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putting first-time flyers at ease

by:Kenwei      2019-08-25
The purpose is to eliminate any fear first-
Time flyers and educating them about mandatory safety drills, Airport Authority of India (AAI)
The airport experience was re-created at the international exhibition here.
The AAI, which manages 130 airports in the country, replicated safe areas by displaying door frame metal detectors, luggage scanners and explosive trace detectors, allowing visitors to experience the security protocols followed by the airport.
The CISF staff at Indira Gandhi International Airport briefed the visitors on the procedure to follow, took them to the drill and explained how each machine works.
\"Havi Chapal Waller log Havi Jaha Mayen Safa Carin [
People wearing slippers should be able to travel by Flight]
It has always been Prime Minister Modi\'s slogan.
Our efforts through this exhibition are to simulate these first airport experiences.
So when they go to the airport, they are neither tight nor confused.
We also hope that they will cooperate more by understanding the importance of security agreements
Therefore, this will help us to strengthen the security of the airport . \"
Raj K Malik, general manager of AAI\'s security department, told Hindus.
\"After visiting this booth, I will have a better idea of what to wear and carry when flying.
People often lose their temper at the airport, argue with security guards and ask why they were picked out separately.
This experience helps us understand that these are just mandatory requirements, \"said visitor Mitali Gulati.
At the expo, CISF jawan said such exercises helped build confidence in uniformed people at the airport as an important interface. “Often well-
Educated people violate security procedures and we must be strict with them.
\"If they understand the importance of airport security rules, we will also be able to perform our duties better,\" Jawan said . \".
AAI also shows a complete
The Indian airport has not yet launched a human body scanner so that people can prepare for the future airport.
The booth is part of the 21 India International Security Expo, held in Delhi on October 5 --7.
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