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portugal on full alert for euro finals

by:Kenwei      2019-08-31
The Portuguese authorities are under tremendous pressure to prepare Portugal for the 2004 Euro kick-off on Saturday
It has been announced today.
Security issues, especially after the explosion of a parade train that killed 191 people in Spain.
Although Americans did not participate, concerns about the attack have increased due to Portuguese support for the United States --
Lead the invasion of Iraq.
Although Portugal has been praised for building 10 excellent stadiums, organizers were forced to hold a meeting in the early morning of yesterday to solve the organizational problems.
Communications is an important part of any sporting event, and two days before the opening match between Portugal and Greece, it poses problems for top media organizations.
An insider described the preparations as a \"complete nightmare \".
Last week, lawyers and the British Embassy were asked to resolve a heated dispute between UEFA and non-UEFA.
Holders of rights regarding access to the training venue.
Television rights and sponsorship guaranteed at least £ 0. 6 billion, and UEFA set up a dedicated company to organize the final for the first time.
But in these difficult times, it is far from easy to host a big sporting event.
Portuguese naval vessels will patrol the port and its hundreds of miles of coastline. Air force F-
16 fighters will be on permanent alert and NATO is providing an overhead alert and control system reconnaissance plane to protect the country\'s airspace.
The police will be stationed on the roof overlooking the ground.
60,000 police officers, firefighters, emergency medical personnel and the Coast Guard were canceled during the three-month period. week event.
Fans must pass metal detectors at all venues.
Officials revealed today that the machines will also be deployed in open locations
Festival for fans in the city center.
Portugal conducted special training in crowd control for 12,000 police officers and spent £ 10 on new cars, bullet-proof clothes, gas masks and other equipment.
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