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powys trading standards study finds faulty measures

by:Kenwei      2019-08-17
Dozens of drinking measures were found to be defective in Powys\'s bar.
A year of research has found.
Trade standards inspected 2,617 weighing and metering equipment at the business premises.
They found that there were 77 bars with inaccurate measurements and 63 weighing machines and 10 fuel pumps.
These checks ensure that consumers are not lacking
Powys council said it changed and protected businesses from handing over too much.
Graham Brown, MP in charge of the Council\'s public protection, said: \"almost all goods today are sold by weight or size, whether it be pints, liters, grams or meters
\"It includes bread, gasoline, beer, clothing material, sand, or almost anything you can think.
\"All goods, both pre-
Packaging or non-packaging shall have the correct weight or size specified on the packaging or indicated on the packaging.
\"Part of our trading standard service is to ensure that the public receives the correct number of any products they purchase.
But our checks also prevent businesses from distributing more products than they should have.
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