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scandinavian industry remains strong, despite recent series of challenges.

by:Kenwei      2019-08-21
Genetically modified food, the collapse of Russian exports, and more intense competition from frozen products.
The catering market may be expanding.
In the Danish frozen food industry, things in Denmark are very good now, but business is certainly not what it used to be.
Not only do processors have to produce high quality products at the right price, but they also have to be very careful what ingredients to use.
In the extensive industry survey conducted by QFFI during May this year, there was little mention of the 1998 debate on eco-products.
To be sure, the demand for products made in a \"earth friendly\" manner is still high, but the general feeling is that the market has reached its limits ---
At least at frozens.
People who are interested in these products are already buying these products, and most people are not very interested in them.
For example, the largest dairy product has reached saturation.
In order to make things interesting, consumers and the government have found a more pressing problem in genetically modified organisms (GMOs).
The focus of the controversy is on foods such as soybeans and a variety of vegetables that are genetically modified to resist disease and extend the growth period and shelf life.
Consumer resistance to these products
See about the smuggling of page109)
Driven by the media, much of Denmark and the rest of Europe have reached a level of fanaticism, which has led frozen food processors to look carefully for their ingredients.
Most major retail chains have banned genetically modified organisms on their private labels, which is also spreading to brands.
Fortunately, most processors report being able to maintain non-Genetically modified ingredients.
Even the central soybean does not provide regular soybeans.
There is no credible scientific evidence that it is dangerous to support GM foods, and this fear seems to be more emotional than rational.
The fact that agriculture has been undergoing genetic modification for centuries has been largely ignored.
In Britain, although the government issued a decree announcing that GMfoods were OK, Prince Charles attacked them and warned the public of the \"Orwellian future \".
\"The argument against genetically modified organisms is not going to disappear soon.
In Europe, there is growing fear of food from large vegetarians.
It started a few years ago when British beef caused a panic about mad cow disease, which was spurred by recent recalls of dioxin-contaminated food and coca in BelgiumCola.
In response to consumer concerns, G7 asked the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development to investigate whether GM foods pose a risk to consumers.
This is fully supported by the US government because there is concern that the EU will ban GM food.
Added to this mixture is to keep our beef away from Europe.
After 10 years of delay, the obstacles should finally be lowered.
But strong protests against the growth hormone used in American beef will not subside.
This is regarded as a non-
Tariff barriers and another brick on the wall surrounding the \"European fortress.
\"At the time of writing, a trade war seems imminent and will have a significant impact on Denmark.
Clearly, more than 20% of the foods in the United States that will be banned or increased by tariffs are of Danish origin.
In the end, as always, the consumer is sitting in the driver\'s seat, and the industry must abide by whatever he or she wants.
It is generally believed that this will be a good thing before things are resolved.
Ironically, in a news report on snacks, it was noted that sales of the product increased by 10-15%.
This is just to prove that it may be dangerous to try to accurately predict Danish consumers!
Frozen foods remain stable and it is difficult to get an accurate picture of sales in Denmark, as no industry statistics have been provided since 1996.
However, talks with processors have shown that the country\'s volume of goods remains strong and there is no reason to believe that the country has slipped from the second place in the world\'s per capita consumer spending.
Now, under the protection of the larger DLF trade organization, the Danish Association of frozen foods (Fax: 45-33-33-95-05)
Maintain the retail index of consumption.
According to director Erling Petersen, the index fell slightly in 1998, but usage increased by about 4% in the first quarter of this year.
Any loss of retail may be due to frozen and fresh products.
Some frozen markets are likely to move from retail to catering.
The restaurant business is still very hot, especially for ethnic minority restaurants with lower prices.
This trend is still for better quality, which is good news for everyone.
Jorgen Christensen, marketing manager for Prime in Denmark, explained that 600/6 of its Danish retail range before was a soldunder discount chain brand, and the remaining 40% was a better quality brand.
Now, however, this figure is 300/6 and 70% respectively, and Denmark\'s economy has performed well in recent years, which undoubtedly explains the willingness of consumers to buy high-quality products.
According to the government, the economy may grow too well.
Relatively low unemployment and rising wages, combined with a more than three-fold increase in gross domestic product.
In the past five years, 5% people have been visible every year --
Warning signs of economic overheating.
To curb economic growth, the government has introduced structural reforms and tax cuts.
The expected effect of the move has slowed GDP.
This year is 9% in response to further growth in disposable income.
Compared with the rest of Europe, due to rising wages and declining productivity, Denmark is becoming less competitive in foreign markets ---
For such a small country, exports are essential.
Several manufacturers interviewed by the magazine are opening factories in central Europe.
A processor claims that after counting benefits and taxes, the average income of Danish workers in the first hour is half the salary of Polish workers for a whole day!
Cheap labor did not do any good to Russian exporters last year.
In 1998 QFFI surveys, processor and equipment manufacturers are raving about the business of the former Soviet Union.
In fact, many people have ambitious plans for expansion.
When Russia\'s economy collapsed in August, it all stalled.
To make matters worse, products that cannot be sold in Russia are dumped into the European market, which leads to lower prices.
The market does seem to have picked up, but the conditions are different.
With the exception of the most optimistic suppliers, all suppliers have requested payment in advance.
According to Dat\'s Jens Ole Dahl
Schaub, tonnages sold well, but the amount of currency exchanged was greatly reduced due to the purchase of cheap products. Ess-
Niels Moller of the food company explained that the company experienced serious difficulties in Russia last year, but we are now back to two more
We used to be in our thirties.
The general manager said: \"Look at the problem from a philosophical point of view.
\"Even considering the loss, it is still a very good year for seven or eight years to stimulate the price.
\"The Danish frozen food association has been operating with the support of large DLF organizations for more than a year.
At the dlf headquarters in Copenhagen, director Erling Petersen said that while they have only 14 manufacturer members, they are able to provide similar services to the Frozen Food Institute, which was dissolved at the end of 1997.
A frozen food forum has been set up, including equipment companies, warehouse operators, retailers and other trade-related companies.
The purpose of this is to establish a dialogue between the various factions and try to solve the problem.
In addition to considering ways to increase consumption, the group is working on an education plan and trying to establish standards for distribution and logistics.
Discussions on ECR and classification management are also ongoing.
What is currently being considered is an ambitious plan to launch an advertising campaign to promote frozen foods to consumers.
This practice has been tried in the past with almost general lack of industry support.
At least part of the funding, however, comes from the EU ---
This may work.
Seafoodindustry also ran a similar program with the result of 30-
Sales rose 35%.
Every year, the Association hosts a competition for the Golden Penguin Award, presented at a dinner party celebrating FrozenFood Day.
For new products that have already achieved significant results in the market, the 1999 winner is Van den Bergh Foods because its SoleroDessert is an ice cream product.
Dalong food has long been known for its variety of spring rolls and Dalong food (Fax:45-63-31-63-63)
A lot of other products are being produced now, and companies have to think about it from a broader perspective.
Nyborg-expand expertise in its hand held snack products
The US-based company now has a complete production line.
General manager Van Heming told QFFI that he sees the future of small ethnic products that take advantage of Chinese, Japanese and Mexican cuisine.
Daloon has produced samosa and mini spring rolls which will expand this product in the near future.
Not only do adults like to eat snackssize foods.
In fact, small food can be a big meal for a child.
Developed as amini taco product, Funsters has three fillings in the \"d\" crispy batter pocket.
To attract children more, apply a smiling face with beetroot juice.
Launched in the UK in September, this product is well received in the retail sector and has been a success in the catering service sector.
The introduction plan for Denmark is not long.
Last year, to capitalize on the trend of single families, Dalong launched smaller spring rolls and spring rolls retail packages.
Clearly, this development is paying off as sales grow in 1998 and \"99 years\" become a better year.
The title of Royal Greenland is \"not bad \"--
98 annual report.
The seafood company not only achieved its goal of balance of payments in 1998, but also made a small profit.
For the past 14 years, those who have focused on the fate of the company will know that this is not a despicable thing.
The company operates under various political constraints, making it difficult to make money.
Many of the restrictions have now been lifted, which has led the company to cut costs and make more business a private focus.
As Royal Greenland International (Fax:45-98-15-93-50)
Gunnar Tindborg explained that his department was responsible for-
The company at headquarters is not represented.
This covers many areas.
China and Spain are the biggest markets.
A few years ago, it was difficult for shipping companies and Royal Greenland to reach a joint venture agreement with Russia to help ease the situation. Mr.
Tindborg explained that after some delays, the two fishing boats were put into operation in Russian waters at the end of last year and are currently working on arrangements for the other two fishing boats.
Although cod quotas have been cut, it is hoped that the joint venture will produce some products that can be sold in the US market.
Cold water shrimp is the company\'s \"blood of life\", and fortunately, the quota for Greenland has increased by 15 000 tons, while the quota for other regions has decreased.
This leads to higher prices, which are expected to continue throughout the year.
At present, the possibility of opening snow crab fishery in the UK is being explored.
If successful, the United States will see a good market.
Despite the plunge in Russian pork prices and changing market conditions, the situation has been good for Emborg foods (Fax:45-99-370-371). The 1997-
98 results showed that turnover and pre-tax net profit increased by 16% and 5% respectively compared with pre-tax profits.
However, the collapse of the Russian market occurred six weeks before the end of this fiscal year, so 1999 of the data will show full consequences.
As of 1998, the company\'s Moscow plant has grown from two employees to 100 with complete distribution facilities.
The company is still very bullish on Russia, although half of its mistakes disappeared overnight.
Sales in Moscow are reported to be picking up.
Through layoffs and other redundancies, the business is redeveloping better than initially thought.
Emborg has been supplying the world market for 52 years, so it is used to adapting to the new environment.
If a country\'s business is bad, another country will definitely get better.
The company specializes in dairy products, pork, beef and seafood, and is fully packaged in retail or catering.
Management is proud to understand the market and have the ability to meet local preferences for tee.
Ginger Chicken Nuggets recently developed for the Middle East are just one example. Mr.
According to Mortensen, the sales of various seafood products in forEmborg are particularly strong.
Complete fish and shellfish are available.
To meet the growing demand for poultry products, a new chicken part was introduced.
There are plastic bags for wings, thighs and legs, as well as skin and skinonbreasts.
With the development of Emborg, its staff is also growing and has surpassed the Home Office in orburg.
A new target building facility in the same city has been broken.
The company will move to a new residence.
As we all know, the frozen food department of Danisco (Fax:45-32-662-175)
It has been on sale since the beginning of this year.
While rumors abound about potential buyers in QFFI\'s investigation into inMay, in this article, the company is still at a disadvantage.
When asked why the department was being sold, President Poul Steeeskov commented that the European food industry must also be concentrated due to the concentration of retailers.
\"However, this does not slow down the company\'s efforts in sales or product development.
Despite the difficult supply of vegetables and potatoes this year, sales in all product areas remain strong.
The UK, Germany and France are both considered strong markets, which are particularly good at potatoes and ready-to-eat food.
Dannisko got the main course into Eastern Europe by Friday.
D\'Or\'s business in the Czech Republic was acquired last year when Danisco acquired the potato company.
Expand the range of successful stirring
Two new fried ready-to-eat foods were launched this spring. A Greek-
Gyros rice consists of rice, pork, peppers, onions and tomatoes.
Touted as healthy, low
The fat content of the product is only 3%.
Balsamic is a vegetable product with no seasoning and has many uses. In Sweden, pre-
Fried onions were introduced in May.
Even in the United States, there is a market for ready-to-eat food in Danisco.
Professional retailer Joe\'s has a wide range of products, a wide variety of Daniscoproducts by Wal-Mart --
Has over 560 \"super centers\"
Grocery Department--
Under the label of its great value
Asked about ecological products
Steeskov confirmed that the region grew slowly and that the company also had a small variety of vegetables.
With regard to genetically modified ingredients, they are not used at all as a matter of corporate policy.
Sabroe Refrigeration is becoming a small world in the field of industrial Refrigeration.
A few years ago, York bought Dan Mack Refrigeration. In April 1, they owned Sabroe (Fax: 45-86-271-244)as well.
Sabroe acquired ABB refrigeration, their Swedish rival, in 1997, so the refrigeration business in the United States is now under the responsibility of the entireNordic.
Klaus Gog is very optimistic about the situation.
At Aarhus\'s corporate headquarters, the marketing manager told QFFI that he thought it would be better for the company to return to a company that understands the innovative business rather than shareholders who are interested in profits.
Not that the company is not profitable.
Last year\'s results showed a 29% increase in turnover and a 54% increase in operating profits.
In describing the new ownership situation,
\"We look forward to being more global and improving our products and services for our customers,\" said Goeg.
\"With a series of new large screw compressors launched in June, product development continues to grow rapidly.
In order to meet the customer\'s demand for lower energy costs and less moving parts, the new equipment is especially suitable for breweries, refrigerated shops and frozen food factories.
In last September, Sabroe purchased Inham Refrigeration, a Dutch company that offers a unique cooling solution for the seafood industry.
A specially designed heat exchanger is used to form microscopic ice crystals in seawater at any required concentration. CalledFLO-
Then, pour the solution into the container containing the fish.
It is said that some of the advantages are that the coverage of the fish is better, there is no damage, it is colder than the flakes or pieces of ice, and the cost is lower.
Equipment manufacturer ccabinet plant seeks better ways to reduce costs and increase areas as processors (Fax: 45-64-731-253)hasprospered.
When QFFI visited May, the company was quite active.
Vagn Hansen explained that some markets have returned now.
Germany, for example, has been in a downturn in recent years,
\"It looks like they are more confident about the future now,\" Hansen said.
\"Overall, Europe is described as better than normal, and since the beginning of the year, far east has again shown some interest in several machines sold there.
In 1998, the company was very optimistic about Russia, but now things have changed.
Nevertheless, there is still a \"huge interest\", so it is possible to recover in the future business.
In the United States, Cleveland opened an office.
The role of this action will be mainly to promote and serve the number of cannabis plants
Although all the products of the company will be brought to the market.
Over the past year, sales in North America have included shrimp and mushroom processing equipment in California, achicken Nuggets production line in Texas, and shrimp equipment in Canada.
The company\'s biggest recent installation is the spinach production line of the daughter company of the German company frosanta.
The capacity of Cabinplant is 13 tons per hour, and it provides everything from receiving to freezing.
For an Egyptian processor, Cabinet plant must design a machine that can be used with multiple products.
Don\'t ask exactly how it does it, but it is reported that a production line has been developed that can process peas, beans, carrots or potatoes.
Back home, a complete factory was built for DanRice.
The chef, taste, color, cooling, freezing and packaging of the factory is up to four tons of Half-Life meters per hour.
Packaging, stacking and warehousing are completely automated, so few people need it.
If the expansion plan is a measure, then Scanvaegt (Fax:45-86-785-810).
A 3,800 plant was built in 1997 and the plant area has nearly tripled and should have increased enough capacity.
However, the demand for the company\'s products is so great that the Assembly of the product management system and automatic scales quickly adds another 1,800 space.
Marketing Coordinator Anette Rosenvinge explained that one of the main reasons for this production bottleneck is Multiflex 3000.
The popular software system launched a year ago was developed specifically for the production and management of the food industry.
It is designed for a PC network running standard Microsoft programs, and its job is to control the production process in the workshop.
Collect data in real time-
Time and provide to any workshop process that may be required.
The ScanBatcher 7100, known as the multi-purpose profit maker, takes grading and batching tasks to new heights.
Batcher uses scanvaegt\'s CamelBack technology, with highly accurate accuracy, to provide departments as low as 0. 2g.
The machine is capable of operating six different batching operations and a variety of sizes and grading operations at the same time, accommodating 270 pieces per minute. Ms.
In order to remain competitive, the company has to be more than just a supplier of equipment, rosenvich said.
Today\'s customers need specific knowledge, so the sales staff of the company are trained by \"food experts\" to help processors find solutions.
Scanvaegt\'s service division has also expanded.
As processing equipment becomes more specialized, food manufacturers outsource services and rely on equipment companies to complete these tasks. Ess-
In any case, this is a difficult time for the meat industry.
Pork is overproduced, the Russian market is in poor condition and prices are generally low. These factors make profits difficult to achieve.
As the world\'s largest meat trading company, EssFood (Fax:45-33-377-530)
Affected by all these conditions.
The trade war caused by beef hormones may make the situation worse.
Niels Moiler, manager, said, \"If there is such revenge as it is now, we will be severely hit.
\"About 0. 7 billion Dan Macron is threatened with pork alone.
But nothing is bad luck or darkness. Mr.
Molle explained that despite the problem of overproduction, he was \"moderately optimistic\" about Europe \".
In addition to China, the economy in the Far East has rebounded again, especially in South Korea and Japan.
In lundsburg, a distribution center for the retail and catering industries was opened last year and is now fully launched.
This concept seems to be correct and has been well received by buyers in both industries.
In the transaction of pork, mutton, beef and poultry, the terminal provides-
Stop shopping and be able to deliver anywhere in Germany within 24 hours.
In addition, a trading company was opened in the Netherlands at the end of last year.
On the corporate side, this is a busy time for Copenhagen --
It is also an American-based company.
Ess, last October
The food company is merged with the Danish government and the food company.
In the name of Danish officials, the company is now the largest slaughterhouse in Europe and the third largest in the world.
EssFood will continue as a trading company with its own management.
Of course, there will be economies of scale in production, and the result is the lowest decline in dkk 0.
30 kilograms per kilogram will be realized in the short term.
Danbo poultry producerFax: 45-86-782-313)
According to Palle Skouby, the transition is going through a year.
The export manager explained that in order to rationalize production, it would grow from four small slaughterhouse to two large slaughterhouse.
June, a stateof-the-
An art factory has been opened for the production of value-added products.
At the company\'s headquarters in Aarhus
Skouby told qffi that Danpo has historically been an overall exporter of birds.
But it\'s a huge market.
To be sure, this department still represents a large part of the company\'s business ---
However, products imported from Asia and South America have affected the business of some important regions such as the Middle East.
More complicated is the oversupply of large poultry in Europe.
Then, the future of the company is value-added products, which is why it is moving in that direction.
Danpo has been a great success in Europe with a wide variety of cutting and bread sections and will expand its scope.
In October, look for new products at the ANUGA booth in Cologne.
Danpo\'s World Series of cooking and semi-cooking
Cooked value-added products provide an example of the company\'s development direction.
For the younger generation, the line is supported by a large number of promotions, including bicycle team sponsorship.
The brand even has its own website that provides information on movies, tourism and sports.
The range is reported to have been successful in Denmark and Sweden.
At any time Carnitech, equipment manufacturers can write 80 orders for a new machine in the first six months, and this machine must be regarded as unqualified success.
Carnitech was launched in last November (Fax:45-98-373-790)
At present, automatic pin-remover is running in Europe, the United States and Canada.
Thorkild kristensen, general manager, explained that the way the machine works is to put salmon slices on the conveyor belt, which puts salmon slices under the roller that automatically highlights the neuroskeleton.
The efficiency of the equipment is 80-
90%, 125 fillets can be processed per minute.
Connected to Carnitech\'s wire cutter and the weighing grading equipment of parent finnMarel, the company can now offer a complete turnkey salmon production line.
A new plant in Copenhagen was recently completed for Vendsyssel. Mr.
Kristensen confirmed that the seafood industry has grown a lot this year, and Carnitech is very busy in Europe and North America. The Stovring-
The Seattle-based company employs 60 employees, mainly serving the factory fishing boats, but on land.
Also based on work.
Good activities have also emerged in the meat industry.
A large cutting and packaging line has been sold to Australia and Carnitech provides feeding and handling equipment for Marel poultry systems.
It is not just food manufacturers that are affected by the fall in the Russian market.
Ice cream equipment manufacturer G equipment (Fax: 45-73-201-005)
Just as the currency depreciated in August, it was in the middle of its contract period.
Russia has always been a good market where some people have reduced their deposits on projects but cannot follow up on the rest of the contract.
This creates a lot of turbulence for Vojens.
But it could be worse.
In describing the situation, SorenGram said: \"We are really lucky.
\"Obviously, they can re-
Arrange most contracts with customers.
Other developing regions such as Asia have still not returned to their original levels, but the business performance in the US and Europe is good enough to make up for any losses in Russia.
Surprisingly, most of them come from smaller manufacturers.
It seems that in order to appease their shareholders,
Nationals have stopped further expansion and have not done much in terms of long-term investment.
Just a few years ago, independent sweren didn\'t have much chance to fight more
But they are now gaining market share again.
Invest their profits in large, high-yield production lines.
Continue product development to make Gram\'s extrusion line more flexible. A multi-
Dip production lines using nitrogen were launched last winter.
One of the production lines has been sold to Germany and the other has been sold to American customers.
In Italy, a new wafer product has been developed in partnership with a baking company that will compete with Unilever\'s popular taco product.
Refers to the situation and morenationals, Mr.
Grammy: \"We\'re going to have to go with 1998-
The market for one or two years, but we will use this time to do better.
\"Bilwinco\" we are the solution supplier, not the weighing machine supplier, how does Allan Eskildsen describe Bilwinco (Fax:45-86-510-611)
Market approach.
Reflecting this philosophy, the company has added mobile multi-head scales and mobile feed systems to its weighing product range.
Headquarters in Scarborough
Eskildsen explained that while processors usually have several production lines, it is usually only possible to run one line at a time.
Therefore, it is not cost-effective to post individual weighing equipment on each production line.
The fact that buying a scale instead of two or three can save costs can be dramatic.
Mobile devices in Bilwinco can be cleaned and moved to different packaging stations in just half an hourhour.
With more than 20 machines being sold to companies in the US, processors have responded positively to the conceptK.
Turkey, Australia and Europe.
Mobile scales have proved particularly popular among ready-made medical producers, as these products often require several packaging devices of different sizes.
Both Unilever and Nestle have used these machines very well.
At the International Packaging Exhibition, a new generation of multi-head scales was introduced to May.
Margit Simonsen told QFFI that the latest machines have been designed to meet the growing health needs.
All surfaces developed with the Danish Institute of Technology are tilted, so there is no flat area where food particles can be collected.
In addition, the scale can be washed down easily.
Originally designed for large products such as fillets, burgers and large chicken nuggets, this concept will apply to the whole range.
Norfo is famous for its frozen block cutting machine, Norfo (Fax: 45-56-957-799)
Automatic split saw has now been developed for the entire frozen product.
According to Kay Hansen, since these large items are difficult to keep, cutting the whole product such as fish and lamb, beef or pork waist has always been a problem.
Norfo solved the problem with its horizontal partial saw10.
The band saw uses a special holding device to cut the product into any pre-
Program length or thickness.
The cut part can then be delivered continuously for packaging.
At the European seafood fair, four machines were sold to customers in Norway and Italy.
However, seafood companies are also interested in meat processing.
The next phase of development
10 will be a unit that can be cut into a fixed weight.
For the salmon industry, the Type 311 pin bone remover has been developed.
Can handle 20-
It is said that the machine is 25 pieces per minute and does not require 6 people. The Bornholm-
The company\'s block saw equipment is still strong.
In addition to the traditional use of the seafood industry, vegetable blocks have also proved popular.
Recent facilities include Bonduelle and Gelagri in France and Frudesa inSpain in France.
As for the future, Sir.
Hansen believes that there is a tendency to expand factories that need larger capacity machines.
In terms of seafood, there are more and more finished products, which requires more complex machines to produce.
The Far East is seen as norfo\'s strong growth potential, while the more developed markets provide a steady stream of money.
It is thought that Russia will come back a little bit, but of course there is also a problem with financing.
Mr. comments on the situation
\"We will solve the technical problems when the time comes,\" Hansen said.
Let the bank solve the financial problem.
\"King Wolf (Fax: 45-58-501-031)
As business grows, it is celebrating its 50th anniversary. The Slagelse-
The manufacturer of meat processing equipment ended 1998 without much content on the order.
But half the time.
In June, the factory was close to production capacity.
Jacob Dillin, marketing manager
Hansen reports that wolfkin\'s goal is to become the world\'s leading manufacturer and supplier of machinery and processing production lines to process raw materials for ground and pickled meat products.
It claims to have become the largest machine supplier from the raw material stage to the molding stage.
The goal now is to expand to packaging.
The company has sales and service facilities in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany and Brazil, as well as manufacturing plants in China.
Wolfking\'s popular continuous Fat Analyzer (CFA) has been promoted through an alliance with Foss Electric, the largest supplier of analytical equipment in the food industry.
CFA can be used not only with Wolfking equipment, but also on any production line.
In order to expand the market for fish block liners, Peterson Baker (Fax: 45-56-952-523)
Looking around the world for species that can be successfully frozen in block form.
Thanks to the price of cod and cod up to nearly $7 per kilogram, the fast food industry is eager to use other products, and thishas leads Bornholm-
The US-based company will look closely at South America and the Indian Ocean.
Jens Ole hvenegogo dinformed QFFI, sales and marketing manager, said India has a promising future.
To keep the industry leading, Peterson Baker is constantly looking for ways to improve the liner.
Under the name of Beck Carepack, all the padding is now pre-
Folded with a corner flap, when pressed into the frame, the corner flap is raised up, eliminating the possibility of the flap entering the interior.
It is reported that such development can speed up production and help improve quality.
At present, only about 4% of production is used for other products except for fish.
However, demand for alternative uses is growing.
Chicken nuggets are being produced in Saudi Arabia and France, and one of the customers is frozen sauce.
A Spanish company is freezing vegetables and carrot puree.
Nestle is interested in frozen baby food.
The advantage here is that it is more nutritious than fresh food.
Ha tingbajiri (Fax: 45-75-653-509)
A few years ago, with the launch of the bagels series, it knew there was a winner.
However, it will take a while to prove this to the industry. After re-
Two years ago, under a license agreement with US supplier Petrofsky, the product launched a different product and has now been successful.
Export manager Torben Juul said that the market is mainly catering, but there is a variety in Danish retail and the other will be launched in the fall.
For those who are not familiar with Danish cuisine, the rules here are open
On a thin piece of black bread, there is a rhyme to the wind.
However, people now eat more sandwiches, which also helps the sale of bagels. According to Mr.
Juul, bagels are perfect for sandwich shops because they all have a toaster.
There are also ready-made markets in Spain, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden.
Like other exporters, Hatting is also affected by the economic downturn in Russia.
However, it has remained in the market to provide stefhouulberg to its customers.
The basic feeling is that in order to win in the future, the company must make a commitment.
As part of the Royal Danish slaughterhouse, the Prime Minister of Denmark (Fax: 45-98-125-177)
Must be considered \"a gem on the crown \".
\"While turnover and profits in other sectors have been eroded by changes in the Russian market and a decline in commodity prices, orburg has enjoyed steady growth for several years.
Torben Skou told QFFI that turnover increased by 16% in the previous fiscal year and profits increased by 83%.
The CEO attributed much of this success to policies focused on a limited number of markets.
Currently, Danish Prime operates in Denmark, Germany, Sweden and the UK, and there is no plan to change the line.
In recent years, due to the panic of genetically modified organisms, the quality of products has been improved, and consumers have responded positively to this.
It is reported that only one of the company\'s large retail and catering products contains soy protein.
Taking into account the range of value-added meat products, soups, pasta dishes, ready-to-eat food and sandwiches, this is a considerable feat.
The biggest problem for the Danish prime minister now is keeping up with demand. All the factories are running at full speed. A large four-
Annual investment plans are being implemented to expand capacity;
Most of them will be food safety and legality. F.
Founded in 1978, Uhrenholt mainly sells dairy products for the industrial sector.
Huilenholt group (Fax: 45-64-412-214)
It has developed into one of the largest private companies in Denmark.
Cheese remains an important part of the industry, but the company is now made up of multiple companies, each trading in a specific product area.
A shipping department was established eight years ago.
Today, the company\'s turnover accounts for a large portion of Uhrenholt\'s turnover, which last year amounted to $0. 26 billion. Nils-
Tore Leivdal is the head of the seafood department.
At Middelfart\'s corporate headquarters, he told QFFI that the company is very involved in the production of salmon, which processes salmon at a factory in Norway.
He estimates that 2,300 tons of salmon will be sold this year, a large part of which will be shipped to the United States.
Uhrenholt has launched its own friendship brand in North America and is actively promoting it.
At present, the ratio of fresh to frozen is 70-
30, but this is expected to be changed to 60-
40 in the near future.
Another production facility operating in Poland has the capacity to handle 60-
Frozen sashimi 80 tons per month.
The company is proud of itsquick\'s delivery time, claiming that products produced on Monday can be made in the United States by Wednesday.
Other production and sales facilities around the world, including operations in Russia, France and China.
In the UK, Uhrenholt holds a 25% stake in Grimsby Iceland\'s freezing plant.
F. Managing Director
The company is heavily involved in cold water shrimp, and thatit has a 40% stake in a seafood company and peeling plant in Canada.
It is also a part owner of the North Atlantic fishing boat fleet, so the customers of Uhrenholt canguarantee provide a stable supply and good quality.
In 1996, the company set up a meat trade department, adding vegetables two years later.
Business is mainly concentrated in Eastern Europe and the Middle East. P. Taabbel & Co.
Lilly Bendt Petersen, sales and marketing manager, said that RTaabbel & Company (Fax: 45-97-961-244)
Maintain a range of about 180 food and beverage items and only need to be sold twice a month for one product to remain on the market.
This flexibility makes the company one of the largest seafood suppliers in the catering and institutional markets.
Since the company can only work within a narrow range, the supply of raw materials is always a problem. Mr.
Peterson explained that in order to sell seafood in schools and institutions, the product must not be too suspicious and must be white.
In addition, the price must be kept at a lower level given the lower budget of the institutions and canteens.
To keep the production line running, a new series was developed last year using a mixture of cod, min minced meat and fillets.
The line was very successful and now the project has expanded.
Product development is an ongoing process in which companies try to develop products with a decade of business life.
Compared to the square structure, the current trend requires a natural fish shape, and there is a great demand for sauce glazed products that can be placed in a microwave or steam oven.
Saga Los Angeles International Airport started 13 years ago as a salmon trading company in Norway and the French islands, and Saga Los Angeles International Airport (Fax: 45-98-902-010)
With its own production facilities, it has developed into a seller of salmon and salmon trout.
Aage Terklesn reported that,
In 1998, the company\'s turnover was 0. 45 billion Dan Macron.
Third, it acquired Tima, a former partner.
At present, the Norwegian factory of Saga Los Angeles International Airport produces 15 tons of salmon for the German market every day, mainly in the retail packaging of two packs of grams.
It also produces industrial bulk products and fresh frozen whole salmon for Europe, Poland and Russia.
The company is increasing its capacity to supply the US market.
According to reports, due to production problems in Chile, the United States is taking 300
Shipped 400 tons per week from Norway
Terklsen is expected to continue at least until the end of this year.
Saga Los Angeles International Airport was difficult to sell before, and now there is no problem with 500 tons of salmon trout produced in Denmark.
Due to the situation in Chile and the low production level in Norway, it is now a major supplier to Japan.
Klover Maelk is in line with the current trend of creating giantcompanies in Denmark, Klover Maelk (Fax: 45-97168-644)
Merge with MD Foods at the end of the parade.
At Klover\'s office in Henin, export manager HarryLarsen told QFFI that MD is about five times larger.
The company is currently the third largest dairy group in Europe with an annual turnover of 28 billion Dan Macron.
With Klover\'s range of coated cheese products, MD now has a frozen production line, an area that the company has not previously dabbled in.
MD ismore is export-oriented and has offices around the world, so the overseas sales potential of klovers should be greatly expanded.
Previously, the company encountered difficulties in handling all export enquiries received.
In the end, the name of Klover will disappear as a brand.
It is too difficult to use it in the world market. For Mr.
It\'s good news to increase exports, Larsen.
The company sees little growth in Germany, its main export market.
However, markets in other European countries are not yet mature.
Meanwhile, it is trying to enter the United States.
A variety of brie and camembert products, whether bread or pastryencased, are the pillars of the frozen production line.
However, products based on feta cheese have seen the biggest growth.
Feta bakes is an oversized part coated with breading.
They can be used as a supplement to a simple meal or as a snack.
The Feta package is wrapped in spinach or seafood skins from ratatouille.
In the fall, a Feida product with green asparagus will be launched, and two other new products will be unveiled at ANUGA.
Commenting on the overcapacity situation in the egg industry, Peter Munch said that Danaeg (Fax: 45-46-320-122)
Now \"more or less out of the bulk business.
\"At the company headquarters in roskyler, the export manager explained that the low price of the egg market forced the company to develop more value --
This policy has been effective in recent years.
In April, a new range of stuffed pancakes was introduced in Denmark, Finland and Switzerland, and the results so far have been described as \"very positive \".
\"This series includes three desserts with fruit fillings and two appetizers with meat fillings.
The target market includes institutional kitchen, highway and factory catering.
Two other products will be introduced later, adding or reducing products every six to eight months.
Consumer concerns about Shell salmonella
In terms of eggs, Danaeg has successfully launched a series of pasteurized shell removal products.
Packaging, consumers can choose the whole egg, white antelope.
With the support of the $1 million promotion, all Danish chains have launched this series, except for one discount store.
Some new products are being developed for the fall introduction.
They will be on display during ANUGA. Dat-
Like other meat companies, this year is a tough year --Schaub (Fax: 45-33-266-666).
Despite being able to increase the number by 5%, the total value dropped by 6% due to the price drop.
According to Jens Ole Dall, the situation could be worse.
The general manager explained at the company\'s Copenhagen headquarters that fortunately, Dat-
Schaub has limited exposure to the Russian market, so there is not much loss when the currency melts.
At the poultry market, Dat-
Schaub saw the change from the bulk bird to the part.
In cooperation with long term production partner Etihad sgaard, a new state-of-the-art processing plant opened in April.
The HACCP approved factory specializes in the production of chicken parts and has enough throughput per day to accommodate 100,000 birds. Dat-
Schaub mainly sells the entire product in Europe.
Always a powerful force in the Middle East
Schaub continues to do a good job in the catering and retail industries there.
The Asian market is reported to have performed better than last year, with Melbourne opening a shopping and sales center to serve Southeast Asia.
Baked goods producerFax: 45-36-397-171)
Accumulated a wealth of expertise in baking
The region has been closed for several years as the market continues to explode.
In a survey conducted by the magazine last year, Klaus Olsen, sales director of the frozen department, said that although it was mainly the export market, baking
Denmark is becoming popular.
Today, the UK has replaced the UK as the largest market for eschulstad.
Copenhagen office at the company
Olsen explained baking today.
Off represents 50% of turnover and profit.
In addition, schurstad is also the second highest profit Baker in Europe while being listed as the top 20 bakers.
Instead of being self-contained, schurstad has doubled the size of its sales arm and is expanding training to meet demand.
Most retailers, in-
Bakery is the best time to rest
Even Proposition-
But they brought customers into the store.
Schulstad feels baked
Off should be a profit center and it is working with major retailers for this.
Now the main concern is northern Europe.
So in-
The Bakeryconcept store has been launched in Norway and is scheduled to be launched in Sweden next year.
In other export areas, schulstad is looking for importers with expertise in the field.
It\'s only a short walk from Denmark, Europe\'s largest per capita frozen food market, to Scandinavia\'s largest QFF market-
Sweden is one of the industry\'s most famous countries of the year.
Consumption in the Swedish food market rose 4% last year, continuing to move at full speed.
Usagered 41 per capita. 3 kg, from 39.
It was $5 kg in 1997, with a total market value of more than $1. 8 billion.
Frozen food now accounts for 10% of total food consumption.
Much of the credit for this growth must be attributed to Djupfrysningsbyran (
Swedish Institute of frozen food (Fax: 46-42-210-054)
Has more than 50 members covering all aspects of the industry.
At the headquarters of the shelsinburg Institute, Kjell Olsson told QFFI that the organization has carried out several projects to encourage sustained growth.
In order to promote retail sales, the tenth annual Frozen Food Month will be held in October.
The theme of this year is \"hot, fast, convenient and healthy\", aiming to raise the awareness of consumers. -
Everything in the fridge
\"There are more than 500 stores competing for the\" frozen food department \"this year, and almost all chain stores are represented.
The award, shared with the manufacturer\'s sales staff, was a visit to the FMI trade show in Chicago.
The \"chain of the year\" independent competition won the award of 50,000 Swedish crowns.
Today, the chef competition in the cooking school has entered the third year and become a major event.
The aim is to educate a new generation of chefs about the possibility of frozen food and to promote the upcoming chefs.
The standard requires a team of three chefs, including at least one woman, to organize a two-course menu using 60% of frozen food content.
The toppings for each part use the Swedish krone of May 30 at most.
60 teams compete for Matex Allen (Food Crystal)
24 people in the semi-finals. finals.
The winners also received a trip to Norway.
There is no doubt that the strong Swedish economy has stimulated wine sales and the catering industry, which grew 4% in 1998.
The increase in the number of working couples who need more convenience food has helped retail sales grow by 5%.
Interestingly, Sweden has an unemployment rate of 10%, and many people do not have a job. Mr.
Olsson pointed out that the number has been so high for so long that \"people no longer care about it.
\"The growth rate of ready-to-eat food fell to 11% from 6% last year.
The frozen prepared food may eat it, or it may be ata 21.
The 7% share of retail tonnage may have reached its limit.
Whether it\'s catering or retail, poultry has risen by double digits, at 12% and 10%, respectively.
As the whole chicken segmenthas has declined in recent years, the increase may come from poultry.
In the retail sector, it is considered that fresh poultry is becoming more and more popular, which increases the variety of frozen products.
While the price of baked goods is still low, its retail sales are up 16%.
Dining increased by 5% while baking
Product prices rose 14%.
Retail prices of frozen potatoes rose 10%, narrowing the gap with levels below 3,000 tons.
Dining has increased by 7% per cent, with this category accounting for 17 overall.
1% of the total market tonnage.
Retail sales of meat products rose 4%, but were flat in catering.
There was no growth in the vegetable market.
The only items in the minus bar are fish and seafood.
Fish fell 7% in the retail market due to insufficient supply and rising prices.
Catering sales were flat.
Seafood rose 1% in the food and beverage market and 3% in the retail market. Mr.
Olsson believes that the decline in store sales is due to the terrain or quality decline caused by too much shrimp glaze.
To increase cabinet space for retailers, the institute conducted a survey showing some interesting statistics.
Although frozen food sales rose 55% from 1991
98, cabinet space increased by only 25%.
During the same period, the number of products in the store decreased by 15%.
Frigoscandia equipment review the attitude of Frigoscandia equipment (Fax:46-42-490-4040)
Jeff ximenno said that for customers, \"what the company needs is more than just selling them a box.
\"The president explained that new machines must provide added value and cost savings in the competitive free equipment market.
To this end, Frigoscandia has invested heavily in product development and customer relationships over the past year.
New training programs have been introduced and focus on the following
Keep in touch with customers after sales are completed.
Frigoscandia has the advantage of providing a complete processor solution through the parent company FMC.
Alliances with other equipment companies allow quick delivery of filling
Equipment not supplied by FMC.
Therefore, a turnkey factory can be effectively provided to any frozen food manufacturer.
Frigoscandia reached a milestone last year in selling its 2,000 thgyro compact spiral refrigerators.
The poultry processor was sold to Brakebush brothers in the United States and now has five gyro machines, the first of which was purchased 16 years ago.
Launched in 1980 and sold 1,000 units by 1993, but it took only six years to double that number.
At the Atlanta International Poultry show in last January, the latest version of the popular refrigerator GYRoCOMPACT 600Classic was launched in Europe and the United States.
In order to meet the requirements of medium capacity, the new model is designed for 600 processing line.
Frigoscandia initially targeted Asia and South America, but was surprised by the interest generated by the sector in the United States and Europe.
Customers in InSpain, Germany, Egypt, Jordan, South Korea and the United States have sold 8 vehicles.
The advanced Tec impact freezer chamber/cooler is the development of a successful flat panel product freezer chamber designed for a large capacity processor.
The advantage TEC unit expands the range of applications and capacity to bring FPF technology to smaller processors.
A module machine has been sold in Sweden for bakery applications, while Denmark is using two modules to cool down candy.
To meet the needs of the largest volume processor, the FLoFREEZEIQF refrigerator is capable of running continuously for a long time.
Since its launch in 1998, 12 units have been sold in Europe.
Recently, frozen food has become the first customer in the United States.
The new freezer will be used for mass production of IQF rice.
For Formcook, the Formcook business continues to improve (Fax: 46-42-293-009). After two back-to-
1999 will be another winner.
In order to keep things as they are, the manufacturer of cooking and molding equipment is constantly developing new machines to meet the needs of the processor, explains project manager johanster Olsson. The CC-
636 combine cooking and cold storage in one machine.
The product is the first contact between the Teflon belt heated by oil fillingplatens.
In the transformation of the same technology, these items were cooled to 15 [degrees]
C. Fill the plate in salt water between another set of belts.
The first unit was designed for the Saudi maker of dough leaves used to make samosa at the end of last year.
Any product that needs to be cooked after rapid surface cooling is in demand.
This makes the quality better as the items have cooled before entering the fridge.
Formcook\'s combo cooker uses hot air and steam at the top as well as contact cooking at the bottom to continue looking for new applications.
Originally developed for meat products that require little in-house and are now used for different products such as fried eggs, pizzas, poultry parts and biscuits.
The use of Flipper allows the product to turn, making the multi-purpose cooker available for use with the bread products.
It is reported that since only a thin layer of oil is used instead of frying, a healthy product can be made.
If a processor has an item that needs to be molded before cooking, the company can also help solve the problem.
The proven Viking 6 formerer continues to refine and has designed a new variant for potato products.
Demand is so strong that Formcook has surpassed the new plant that just moved in last year.
It is planned to expand the manufacturing area by 50% square meters.
Frigoscandia Distribution is headquartered in holsinburg, and Frigoscandia Distribution has a new executive and sales office in Slough, UK (Fax: 44-17-5349-7050).
General manager Thomas Svensk told QFFI that there are several reasons for the move, the most important of which is that the UK is the second largest market after France.
The company\'s growth plan requires more staff, helping to attract more in the UK than in southern Sweden.
In addition, key personnel are closer to other major markets.
An ambitious investment plan is being implemented, spending SEK400million in 1998 and SEK525 million in this year\'s budget. Mr.
Svensk explained that Spain is the target area, which also explains why the interfrisa action with five locations was purchased in September.
This gives the company a 6% market share, but the goal is to increase this ratio to 20-25%.
Italy, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Poland are among the priority areas.
In Germany, Frigoscandia has a 20% market share and is building a new coldstore at Lomatzsch.
At the same time, the groolau plant near Frankfurt is being expanded.
King Lynn is expanding in Britain.
Back home, the capacity of the Helsingborg refrigerated warehouse is doubling.
It is reported that further acquisitions will be made in the near future.
The company currently operates 88 cold stores and plans to sell warehouses that are in a bad location or do not meet modern standards.
In the end, Frigoscandia Distribution will have 55 to 60 facilities and capacity will increase by 50%.
Overall, the business has remained stable with the growth of occupancy rates.
The withdrawal of the intervention stock is much slower than originally thought, which gives everyone time to adjust.
Peter Carlin, business development manager, told QFFI about an interesting contract with Ikea.
The furniture retailer, which runs Scandinavian restaurants and food stores in its 60 European stores, has previously dealt with nine suppliers to maintain inventory.
Frigoscandiadribution now handles all logistics from ordering to accounting, and Ikea only has to deal with one supplier.
Newarrangement has been so well established that retailers also run their stores in the Far East. Mr.
Svensk said that this is an example of the use of information technology by experts (IT).
In the future, the director of management envisioned a \"virtual cold storage\" where others will operate warehouses and distribution and Frigoscandia will process the information.
Commenting on the situation, he said, \"In Europe we are one or two years ahead of our competitors.
Most of the investment in the future will be in the IT field, not in cold stores.
\"Foodimpex International was founded by his grandfather shortly after World War II, and emilandsson is a third generation family member of his work at FoodimpexInternational. Mr.
At the beginning, Anderson explained, the company was based on trading fruits and vegetables from EasternEurope.
While these are still their main products, Foodimpex companies around the world have been working hard to meet their needs.
Madrid has set up an office to buy Mediterranean products.
The company also imports products from Latin America.
However, after the El Nino attacks last year and this year\'s La Nina attacks, crop conditions in Latin America were described as \"two years of disaster in a row \".
\"Foodimpex is a major factor in strawberries, raspberries, broccoli, peppers and corn.
Peas are a big export.
QFFI was told that although the pea crop started late in Sweden, the conditions looked pretty good.
The company\'s main business is to sell raw materials to processors.
It provides an advantage for smaller processors as mass production allows for the sale of smaller quantities at good prices.
The European aquaculture show came to Norway in August. 7-
\"Towards predictable quality\" will be the theme of the 99 year of Europe scheduled for August. 7-
In trom, Norway.
By the European Aquaculture Association (EAS)
It will include a trade show (AquaNor 99)
As well as technical seminars and professional meetings.
For more information, please contact EAS atshijkenseenweg 4, B-
8400 Ostend, Belgium. telephone: 32-59-3423859; fax: 32-59-321005.
CFS is merged with Aquarius, a vertical packaging manufacturer in the Netherlandsfill-
The sealing machine has been incorporated into the convenience food system Group, which both sides call a perfect match.
CFS, which already has other packaging equipment companies, can provide the infrastructure and marketing organization that Aquarius needs to advance its larger market penetration program.
CFS says it will now be the only source of complete horizontal and vertical forms --fill-seal, flow-
Packaging and pallets-
Sealing device four after Josefsberg Graugaard
Following the resignation of Niels Graugaard, President Ludvig Josefsberg of Pak Hoyer was appointed president of hojbpak Hoyer, Denmark.
Josefsberg\'s former president, Lee PakProcessing, has been in charge since 1994.
He worked in Alfa Laval group for nearly 20 years and was acquired in 1991 by Tetra Pak and becamepak Pak processing systems and was appointed general manager after the acquisition.
With extensive experience in the food processing and dairy industry, Josefsberg is looking forward to working with the ice cream industry in a new position.
\"At Lele Bao Hoyer, we will continue to work hard for the superior performance of our employees and products,\" he said . \".
Gelit: make meals now from pancakes to IQF, based in Doganella di Ninfa, Gelit S, Italy. p. A.
It mainly produces and sells frozen pancakes, snacks and ready-to-eat foods.
Founded in 1977, the company initially made frozen pancakes with its own brand and private label-
But then expanded to other areas.
The company is located in the green belt near AgroPontino Oasi di Ninfa and has its own hightech, well-
A production plant was designed to meet the rapidly expanding market demand.
It has been complete since 1992
Equipped with experimental kitchen and expanded team of experts to cover all strategic areas of production activities-
R & D and quality control and assurance.
Also in the 1992 S, Gelit developed its own stir-
Frytechnology, which produces ready-to-eat food.
With this exclusive system, the ingredients of the recipe are selected, cook separately within the specified time, and freeze quickly separately)
And combine the correct number of specific recipes.
Then add a drop of frozen sauce to wrap the whole meal.
Gelit\'s technology is said to have revolutionized the production of ready-to-eat food in terms of appearance, service and overall end result.
There are many main advantages of this method.
* It takes only five minutes to unfreeze the dish and 30 minutes
40 minutes in traditional neighborhoods-frozen meals.
* There is little \"pressure\" on the ingredients as each one is cooked just right and it takes only a short time to unfreeze and heat the product.
* The composition combination in each recipe is clearly visible and easy to identify.
* IQF packaging can be divided into several parts.
* The final result is almost the same look and taste as the homemade dish.
Under the brand of Ristorante Italiano, Gelit now produces a range of ready-to-eat foods.
Only a few examples are Spezzatino Primavera (MeatPrimavera)
, Bennett al Salmoni (
Pasta with salmon)
, Stewed diMare (
Seafood Rice)
With Roko Cacciatora (
Snacks include pastries with ham, cheese, spinach and other ingredients;
There are also rice cakes, mini pancakes and pancakes.
The New Zealand trade commission then set up a website with the competition\'s New Zealand Trade Development Agency (www-discovernz. com)
Promote the export of frozen lamb in New Zealand.
In order to really get the ball rolling, the board is sponsoring a
Line for food professionals to participate in the monthly recipe contest.
The grand prize will be a trip for the two to New Zealand.
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