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polls are closed in india’s election: what happens next?

by:Kenwei      2019-09-16
After 39 days of voting, as many as 0. 9 billion voters took part, India\'s huge parliamentary vote drew to a close on Sunday, starting a countdown to Thursday\'s announcement of the final result.
The first polls show that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will return to power.
According to five different polls published by Indian media on Sunday evening,
Modi\'s party, BJP, or party B. J. P.
It is predicted that its allies will win a majority in the lower house of parliament.
The leading opposition Indian National Congress seems to have done a little better than the shocking defeat in the last election in 2014, but it is still far behind Obama.
Modi\'s alliance
Most of the exit polls
Modi\'s party and allies will win 290 of about 300 to 545 seats-
A house MP who chooses Prime Minister.
Despite complaints from many Indians about rising unemployment, despite allegationsJ. P. ’s Hindu-
The first Conservative creed is to put Muslims and other minorities at risk.
Modi\'s popularity is still high, especially in India, which is the majority of Hinduism.
Many Indians credit him for helping the poor, reducing red tape and corruption. [
Read the latest update on Indian election results. ]
Here\'s how the world\'s biggest elections are unfolding and what will happen in the next few days.
Exit polls will begin shortly after Sunday night\'s vote, but official results will not be released until Thursday.
At the same time, the survey will push the headlines of Indian news media, whether it is B. J. P. or Congress —
Or both.
As evidence of an imminent victory.
\"In most cases, exit polls show the real situation,\" said Josukutty Cheriantharayil Abraham . \", Assistant professor of political science at Kerala University and director of research center.
\"This may be incorrect in terms of the number of seats or the percentage of votes, but it will certainly show the trend and who may win or lose.
In the past, this was the case in most cases, but in some cases it went wrong.
It is also worth remembering that this is a parliamentary election --
This is about the party, not the choice between simple gentlemen.
Modi and Rahul Gandhi, chairman of the opposition.
Local problems and competition are always prominent in Indian elections. And deal-
Working with smaller political parties around regions or identity organizations may play an important role in deciding who will become prime minister.
The vote itself has taken more than five weeks, entirely on thousands of computer voting machines dragged from state to state across India\'s vast territory.
But official statistics will take place on Thursday\'s day as the turnout itself has recorded the total.
Voting will be analyzed starting at 8 and in some cases will be validated against a printed copy of the ballot paper generated by each voting machine. m. on Thursday.
Official results are expected to be announced around noon local time.
B is very likely. J. P.
It won\'t win 272 or more of the 543 parliamentary seats voted this year.
If this happens, it boils down to processing-
Form an alliance.
Milan Vaishnav said: \"Every leader of the major regional front knows that he or she may be able to offer a seat that will lead the party,\" said senior researcher at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Washington.
\"If their number is dialed on May 23, many are waiting by the phone.
\"There are three of the most influential regional political parties here waiting for the call.
Bahujan samaghi: The party count Dalit, or low
Indian caste as its core constituency.
Party leader Mayawati has not announced who she will support in the context of the coalition government, although many believe she is subject to B. J. P.
If the party puts her in a senior position in government
Telangana Rashtra Samiti: Based in Telangana, South India, the party has no regional political opponents and may win about 17 seats.
Party leader K.
Chandrashekhar Rao has announced that it will join an alliance under the right conditions.
Biju Janata Dal: a powerful party in Odisha, a state in eastern IndiaJ. D.
Facing competition from B. J. P.
At its home court.
It is aligned with B. J. P.
But if its political independence is threatened, it may think twice.
Female voters are expected to cast half of the total for the first time --
Maybe more.
Given that officials expect the country\'s total number of votes to reach 0. 9 billion, this is a huge number.
But more importantly, this means that the votes of Indian women will eventually be proportional to their numbers.
Even if they have not been fairly represented in the number of seats in parliament. [
Learn how female candidates struggle during the long election season in India. ]
Whether it\'s the number of female voters or the total turnout across the country, 2019 elections are expected to create a record to further expand India\'s role as the world\'s largest democracy.
Please note the update here when turnout is announced.
Violence almost always plays a role in Indian elections, whether between political parties or gangs or, on a larger scale, community violence between religious or caste groups. [
Our reporter visited a village in West Bengal where houses were burned down due to sectarian tensions. ]
Compared with the past, this election is relatively peaceful.
But according to local news reports, one person has been killed since the vote began last month, and several candidates have been attacked, including clashes between supporters of various parties.
On the last night of the election, the prime minister was meditating in a remote Himalayan cave.
In the northern part of the Kada Nath Temple,
Modi commemorates Hindu Shiva with traditional milk, honey, clarified butter and condensed milk.
Believe that this ceremony will help to achieve the goal and defeat the enemy.
The chief minister of the Yasukuni Shrine told the Indian news channel that he had already blessed him.
Modi has won at least three prime ministers and Nobel prizes. On Twitter, Mr.
Modi shared photos of the \"majestic\" mountains and his prayers at the temple, built in the 8 th century and nearly 12,000 feet above sea level.
B in the north. J. P.
Also posted photos of Mr.
Modi, dressed in saffron robes, meditate in nearby caves. (
He\'s reported to have Wi-
As part of the portable prime minister\'s office. )Mr.
According to Indian news media, Modi had a 17-hour meditation, and on Sunday morning, Modi began visiting another shrine, Badrinath, and returned to New Delhi in the afternoon.
Political opponents say.
After the election campaign, Modi spoke to the news media in khadanath, violating the rules of the election.
At least one party, everyone.
The Indian parliament has complained to the Election Commission.
Jeffrey Gertman, Aisha ventataraman and Suhasini Raj were involved in the report.
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