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rapist threatens to \'go for journalist\' with blade

by:Kenwei      2019-09-02
A convicted rapist told prison officials that he planned to attack a journalist with a blade at his sentencing hearing.
Michael Murray, a former kilini Oaks in kilini Oaks, Dublin, pleaded not guilty to two sexual assault charges and two rape charges in the Central Criminal Court --
She also tried to rape her vagina and anus.
He was also charged with verbal rape and serious sexual assault in an apartment in Dublin city during February 13, 2010.
He denied kidnapping of children, threatening to kill or causing serious harm, illegal imprisonment, theft of bank cards and theft of cash from two ATMs.
On last July, the jury unanimously found him guilty.
After hearing the crime details and victim impact report, Judge Patrick McCarthy postponed the verdict until next Monday.
Before the hearing began, the court was told Murray refused to go to court with his hands and feet.
An official from the prison service provided evidence that it was necessary because Murray had earlier threatened to use the blade he had hidden on him.
The officer said that when he arrived at Murray criminal court, he told the officer that he had blades on him.
Some of the blades were found and displayed in court, the one-off blades that broke twice.
The official told the court that Murray claimed that he had more blades on him and that he would use them, \"he would go to reporters if there was a chance \".
When scanning Murray using a prison transport service metal detector, nothing came up.
Murray may have hidden blades in areas where the machine cannot detect, the prison official said.
The blades are \"absolutely able to be used,\" he said, and it is not uncommon to see these blades melt on the handle of the toothbrush.
He added: \"I know Michael Murray and I strongly recommend that he continue to be manly. . .
He will be very unstable in a minute . \"
Defense lawyer Anthony Sammon SC said his client denied posing a threat to anyone else.
He stated that Murray did not wish to be tried and that counsel was instructed to remain silent in the absence of Murray.
In the absence of Murray, the hearing continued, and Detective Officer Dennis Ellard provided evidence of the crime and victim impact report.
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