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saxon buried treasure is \'war booty\'

by:Kenwei      2019-09-11
Experts say a group of buried treasures found by unemployed British men are \"loot\" and may belong to Pagan kings. The find -
The largest of its kind --
Found on a humble farm in Stafford, central England
After years of searching for buried treasures, Terry Herbert\'s dream came true on a piece of land on his friend\'s farm, when his cheap metal detector marked nearly six kilograms of gold and silver.
Loot can be traced back to the dark ages and may be the wealth of the kings of the past.
Dr. Roger Brand, from the British Museum, said it was difficult to determine the exact value of these reserves.
\"We can\'t give an answer because we really don\'t know.
\"It\'s really impossible before the valuation process is completed,\" he said . \".
\"There are some unique objects here that are hard to value.
But I think we\'re pretty confident.
We think we can say this is a 7-figure sum.
\"Although the value of the treasure has not yet been decided, it may make Mr Herbert a rich man --
He is expected to share the money with farmers who found it.
\"It\'s more interesting than winning the lottery.
People laugh at metal detectors.
I let people go and they will beeps!
He\'s chasing Pennis.
No, we\'re looking for something like this.
\"It\'s there,\" he said . \"
The treasure he found was the biggest one unearthed in Britain and recorded it.
Mr. Herbert said that only half of the previous discoveries were gold, and that discovery was beyond his dream. \"Shock! All this gold.
Who put this?
This is what metal detectors dream-
\"Find something like this,\" he said . \".
\"But the huge amount here is incredible.
The Saxon treasure left a deep impression and overwhelmed local discovery officer Duncan Slak.
\"Later I got a nickname from the discoverer, \'Duncan wow, \'because I can only say \'Wow,\'\" Mr Slark said \'. \".
\"It doesn\'t sound very professional now.
It feels less professional, but it\'s an unknown area and something like that may never be seen again.
Ian Vickers, an archaeologist, said the discovery was great.
\"I saw some pictures taken by the discoverer.
But only when I see what\'s on the ground
A little gold shining in the soil
\"Actually, it\'s really overwhelming,\" he said . \".
\"This is what you always dreamed of finding when you were a child.
That\'s why you became an archaeologist first.
\"All of a sudden, you\'re like a childhood dream.
\"The Treasure of light is considered buried in the dark, at some point in the seventh or eighth centuries.
Archaeologist Kevin Leahy says there are 1,500 pieces of gold and silver in the stash, most of which used to be weapons.
\"It\'s mainly sword accessories, which is quite incredible.
\"There are also some gold bars decorated with garlands, and so far we have not been able to identify the odd little golden snake,\" he said . \".
\"The other interesting thing is that there is nothing.
\"No accessories for women\'s clothing.
No brooch or pendant, no big buckle, this is the most common male accessory --gold object -in Anglo-
Saxon male graves, none of them.
Basically, they have found what Mr Whykes calls \"loot \".
\"I think it is very important that this finding is that we had so little history at the time that it was inferred that it was a very, very war --
\"It\'s like time,\" he said.
\"Finding hundreds of items related to shields, helmets and swords seems to really prove that this is a very, very bloody era.
\"This may not be over yet --
Exaggerate this plunder and loot.
\"Mr Kes thinks the loot belongs to a king of the heretic.
\"Some projects, which might actually be a little bit late, seem to be Christian,\" he said . \".
\"Of course we have seen the cross, and one of them seems to have broken on purpose, and the other seems to have folded on purpose, so it is said to be a king of the heretic who took away the religious relics, and it may be simple to stop them from becoming religious artifacts.
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