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prospecting for buried treasures: a priceless hobby

by:Kenwei      2019-09-08
When manufacturers of hand-held metal detectors sold these devices very aggressively decades ago, I would say.
Therefore, it is common to see people looking for hidden treasures in places such as grooming beaches.
Items that have been lost recently, such as rings, gold chains, and even valuables that have been buried for a while, have been made in search of great discoveries.
Nowadays, you won\'t see too many people using these handheld devices for exploration, but they still exist because the sales of these testing instruments remain stable, which shows that people are interested in this hobby, they are continuing to be purchased.
According to Amazon\'s list, today\'s detection machines are very complex and sometimes cost up to thousands.
However, leisure enthusiasts can buy machines for less than a hundred dollars.
I personally have never been interested in this kind of thing, but after I observed a gentleman on the beach the other day with these detectors, I wanted to write about it.
Unlike other people who walk, jog, swim or sit (
Yes, some people just sit)
He took pains to wave the detector on the surface of the sand.
First of all, it can be said that I was surprised to see that people still like this hobby;
Secondly, I thought, what can he find here? Maybe he can find a few pennies, I think.
But given the time and effort he put into it, the reward for his efforts may not be enough.
Oh, but wait, if he finds a few hundred Pence, then he will make a difference in the total deal.
After all, it\'s a whole dollar, but in addition to the actual monetary amount, the explorer will also benefit from the sport of finding and securing these pennies.
Suppose he bends down every time he picks up every coin, it\'s a hundred turns --good exercise.
In addition to the action of walking and moving the detector from one side to the other, I have to say that this adds a considerable amount of physical exertion.
Any form of physical activity is conducive to the overall health of the human body.
Diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes and various heart diseases are usually improved by the introduction of some form of medicine.
Sometimes people engage in formal sports programmes, but consistent informal physical activity is found to be an equally effective component of treatment and exercise.
Now I can\'t say if the gentleman on the beach is aware of all the extra benefits of his exploration activities, but even if there is a financial return on his investment (ROI)
The health benefits of this hobby may not be obvious, but it is priceless.
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