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security dollars and nonsense

by:Kenwei      2019-09-09
A year after the 9/11 attacks, teams refused to pay a penny to each fan in order to make up for security loopholes. NEW YORK (CNN/Money)-
Patrick Brosnan recently brought his son some fried chicken and pistol in two baseball games in New York.
Despite new security procedures following last year\'s terrorist attacks, he said only the chicken caught the attention of security personnel at the gates of Yankee and Shea Stadium.
\"It\'s terrible and really unreasonable,\" said Brosnan . \" A former New York City police detective who led Mayor Rudy Giuliani\'s security details before retiring to start his own private security company.
\"They need to improve their professional level.
Otherwise it won\'t work.
The potential negative impact is too great.
\"Bruce South has a permit to bring his weapons to the game in a pocket. He brought a . 32-
The caliber pistol of a Yankee match
After taking the gun to Yankee Stadium, he decided to test Xie\'s safety by introducing two a\'s. 32 and a .
38 caliber gun in a metropolitan race
He has no problem.
Brosnan said he believes the cost-saving effort is the only reason the stadium is not highly secure.
A simple measure such as hand
He says metal detectors are installed at every turn so his weapons are caught.
\"I think they will keep it as cheap as possible,\" he said . \".
The Yankees and Major League Baseball did not respond to calls asking for comments on security procedures.
The Metropolitan team defended their approach.
An official at Mets said the team has added some security measures over the past year, but he declined to discuss the cost of those measures.
\"The cost is much higher,\" said Dave Howard, senior vice president of Mets business . \". \"The total [security]
Operations become more important, with higher costs.
We are confident that we are doing as well as possible with the New York Police Department in terms of private security and that we have a safe and reliable facility.
\"Brosnan estimates the cost of hiring enough trained staff
Law enforcement officers on duty or retired-
Install metal detectors on each revolving door of Yankee or Shea Stadium, the extra cost per game is less than $10,000, a total of about $800,000 a season, about $25to-
30 cents per fan.
Lou Valentic, senior vice president of K & K Insurance, said that the increased risk of terrorist attacks has greatly pushed up the insurance costs of stadium operators and teams, the main insurer of sports and entertainment space insurance.
However, the rise in insurance costs is not enough to bring direct economic benefits to the team to strengthen security along the lines advocated by Brosnan.
Valentine said liability insurance needs 15-to-
The top $1 million protection fee is 25 cents per participant and the additional insurance amount is a multiple of the base amount.
He said the cost was 35. to-
An increase of 100% over a year ago.
Property loss insurance rose between 100 and 500% to 5 to 10 cents at a valuation of $100, or $150,000-to-
A stadium for $300,000 will cost $0. 3 billion.
But most of the stadiums are owned by the local government, not by the team.
Insurance for property losses.
Valentine said increased security would not automatically reduce insurance costs.
Insurance companies are unlikely to ask, he said.
As seen at the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City earlier this year, every regular season sporting event is safe.
\"You will always be judged by some reasonable tests,\" he said . \"
\"Unfortunately, testing does not happen until something happens.
\"The trade group for stadium and arena operators has a committee that includes senior security officials from major sports leagues.
It drafted a list of \"best practices\" for the types of measurements that the team should implement.
It calls for security measures to be strengthened in games deemed to be \"special events\" or nationally televised.
But Brosnan said he believes all regular season games must use the same level of security as the World Series or Super Bowl, otherwise terrorists will target weaker security measures.
\"Security should be consistent, consistent and established,\" he said . \"
\"If your security situation is inconsistent for economic reasons, this deterrent will disappear.
\"So far, the team has not been hurt by security mistakes.
Fans, even Bruce nan, are willing to accept the level of security offered to participate in the games they want to watch.
Even though I wrote about the topic, I didn\'t stop playing the game myself. And a high-
Profile targets like Rudy Giuliani, the old boss of Bruce South, have not stopped playing.
\"You can\'t keep him out.
He\'s a big fan . \"
A year ago, when I wrote about safety and the impact on fan attendance and sports economics, I quoted a long-time New York Giants season ticket holder named John Stefanelli, due to security concerns, he has given up tickets for the rest of the 2001 season.
This spring, Stefanelli, who lost dozens of friends in the World Trade Center attack, once again abandoned tickets for the 2002 season.
But by the time the opening night arrived last week, he had changed his mind and found tickets for the race.
\"It seems like it\'s time,\" he said . \"
It is hoped here that time will not run out as there is still a gap between the safety net of the team and the sports league.
If so, the money they are saving now on security measures could cost them millions of dollars and thousands of lives.
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