat.
Indian media are playing pictures of a man\'s body, tied with both hands and lying face down.
They called it the captain of the fishing boat and claimed that his vessel carried gunmen from Pakistan.
Today, the CST station in Mumbai is back to normal.
Returning to lifenway is a better proof of Mumbai and India\'s ability to rebound after a massive attack.
Just a few days after it happened, it was already a railway terminal --
One of the busiest cities in the world
I\'m going back to business.
The snack bar opened and the ticket office lined up again.
A small group of women dressed in bright gauze chatted with a smile.
But you can see that something serious has happened here.
The clue is the number of police and security forces stationed around the terminal.
They carry automatic weapons, and there are many automatic weapons.
Some are behind the sandbags.
However, the train station is as fragile as ever, as passengers walk in carrying their luggage without being checked.
\"We have to clearly blame the government for this,\" said Pravin Gupta, a customer at Fernandez restaurant . \".
\"What happened here could have been avoided.
\"Gupta is a consultant for hotels and airlines.
Safety is part of his work.
He often travels at the station without a deep impression.
\"We have about 106 police officers at any time.
\"All they\'re interested in is that when the boss comes up and down, they pay attention to the Carbine,\" Gupta said . \".
They were not disturbed when he left.
They have so many metal detectors.
Do you see anyone using it?
I mean, they\'re just for the same name and it\'s totally symbolic.
\"Over the past few days, people have focused on two besieged five.
Star hotels frequented by foreigners and Indian elites.
Other victims were forgotten, Gupta said.
\"People are talking about the Taj Mahal and the Oberoi hotels today, but there are a lot of people dead here.
Is anyone talking about them?
If you look at the number of deaths, there are only 22 Westerners [died]here.
\"The number of Indian deaths is much higher,\" Gupta said.
\"Their goal is for anyone.
\"He was sitting about 3 inch away from the bullet hole in the Fernandes window.
Although he warned of danger, he was not worried.
\"Basically, this is fate,\" he said . \"
\"If I had to die, I might have died anywhere.
I often come here. I was not here that day. This is fate.
A friend of mine was shot.
He\'s on a ventilator at a Mumbai hospital.
This is fate.
\"The Indian government is trying to determine that at least a dozen militants are finally in the middle of the Gulf with hundreds of police and security forces.
A day of siege in Mumbai killed nearly 200 people, including at least five Americans.
The remains of the Taj Mahal hotel, the last showdown between government forces and militants, were removed Saturday night.
The workers have begun to set up plywood barriers around the hotel, but the scars of the battle are still clearly visible: broken windows, burnt windows --
A few sheets and curtains hung on the wall as if they were used to escape.
In the nearby square, a candlelight vigil was held in front of the Indian monument.
Police say gunmen landed here Wednesday before the attack.
Authorities believe there were 10 gunmen, 9 of whom were killed and 1 captured.
A surviving gunman from Pakistan has raised doubts about the involvement of Indian neighbors in the attack, which Islamabad strongly denies.
\"Pakistan is fully committed to fighting terrorism in all its forms and manifestations, because we are also victims of terrorism,\" said Pakistan\'s foreign minister Shah mehqureshi . \".
India will help India bring those responsible for the attack to justice, he added.
President Bush also promised to support the terrorists, who he said would not be in charge.
\"We promise that the United States will give its full support when India investigates these attacks, brings criminals to justice and maintains its democratic lifestyle, Saturday, he spoke briefly at the White House after returning from Camp David\'s holiday weekend.
FBI agents were sent to assist with the investigation.
The State Department warned,S.
People in Mumbai are still in danger of their lives.
The attack, which is believed to have been carried out by Islamist militants, began on Wednesday with gun and grenade attacks centered on two luxury hotels in central Mumbai.
According to witnesses, the attackers picked British and American citizens.
At least 195 people were killed and 295 injured.
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